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Definitions of "beloved"

  • Dearly loved. adjective
  • loved adjective
  • someone who is loved; something that is loved noun
  • One greatly loved. noun
  • Greatly loved; dear to the heart. past-participle
  • Loved; greatly loved; dear to the heart.
  • One who is greatly loved; one very dear. noun
  • dearly loved adjective
  • a beloved person; used as terms of endearment noun

The word "beloved" in example sentences

Maybe Monday or later in the week a decision will be taken, by then half of you will be gazed or shellacked to use an expression beloved by BHO. cornel: Are they still waiting for outside help?. [The Full Feed from]

To Kill A Mockingbird is also beautifully presented by Universal, which makes sense for one of the films that truly deserves the word beloved.. [Michael Giltz: DVDs: Donwton Abbey Has Gone Down, Down, Down in Quality]

She replied, Not so, my beloved is the fairer; woe to thee, O Dahnash!. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

We can build what he called a beloved community—a truly interracial democracy, a community at peace with itself.. [Why Marriage Matters]

Martha Stewart making her statement, a defiant Martha Stewart, saying that this was a shameful day for her, for her family, for what she calls her beloved company.. [CNN Transcript Jul 16, 2004]

It seems to me that the proper place for the beloved is the terminus, not the train. '. [Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: Part V]

But when she knows that her beloved is her lover, life may do what it will with her; but she is beyond its chances for ever.. [Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard]

But when she knows that her beloved is her lover, life may do what it will with her; but she is beyond its chances for ever. '. [Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard]

A term beloved by techies and geeks has nabbed the title of word of the year from the American Dialect Society.. [ Top headlines]

'Antioxidants' is a term beloved of marketers the world over and, as a result, consumer awareness has never been higher.. [BakeryAndSnacks RSS]

The man on the Left I most respect is Cornel West because he has a through and sincere understanding of the full scope of problems with late capitalism, to use a term beloved of some of these profs.. [WBUR and NPR - On Point with Tom Ashbrook]

A so called 'good school' (a term beloved by the media) is usually the one most adept at attracting exactly the kind of pupil who wants to achieve and is highly motivated.. [Word Magazine - Comments]

My mother always taught me that every author, no matter how beloved, is entitled to one bad book.. [44. Renegade's Magic by Robin Hobb]

My beloved is always all, Oh come on, do you really need more books?. [Bookstore Appreciation Time!]

The Mail reports that Kate's stylish outfit was created by Luisa Spagnoli, the Italian ready-to-wear label beloved of screen sirens Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren.. [Sarah Burton to design royal wedding dress?]

Without all three of these elements, a scene, no matter how good or beloved, is just wasted words.. [Author Toolbox: the three hooks «]

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  • Character7
  • Hyphenation be loved lov ed


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