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Bejeweled is a tile-matching puzzle video game by PopCap Games, developed for browsers in 2001. Three follow-ups have been released. More than 75 million copies of Bejeweled have been sold, and the game has been downloaded more than 150 million times. .

What does the word bejeweled mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word bejeweled in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with bejeweled and anagrams of bejeweled.

Definitions of "bejeweled"

  • Decorated with or as if with jewels. adjective
  • covered in jewels, especially as decoration adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of bejewel. verb

The word "bejeweled" in example sentences

There is no one like her for writing the kind of bejeweled rapier of a sentence that pins a novel by its throat.. [And Again, Love « Tales from the Reading Room]

Or a member of the Wall Street elite stepping into his chauffer-driven luxury sedan en route to a splashy event with his bejeweled wife?. [The English Is Coming!]

At the intimate end of the exhibition's spectrum is a bejeweled 14th-century French reliquary pendant that opens to reveal multiple leaves with gorgeously colored enamel scenes from the life of Christ, for contemplation by the magnificent object's wealthy owner.. [Where Revered Relics Repose]

Sarah Palin stopped by the Long Island Association's annual meeting in New York wearing an unassuming black suit paired with a bejeweled American flag bracelet and -- the kicker, quite literally -- leopard print, strappy, high heels.. [Sarah Palin's Leopard-Print Heels: Hit Or Miss? (PHOTOS, POLL)]

Their exquisitely bejeweled faces appear in oil paintings at performance halls across India.. [Top 5 must-sees at the Kennedy Center's Maximum India festival]

Was this bejeweled breast ornament routinely pinned or sewn to a gown?. [Well, they would, wouldn’t they?]

Maybe in each case we cannot know; but certainly we can make a reasonably plausible and well-informed guess about what craftsmen aimed for in a more general sense: (1) bejeweled Portuguese breast ornaments of this type were evidently worn pinned or sewn to a gown; (2) Chinese vases of this type were generally equipped with identical rings suspended from each handle.. [Well, they would, wouldn’t they?]

Called Arnolfini, in honor of the Flemish painter Jan van Eyck, the bejeweled chandelier, rendered out of glass containers, including egg cups and poison bottles, suggests a phantasmagoric Still Life painting.. [Out of the Gallery and Into the Home]

Recently on Offworld: an ode to the jetpack, rusted steampunk adventures, Tetris bejeweled. [Boing Boing]

Several processions have been staged, featuring extravagant floats with celebrities and scantily dressed bejeweled dancers from several competing samba schools.. [Carnival at Full Tilt as Rio Parties On]

I press the mouthpiece onto my bottom lip; run my tongue along its crystal tip as my fingers strangle the ebony body, bejeweled with silver rings and buttons.. [Johnny Mercer's Pier]

But instead of simply telling my bejeweled hand to do this in words, I picture my mind turning this polite request into warm liquid energy and pouring it into the nerves that feed my left hand.. [Left Neglected]

“Do the Lutz again,” a bejeweled lady in a full-length mink barked over the hockey boards at her protégé.. [Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad]

Suddenly Tarasova stopped and clapped her bejeweled hands together.. [Welcome to My World]

Putting my future in her bejeweled hands, I dove into the part of a lady swan.. [Welcome to My World]

He's meant to lose himself in Scheherezade's web of fantasy, and so are we, as the company of 14 robed, turbaned and bejeweled actors takes on the identities of her characters, revealed to the king over those fabled 1,001 nights.. [Weaving a web of seductive stories]

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Check out what I just added to my closet on Poshmark: Bejeweled skull rebel crystal tank. v…


They got a bejeweled Pepsi can up in this bitch.


@kpcollections: Bejeweled vibes. 💎💎💎 Do the most in The Tatum:

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Bejeweled 3 Lightning - 8.1 Million with x16 [720p]
Bejeweled 3 Lightning - 8.1 Million with x16 [720p]
Bejeweled 3 - Diamond Mine (4.4 Million)
Bejeweled 3 - Diamond Mine (4.4 Million)
Classic Game Postmortem - Bejeweled
Classic Game Postmortem - Bejeweled

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