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Definitions of "bearded"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of beard. verb
  • having a beard adjective
  • Having a beard. adjective
  • Having a beard.
  • In heraldry: Same as barbed, 3. Having a train like that of a comet or meteor (which see).
  • In entom.: Having a tuft of hairs on the clypeus, overhanging the mouth. Covered on one side with short and thickly set hairs: said of antennæ.
  • In botany: Awned; especially, having long stout awns, as bearded wheat.
  • Having a special growth of hairs on certain organs, as on the inside of the corolla in many flowers, for example, those of Pentstemon.
  • having a growth of hairlike awns adjective
  • having hair on the cheeks and chin adjective

The word "bearded" in example sentences

I'm going to guess 9 and 10 but only because I recognize a couple of them as being said by a certain bearded french guy.. [Things My Co-Workers and I Say: The Game]

The fact that I traveled alone, with a last-minute ticket purchase, PLUS being bearded is what I believe qualified me for extra attention (apparently all terrorists have beards).. [Police veteran critiques TSA procedure - Boing Boing]

Just as Coons doesn't want to be known as a bearded Marxist, O'Donnell would rather not be known for witchcraft.. [Michael Fertik: Witches, Marxism and Mental Anguish -- That's a Spicy Senatorial Search Result!]

Therefore, when Leiby got lost he walked over to someone who, though unrecognizable as an individual would have been very familiar to him as a member of his community, in other words bearded and with a yarmulke or a hat.. [Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: The Butchering of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky]

The iguana has passed on—a large lizard known as a bearded dragon occupies its cage now.. [40 Years for 'Sacred Place']

Olly adds that, "arguably, West Germany's Paul Breitner could be described as bearded in 1974 too," but despite an impressive 'tache/sideburns combo, we're not letting' Der Afro 'into the select band.. [World Cup special: part six – Is the Nike TV advert cursed?]

“Hey, where are you going, shade?” called a bearded man with wings attached to his shoulders.. [PERSEPHONE THE PHONY]

"Need to cast off, trader!" calls the bearded riverman.. [The Magic Engineer]

The men, described as bearded by the state news agency, were stopped in their car at a checkpoint and then opened fire with assault rifles, before fleeing into a nearby olive orchard, according to Radio Mosaique FM.. [The Seattle Times]

The men, described as bearded by the state news agency, were stopped in their car at a checkpoint Wednesday and then opened fire with assault rifles, before fleeing into a nearby olive orchard, according to Radio Mosaique FM.. []

We draw the line, though, at calling the bearded Texas rock band. [CANOE Travel Features]

Also known as bearded reedlings, they are 'parrotbills' and are the only member of the family to be found in. [Wigan Today - News Feed]

One robber was described as a bearded, light-skinned black man, 5 feet 10 to 6 feet 2, who wore a gray hoodie and dark, puffy vest.. [Phillies Zone]

The two were described as a bearded white man with multiple tattoos and wearing a black hat and a camouflage jacket, and a white woman, with blond highlights in her hair, wearing a pink shirt, blue jeans, and sandals.. [Sand Mountain Reporter: News]

His performance just hints at the beginnings of the Kirk / Spock / Bones love triangle while bringing just enough contempt for his surroundings that it's easy to recall the bearded McCoy's return to the Enterprise back in. [sizemore]

Frida called the bearded Trotsky her Piochitas or "little goat".. [ news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph]

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Bearded Word Data

  • PronunciationsB IH1 R D AH0 D
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation beard ed


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