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Hyphenation be ing
Pronunciations /ˈbiːɪŋ/

Definitions and meanings of "Being"

What do we mean by being?

The state or quality of having existence: synonym: existence. noun

The totality of all things that exist. noun

A person. noun

An individual form of life; an organism. noun

An imaginary, conjectural, or supernatural creature. noun

All the qualities constituting one that exists; the essence. noun

One's basic or essential nature. noun

Because; since. Often used with as or that. conjunction

A living; livelihood; means of subsistence; home. noun

Existence in its most comprehensive sense, as opposed to non-existence; existence, whether real or only in thought. noun

In metaphysics, subsistence in a state not necessarily amounting to actual existence; rudimentary existence. noun

That which exists; anything that is: as, inanimate beings. noun

Life; conscious existence. noun

Lifetime; mortal existence. noun

That which has life; a living existence, in contradistinction to what is without life; a creature. noun

Since; inasmuch as. adverb


Existence, as opposed to nonexistence; state or sphere of existence. noun

A living creature.

The state or fact of existence, consciousness, or life, or something in such a state.

That which has actuality (materially or in concept).

One's basic nature, or the qualities thereof; essence or personality.

An abode; a cottage.

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The word "being" in example sentences

On the one hand, the word does not seem to be straightforwardly equivocal, in the sense of being subordinated to more than one concept, for we at least have the illusion of being able to grasp ˜being™ as a general term. ❋ Ashworth, E. Jennifer (2009)

I loved the idea in the pilot where it just shows the effects of him being a badass except for the last fight, rather than him _being_ a badass. ❋ Rogers (2009)

They use the notation [λx Ox & x 5] as the name of the concept being an object x such that x is odd and x is greater than 5 (or, more naturally, ˜being odd and greater than 5™). ❋ Zalta, Edward N. (2009)

Here Malebranche underscores another feature of God: the divine substance is not any particular being but ˜all being™ or what he elsewhere calls ˜being in general.™ ❋ Nolan, Lawrence (2008)

So the universal science of being qua being appears to founder on an equivocation: how can there be a single science of being when the very term ˜being™ is ambiguous? ❋ Cohen, S. Marc (2008)

If you're a "stranger" to the world until being part of it and in lot's of MMO's you are - which is good because you then _feel_ like _being_ in an alternate world, then your family should be built _in_ the world. ❋ Unknown (2007)

In the order of reality, however, being is not contracted to any of the ten genera, because ˜being™ does not have the same meaning when applied to every category. ❋ Gracia, Jorge (2006)

-- A _Verb_ is a word that asserts action, being, or state of being+. ❋ Brainerd Kellogg (N/A)

-- +A _Verb_ is a word that asserts action, being -, or state of being+. ❋ Brainerd Kellogg (N/A)

+A _Verb_ is a word that asserts action, being, or state of being+. ❋ Brainerd Kellogg (N/A)

The pedagogue hesitated a moment whether he should go after them; but Kennedy being a person in full confidence of the family, and with whom he himself had no delight in associating, ‘being that he was addicted unto profane and scurrilous jests, ’ he continued his own walk at his own pace, till he reached the Place of Ellangowan. ❋ Unknown (1917)

The argument turns upon the application to being as a whole of the meaning and the implications of _only being_. ❋ Ralph Barton Perry (1916)

Insomuch, that a teacher or learner of the hereditary laws of pronunciation will more offend men by speaking without the aspirate, of a “uman being, ” in despite of the laws of grammar, than if he, a “human being, ” hate a “human being” in despite of Thine. ❋ Unknown (1909)

And because every movement implies _matter_, and every action a being that acts, this picture also represents either _matter_ or a _being_. ❋ Benedetto Croce (1909)

I have asked his attention to the evidence that he arrayed to prove that such a fatal blow was being struck, and to the facts which he brought forward in support of that charge, —being identical with the one which he thinks so villainous in me. ❋ Unknown (1897)

_ Good heavens! is being with one's wife, one's brothers or sisters, one's children, one's bosom friends _being in company_? ❋ Vernon Lee (1895)

There is far too much mere _narration_ -- the things being not smartly brought before the mind's eye as _being_ done, and to the mind's ear as _being_ said, but recounted, sometimes not even as present things, but as things that _have been_ said or done already. ❋ George Saintsbury (1889)

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