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A combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, often eaten by overworked college students with little free time, or, perhaps more commonly, by those with plenty of free time but enough laziness to match. Urban Dictionary

Capital of Germany w/ 3,5 million inhabitants and an estimated 150.000 daily transfrontier commuters. Founded in the year 1250, Berlin was split up in two halfs after the Berlin Wall was raised in 1961. After the reunification in 1990, Berlin is legally accepted capital as it was before the split. Berlin today is said to be one of the most pulsating and exciting cities in the world. Urban Dictionary

Berline is a pretty girl who has an attitude when you try her and she will probably slap the fuck out of you when needed but she is very nice in the heart easy to talk to. She will stand up for you no matter who and what it is. She will ride for you the longest as possible even for a lifetime. She has a wide heart and opens to anyone but Dont break it because she would hurt you and go off on you. But it doesn't really matter to her because its your choice to be in her hear or not. Urban Dictionary

Berlin - capital of germany and one of the most inspiring cities in the world! meanings: multicultural, multifaceted best place for love, fun, action, chill out, intelligence, friends, acquaintances, living, holiday, male, female, food, drink, together, solo,... danger: can take breath away, can make you want to stay forever, make everything else look less important can make you fall in love, can make you feel infinite or enlightened Urban Dictionary

Can be defined as the capital of Germany; the name of a beautiful goddess child. A sexy beast If you will. Mess with a Berlin, and you'll get your ass beat! Don't fuck with her. Berlin's love money. When her birthday comes around, everyone better make it fucking rain! Benjamins by the hour. They love to have fun and don't like somebody to ruin it. They are goofy and love to have close by friends and family. Be generous to Berlin's and she will give back! Urban Dictionary

Where Dwight stashed the chandelier Urban Dictionary

A very very hot girl/boy that is very sassy and gets what she wants. Berlin's have a beautiful face and a very fine body Urban Dictionary

She is a beautiful,sexy,girl and she is smart and uses her amazing voice to get men,everybody loves her but she only loves, she has amazing curves and is sassy though she will deny it, Urban Dictionary

The German slang for doughnut. Use in correct context, or you'll look like an idiot. Urban Dictionary

A surly but passive-aggressive individual claiming to be salt of the earth working class and born in east or west Berlin, Germany. Many Berliners are unemployed or retired at 40 due to once much looser welfare rules. Others work driving public transport, behind counters, but particularly at irritating people who don't come from Berlin, or anyone that gets in range actually. A real Berliner has a Berliner accent which is basically a way of speaking without having to open your mouth. The Berliner claim to be "warm people who give lip" (Herz und Schnauze). Urban Dictionary

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The word "berliner" in example sentences

Krapfen has its origins in Austria "berliner" in Germany, it is a typical Carnival doughnut with a ball shape, fried in deeph oil, powdered with sugar and filled with jam, cream or vanilla custard. ❋ Orchidea (2009)

SORENSEN: Apparently, I didn't know all I should have known about it, because some people say that a "berliner" is a jelly doughnut. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Ich bin eine berliner, I bawl back, replete with JFK's grammatical error that turns me into a doughnut instead of a resident of the Prussian capital. ❋ Mike Arkus (2010)

The first thing I did when I was in Germany last week was consume a berliner. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Wait wait... can we have ANOTHER comment explaining the JFK berliner/ein berliner faux pas, please? ❋ Unknown (2010)

"Wait wait... can we have ANOTHER comment explaining the JFK berliner/ein berliner faux pas, please?" ❋ Unknown (2010)

Having little German myself, I'd kind of hoped "fliegend Fekalie" was, well, what one should take at a rolling berliner. ❋ Unknown (2010)

One berliner and one bratwurst, sliced and topped withred and whitecabbage (sauerkraut), grilled onions and German potatoes, plus a small soup and a roll ($9). ❋ Unknown (2007)

"Ich bin ein berliner" JFK 3. When a nation has been "artificially" divided, it's OK to ignore restrictions on freedom of movement within the nation's "true borders." ❋ Unknown (2009)

Not to mention fruit additions to krieks and lambics and wheat beers and berliner weisses. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I mentioned to the manager that it tasted more like a berliner than a kristal not a good berliner mind you and then, magically, a few weeks later they have a "berliner weisse" on tap. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Hey, man, wanna go get dinner?" "Naw... I actually woke up at [1:00] this morning, and then didn't get around to eating my [first meal] till [4:00]. I think I'm just going to turn it into a berliner and get some studying in." ❋ Sridhar (2005)

"[Take my breath away]", Berlin ❋ Dobedobedo (2005)

That girl berline is [a keeper]. [Watch out] she's a [pain in the ass]. ❋ Eat My Pussy Good Daddy (2016)

boy: wanna marry me? girl: [o my god]!! you are so [berlin]!! [breathtaking] ❋ Survivalofthefittest (2011)

[My name is] Berlin and I have [the best name] ever! Very [unique] ❋ Volleyballqueen1233 (2017)

Im going to Berlin for Christmas to find [the Chandelier] [Dwight] [stashed] there ❋ Busterbitch (2020)

1. Damn did you see [berlin] today 2. [Berlin] was so cute in class today 3. [I just wanna] see her dance with those [thighs] ❋ John Diman (2017)

[Who's that] [angel] over there That's not [an angel] that's Berlin ❋ Loganwilliams (2019)

[John F. Kennedy]. In Berlin he gave a speech, he was being translated by a second person, at the end he said one part of this sentence in German. He said ''The [Berliners] are people of [true power] and honor. I am a Berliner.'' But, he said 'Ech bin ein Berliner. Meaning 'I am a Berliner.' Thus, announcing to the Germans the president of the United States of America is in fact a Doughnut. ❋ Spageto (2009)

"You want me to turn the music down? Why don't you find [another place] to live instead. I've been living here for 20 years." "I'd like to go to [Spandau] please driver." "Uh, [I've got nothing] against it." "I'll serve you as soon as I finish chatting to my friends, but then it will be time for my lunch break. We Berliner aren't slaves, you know." ❋ Brian32345 (2009)

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