Character 6
Hyphenation beg gar
Pronunciations /ˈbɛɡə/

Definitions and meanings of "Beggar"

What do we mean by beggar?

One who solicits alms for a living. noun

An impoverished person; a pauper. noun

A man or a boy. noun

To make a beggar of; impoverish. transitive verb

To exceed the limits, resources, or capabilities of. transitive verb

To make a beggar of; reduce to beggary; impoverish.

To exhaust the resources of; exceed the means or capacity of; outdo.

One who begs or asks alms; especially, one who lives by asking alms or makes it his business to beg. noun

One who is in indigent circumstances; one who has been beggared. noun

One who asks a favor; one who entreats; a petitioner. noun

One who assumes in argument what he does not prove. noun

A fellow; a rogue: used in contempt for a low fellow; noun

As a term of playful familiarity: as, he is a good-hearted little beggar. noun

One who begs; one who asks or entreats earnestly, or with humility; a petitioner. noun

One who makes it his business to ask alms. noun

One who is dependent upon others for support; -- a contemptuous or sarcastic use. noun

One who assumes in argument what he does not prove. noun

To reduce to beggary; to impoverish. transitive verb

To cause to seem very poor and inadequate. transitive verb

A person who begs. noun

A person who begs.

A person suffering from extreme poverty.

(sometimes affectionate) A mean or wretched person; a scoundrel.

A minced oath for bugger.

A term used to describe a person that barely has anything, has no home and begs for money. Urban Dictionary

I don't do this normally but you seem to be a nice person I swear im not one of those And i do return what i am given. Always. I was just wondering if you could help me out. Bit of a struggle at the moment. Rough out there. Can i, like, ask for some..heart? just a little will totally do. just like a handful, sincere, well-meant heart? By any chance? Urban Dictionary

A term used to describe someone who is for the most part begging. However, this is used loosely. for example someone who is complaining a lot is begging. If you are playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07 and you are putting with reckless abandon, "that's beggar." If you are hating a player or the game in any sport or game, "that's beggar." Basically, any act or state of mediocrity exhibited by a person, place or thing. Additionally, the term can be used to reference a person exhibiting bitch-like behavior. Urban Dictionary

A person who steals food or money from other people Urban Dictionary

A low self-esteem dude who embarrasses himself by begging a woman to go out with him, almost harassing her. He thinks that that will show how much he "loves" her. He plays the "feel sorry for me" card. And then he plays that card so he can get maybe a kiss, then maybe more, then maybe a handjob. She doesn't like him. He just wore her down with his begging. She's into someone else. Says "c'mon", with puppy dog eyes, a lot. A likely candidate to be cuckolded. Something you do a lot when married, just for sex or to go out with your friends. Urban Dictionary

Plsssssplsssssss plssss vote for this pleaseeee i beg for it plzzzzzzzzzz i need this plsss Vote vote for me plssss or a creepu crown will hunt you tomorrow lol xdddddddd Urban Dictionary

Poor people wanting food jobs work ect.. Urban Dictionary

Commonly used as a nickname for an american citizen after the financial crisis of 2008. Urban Dictionary

A Needle Beggar is an term used to define a heroin addict or addicts that are too damn lazy to work to feed their habit, so the addicts aka needle beggar asks or rather begs around for money. Urban Dictionary

Someone who gets on your nerves easily. not annoying enough to just be called a beggar but has your back when you need them. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Beggar

The word "beggar" in example sentences

Scott, while I agree that fixing the underlying problem that produces the beggar is a noble idea, please consider two things: ❋ Unknown (2002)

Zoellick said: "History shows there is no future in 'beggar thy neighbour' policies, and in an increasingly inter-connected world, we need not just to be conscious of the negative effects policies can have on others, but we need to act accordingly." ❋ Larry Elliott Economics Editor (2010)

What does it mean when the beggar is more powerful than the one that extends the coin? ❋ Unknown (2009)

A beggar is a man who is forced, by fate, to remind us of Christ; he is Christ's brother; he is the bell of the Lord, and rings in life for the purpose of awakening our conscience, of stirring up the satiety of man's flesh. ❋ Unknown (2010)

So when Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF managing director, acknowledged that the language of a recent IMF summit communique was "ineffective", that the time for "real action" had come and that he feared "a race to the bottom" as the major countries began to outdo each other in beggar-my-neighbour currency wars, you should sit up and listen. ❋ Will Hutton (2010)

Oddly enough, the train beggar managed to control his gnawing hunger for long enough to keep begging. ❋ Amuchmoreexotic (2008)

Can't Post | but keep in mind that the more you give the less likely the beggar is to buscar otro remedio (look for another solution), and the more likely others are to emulate his success. ❋ Unknown (2002)

The citizen who fears the ill-smelling drunk, the rowdy teenager, or the importuning beggar is not merely expressing his distaste for unseemly behavior; he is also giving voice to a bit of folk wisdom that happens to be a correct generalization — namely, that serious street crime flourishes in areas in which disorderly behavior goes unchecked. ❋ Unknown (1982)

The millionaire as well as the beggar is content with just so much air as he can breathe. ❋ Unknown (1944)

This friend whom I have in mind was a Scotchman, named McArthur, and he said, I say, McArthur, last night 1 saw a fellow with the ordinary 'flu, and I gave him the usual dope, and this morning the beggar is pink. ❋ Unknown (1932)

The beggar is tall and very thin; he moves his body when he walks, so that it looks as if he wriggled forward. ❋ Unknown (1915)

The fine lady shares her shrinking with those inveterate enemies of democracy, the lackey who shuts the door in the shabby stranger's face, and the dog who barks a beggar from the gate. ❋ Unknown (1907)

How a missionary, after one sight like this, can wish to convert them into a faith where dress and money bring attention and front pews, and where the dirty beggar is ousted by the janitor and indignantly scorned down by those in affluence, is incomprehensible. ❋ Unknown (1888)

"Let us call the beggar up with one of his own telephones," said ❋ Harry Collingwood (1886)

The caprice, the weak partiality of the reigning sovereign, or, it may be, his penetrating discernment in discovering latent energy and talent, has often "raised the beggar from the dunghill, and set him among princes" [1Sa 2: 8]. ❋ Unknown (1871)

I calling her beggar, and she me pricklouse, which vexed me ❋ Samuel Pepys (1668)

So up and to my office (being come to some angry words with my wife about neglecting the keeping of the house clean, I calling her beggar, and she me pricklouse, which vexed me) and there all the morning. ❋ Samuel Pepys (1668)

Jackson:*holds [out hand] in [cupping] position* Please take mercy on a [poor boy]... Ryan: Take no notice of the beggar. Johnny: Yeah, most of them are fakes. Ryan: Well lets leave the beggar to beg away. ❋ Guess Who? =] (2006)

I [met] [this girl] [Doris]. She was a beggar. ❋ Krkič (2020)

"dude, you're [beggin'] hard right now." "man, that putt was beggar." "my goalie is beggar, that goal was so weak" "dude, [you're game] is beggar tonight, chicks won't even talk to you" "wow, this party is [beggin] hard" "woah that shirt is beggar" ❋ DEPkevinMN (2008)

a beggar ate [Mark's] [cookie] without his [permission] ❋ AJ Sawani (2008)

Dude is a beggar. He be [begging] so much, he needs [kneepads] so he can [talk to] her. ❋ Bigballz (2016)

Someone: [Hey you] know [Sam]? The other Someone: Yea, he is such a [beggar]. ❋ Tuoppimisti (2017)

*[knock knock] wtf are u doing [out side] my window! u have any [spare change]? no stupid beggars! ❋ Stephie. (2007)

Hey! That Beggar who owned [Lehmann] [Brothers] now lives [in Australia]. ❋ Angelo.123 (2008)

Addict : Hello [Auntie Kay], I need some money can you [spare me] some cash? Auntie Kay : your only Going to buy heroin with it, Now Fuck off [somewhere else] you dirty needle beggar! ❋ SovietSpaghetti (2013)

"[james] didn't [reply] to my [snapchat]..." "what a humble beggar!" ❋ Mystery_gal (2017)

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