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  • Plural form of bedsore. noun

The word "bedsores" in example sentences

Be alert for pressure wounds, also known as bedsores, particularly in long hospital stays.. [Bedside Manner: Advocating for a Relative in the Hospital]

Some 1,446 died suffering with pressure ulcers, otherwise know as bedsores, while 4,866 died with septicaemia, or blood poisoning.. [Evening Standard - Home]

The bed essentially imitates the movements of a healthy person during sleep so bedridden patients are less likely to develop "decubitus ulcers," otherwise known as bedsores.. [CNET]

Pressure sores, also called bedsores, commonly plague seniors who are bedridden or rely on. [Search for "anxiety"]

The university's Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Research Institute, based at the Jordanstown campus, is investigating how pressure ulcers, formerly known as bedsores can be prevented.. [University of Ulster: News Releases]

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are very painful and can lead to serious health problems.. [MyLinkVault Newest Links]

Even before the law's passage, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services — now headed by Dr. Donald Berwick, a stalwart in the patient-safety movement — announced it would no longer reimburse hospitals for the cost of preventable complications, such as bedsores and wrong-type blood transfusions.. [Do No Harm]

WASHINGTON -- The government won't save much from Medicare's year-old policy of refusing to pay hospitals 'extra costs to treat hospital-acquired infections and injuries such as bedsores, a new study concludes.. [Study Estimates Hospital Penalties Generate Few Savings for Medicare]

I can’t find any external injuries beyond bedsores, which is to be expected, and internally there are no abnormalities or injuries, though it’s difficult under these conditions to tell for certain.. [The Curse of the Wendigo]

And hospitalizing frail, elderly patients often results in unintended problems, such as bedsores, infections, and decline because of immobilization.. [ Top Stories]

It has stopped reimbursing hospitals for about a half-dozen conditions acquired in the hospital, such as bedsores, and the agency is moving toward basing payments on the numbers.. [Cincinnati.Com - All Local News]

The possibility that she’s going to be unhappy as she grows larger and is unable to be held or carried, the possibility that she’s going to develop physical complications such as bedsores from not being turned as often, and the possibility that she’ll experience what *she’ll perceive as trauma from menstrual pain, pap smears, mammograms, breast exams, etc. seem like much greater possibilities to me.. [The Ashley Treatment: A Feminist and Disability Rights Issue?]

Wall Street Journal reports: "The government won't save much from Medicare's year-old policy of refusing to pay hospitals 'extra costs to treat hospital-acquired infections and injuries such as bedsores, a new study concludes.. [Health News from Medical News Today]

Another project, to help cut bedsores among people in two care homes in Shipley, West Yorkshire, had helped save about £90,000 over six months and improved their quality of life.. [Specialist nursing cuts may force patients into hospital, says RCN]

Her mother has always massaged her legs, braided her hair, and stuffed pillows first on one side and then the other to keep her from getting deep bedsores.. [Between Expectations]

In the film, we see a young miner, Luo, who was paralyzed in an accident, being fed and his bedsores washed by his bitter and exhausted wife.. [Richard Schiffman: The World's Deadliest Profession: Coal Miners Pay for China's Economic Miracle]

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