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Definitions of "bayman"

  • One of the earliest European settlers of the eventual colony of British Honduras, modern day Belize. noun
  • In the United States navy, a sick-bay nurse; -- now officially designated as hospital apprentice. noun
  • One who lives on a bay, or who fishes, shoots, or pursues his occupation in or on a bay. noun
  • Specifically, in British Honduras, a mahogany-cutter of the coast. noun
  • A sick-bay attendant; a nurse for sick or wounded men on a vessel of war. noun

The word "bayman" in example sentences

I picked up this habit from an old, South Jersey bayman, who, like many country folks, believed odd numbers were lucky, and that indivisible numbers in particular had almost magical powers.. [Sporting Superstitions]

Lester, 74, is the last bayman who makes most of his living from Georgica Pond.. [Another Hamptons Whodunit]

All of a sudden it struck Darry that possibly someone was in trouble and was taking this means of summoning assistance; though the chances were very slight that any bayman would be anywhere near with that gray blanket covering things -- they knew enough to stick to the shore at such. [Darry the Life Saver The Heroes of the Coast]

Cases of glittering instruments have been opened, lint and bandages and splints are in their proper places, and the apothecary and bayman are getting the cots in trim for instant use.. [A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee"]

The characteristic family names are often borne by men of widely different fortunes, ranging from the local bayman through the captain of the oyster-sloop, the sail-maker, or the wheelwright, to the owner of what the countryside may know as the manor-house—which probably contains one of the innumerable rooms in which Washington is said to have slept.. [IV. Fellow-Feeling as a Political Factor]

"But -- I am your bayman, not your comrade," she exclaimed, forcing a little laugh.. [Blue-Bird Weather]

I've saved a little -- that's why I wanted you to hire me for your bayman.. [Blue-Bird Weather]

They emerged from the lane to the shore at the same moment, and Marche glanced about for the expected bayman.. [Blue-Bird Weather]

Then a bayman washed down the enameled surface of the table, rinsing the blood away, and another attendant skilfully dressed and bandaged the second wound as he had done the first.. [Dave Darrin After The Mine Layers]

The other side was rounded up by the Koch Brother$ to do their bidding to preserve their ability to pollute, tax-free. bayman: One side (the much larger one) was self-motivated to come JCampbell 1 minute ago (10:33 PM) Hey, if the union bosses don't get their cut there's going be trouble.... [The Full Feed from]

But Hickman, a second-generation New Jersey bayman, who swallows an oyster every day for breakfast, kept at it with the steady enthusiasm of a young man with a destiny that suits him.. [Phillies Zone]

Hickman said he appreciated the break in his usual bayman routine.. [Phillies Zone]

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