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Definitions of "beat"

  • To strike repeatedly. verb-transitive
  • To subject to repeated beatings or physical abuse; batter. verb-transitive
  • To punish by hitting or whipping; flog. verb-transitive
  • To strike against repeatedly and with force; pound: waves beating the shore. verb-transitive
  • To flap, especially wings. verb-transitive
  • To strike so as to produce music or a signal: beat a drum. verb-transitive
  • Music To mark or count (time or rhythm), especially with the hands or with a baton. verb-transitive
  • To shape or break by repeated blows; forge: beat the glowing metal into a dagger. verb-transitive
  • To make by pounding or trampling: beat a path through the jungle. verb-transitive
  • To mix rapidly with a utensil: beat two eggs in a bowl. verb-transitive
  • To defeat or subdue, as in a contest. verb-transitive
  • To force to withdraw or retreat: beat back the enemy. verb-transitive
  • To dislodge from a position: I beat him down to a lower price. verb-transitive
  • Informal To be superior to or better than: Riding beats walking. verb-transitive
  • Slang To perplex or baffle: It beats me; I don't know the answer. verb-transitive
  • Informal To avoid or counter the effects of, often by thinking ahead; circumvent: beat the traffic. verb-transitive
  • Informal To arrive or finish before (another): We beat you home by five minutes. verb-transitive
  • Informal To deprive, as by craft or ability: He beat me out of 20 dollars with his latest scheme. verb-transitive
  • Physics To cause a reference wave to combine with (a second wave) so that the frequency of the second wave can be studied through time variations in the amplitude of the combination. verb-transitive

The word "beat" in example sentences

Punch's eye was still glued to the opening, he saw the soldiers turn rightabout face, disappear through the open doorway, and then, _beat, beat, beat_, the sound of marching began again, this time to die slowly away, and he looked and listened till the pressure of Pen's hand upon his arm grew almost painful.. [!Tention A Story of Boy-Life during the Peninsular War]

I next inquired of a watchman, who said there was no place upon his beat; but _beat_ was Gaelic to me; and I repeated my inquiry to another, who directed me towards the hells of Saffron Hill.. [Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume XXII]

The word beat through her brain, both a paradise and a churning storm.. [Ecstasy in Darkness]

As we look at this picture, I don't know if it comes across on TV, having been close to the shuttles many times, what you notice when you see them up close is how, well, you almost want to use the term beat up.. [CNN Transcript Jul 14, 2002]

The fact that an officer could be in a Police station at the other end of the country and as long as he was dealing with an offender that had committed an offence on his patch it was counted as being on his beat is absolutely disgusting and a very cynical way of deliberatly manipulating statistics to mislead the public.. [Hayley Adamson is dead but Northumbria wins Gold! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

For them to put together such a great run then lose guys like Afinogenov, Drury, Briere, Spacek, Connolly, Kotalik, and Paul Gaustad and bring up players from Rochester that have never played in an NHL game and not lose a beat is amazing.. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 6485]

The Los Angeles Times takes a look at fun alternatives to jogging: Swiveling to the beat is all part of the fun at Hoopnotica — a company that make the hula hoop the central part of its fitness strategy.. [ | Blog | Hooping: The Fun Alternative to Jogging]

Even Ira might have smiled at that one — or maybe the self-referentiality of Run DMC: This beat is my recital;. [Archive 2008-06-01]

Lets face it the beat is a punishment posting these days to be on the vulgarity of 24/7 shifts and all that goes with it is no longer any fun.. [I Can Tell We’re Going To Be Friends « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

Jay: eh ... the beat is a bit too erratic for me, and the vocals are a bit too repeditive. if they were both erratic, or both repeditive, i would have prefered it. i'll listen to some of their other stuff, im sure they have other songs, right?. [finally, some real science (for a science teacher) (Music (For Robots))]

Too many crackers on the beat is apparently A Bad Thing.. [Archive 2005-02-20]

"I believe it is what we call a beat, Miss Morgan.". [The Candidate A Political Romance]

Or at least that's what he calls the beat-up green pickup truck he drives, worth little more than the slew of pop cans lining the floor.. [Niagara Gazette Homepage]

In the afternoon I was still kind of beat from the suit study in the morning and I decided to not participate in any EVAs and take care of some other business.. [MDRS-88 sol 8: Picking cotton on Mars]

John's "beat" is anthropogenic global warming (AGW), although he is entirely free to write about any subject that interests him.. [Archive 2009-10-01]

STUTTGART, Germany (AP) Justine Henin beat Samantha Stosur 6-4, 2-6, 6-1 in the final of the Porsche Grand Prix on Sunday to capture her first title since coming out of retirement in January.. [Henin wins Porsche Grand Prix, her first title in comeback]

Beat Translates

TurkishBeat English to Turkish Translate
(i). vuruş, darbe; darbeden ileri gelen ses; (müz). tempo; ses; polis devriyesi; ilginç bir haberin rakip gazeteden evvel neşri; (fiz). birbirine yakın iki sesin meydana getirdigi ritmik çatlşma sesi. beaten (s). dövülmüş; mağlup, yenilmiş; çok kullanılmış beater (i). ,cırpma makinası.(i). vuruş, darbe; darbeden ileri gelen ses; (müz). tempo; ses; polis devriyesi; ilginç bir haberin rakip gazeteden evvel neşri; (fiz). birbirine yakın iki sesin meydana getirdigi ritmik çatlşma sesi. beaten (s). dövülmüş; mağlup, yenilmiş; çok kullanılmış beater (i). ,cırpma makinası.

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