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N. Someone who is resistant to work (derived from Australia: where unenergetic people would sit on their buttocks and sunbake all day) Urban Dictionary

One who spends all their free time at the beach prefers day drunk, loves the sun, vodka, gatorade,sports , often spends the nights at the beach. Chill person Urban Dictionary

An unemployed bum on welfare with no real education who makes extra cash by selling margaritas while naked at the beach. Particularly present at Wreck Beach in Vancouver. Urban Dictionary

Having anal sex in the sand dunes with a stranger you met at a bar Urban Dictionary

Someone who spends way too much time at the beach and usually falls under one of the following categories of people: 1) Homeless 2) A kid on summer break 3) A pervert 4) A drunk 5) Patrick Swayze in Point Break Urban Dictionary

A really cool place to get indoor tans in and around New York/New Jersey Urban Dictionary

Old men who are hairy and raggety, usually unshaven and smelly. Take bum showers in the ocean water, while singing the "Bum Shower's" theme song...."Bum shower's: (chorus) cleanin myself in the water; Bum shower's: all day and night! Bum Shower's!!! PASS THE SOAP!!!!! Urban Dictionary

Fun, chill person. That one friend we all want to be like. The one posting palm trees and bikinis in the winter, while you're freezing. Sporty, a natural beauty and confident. Can't even be mad because they're inclusive of everyone with a radiating positive energy. Urban Dictionary

A homeless man somewhere between the age of 30 and 45 who lives on Clearwater Beach,FL,drinks natural ice, and has sun poisioning all over his back and chest.Claims to own Island Esates,that his grandfather owns the Oklahoma Sooners(and recieves 50 tickets to every game and is flown in by helicopter),and that he is recently divorced(bitch took 5 million dollars!!).Sometimes buys you beer if he thinks you're a "cool cat".Tells you if you ever get lost find him in between the pier and life gaurd stand, "x marks the spot". Urban Dictionary

Lauren Urban Dictionary

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The word "beach-bum" in example sentences

Or a nice fat '60s font for the invite for your college reunion that's going to take everyone back instantly to their carefree beach-bum days—try Cooper Black, as used on the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" album cover. ❋ Simon Garfield (2011)

“Proofs for the beach-bum article” was printed neatly on one. ❋ Mariah Stewart (2010)

I think things like the beach-bum book, or on a bus or train or plane, or being "read" by an animal, would be more fun and interesting for everyone though a remote bookstore you wouldn't normally expect to have it--yeah. ❋ E_moon60 (2010)

His hair is beach-bum blond, it skims his shoulders and it needs some TLC. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Then, out of the blue, his beach-bum existence threw him a break. ❋ Richard Madeley (2008)

After the Queen's son, Prince Charles, heir to the throne, and Princess Diana split up, the Queen was annoyed beyond belief by Diana's affair and engagement to Al Fayed, a dilettante Muslim rich-boy beach-bum, and what that marriage might have wrought regarding her grandsons Princes William and Harry and Britain generally if Arabs had moved into the royal British household. ❋ Unknown (2008)

But beach-bum McConaughey should completely bury anyone's interest in hoping this film sees the light of day. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Prefer an old Mexico look with it's own bath. beach-bum ❋ Unknown (2002)

I know these are general questions and perhaps hard to answer. beach-bum ❋ Unknown (2002)

I knew that the wisest thing 1 could do would be to assign her to work that would keep us as far apart as possible ... but if I had been a wise man, I'd never have left my beach-bum sanctuary on Kedge-Lockaby. ❋ May, Julian, 1931- (1998)

Beach babies in Venice - Dennis Hopper is out and Julia Roberts is in as Los Angeles' famous beach-bum mecca morphs into a family-friendly, albeit still funky, neighborhood. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Whether it's recording a friend getting crazy up on stage, surfing with some new beach-bum friends, or snowboarding in Tahoe, the Tachyon XC Micro allows users to record whatever they want, view it on their computer or TV, and post it to YouTube®; it's that easy. ❋ Unknown (2010)

While Playa del Carmen has grown quickly, it still offers the authentic Mexican culture and beach-bum flair that first attracted adventurous Americans before the Mexican government decided to develop the region. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Oliver Stone has signed to make The Deep Blue Goodbye, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as so-called beach-bum detective Travis McGee, who is featured in a series of mysteries from writer ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Get off] [your arse] and [stop] being a beach-bum!!! ❋ -=[Vi]rus=- (2005)

[Look at] [Beach] [bumz] ❋ Haysforhorses (2015)

[Lowlifes], [hobos], losers, [scumbags], beach bum ❋ Nattyeli (2010)

anyone [here you] want to get [beach bummed] by [later]? ❋ Threetrumpetsandastrumpet (2018)

Look at that [pervert] beach bum [staring] at all the girls, what a [loser]. ❋ Someone Who Has Done This Same Thing (2006)

[Hey guys], even though it's [winter], lets go get [tan] at Beach Bums. ❋ Jace555 (2008)

[The beach] [bum] told us a funny story about his [thighroid] problem. ❋ Jay The Dra (2007)

[Friend 1]: I wish I was [a Miami] [Beach Bum]. Friend 2: I know, then you'd have great skin. ❋ Miamibeachbum305 (2021)

How we [gunna] get [beer] man? I know [lets] find Rod the Beach Bum. ❋ Jeremy E (2008)

that girl [lauren] is such a [suburban beach bum], she just sits [at home] and watches movies ❋ Teenybøpper (2011)

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