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What do we mean by beseke?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word beseke. Define beseke, beseke synonyms, beseke pronunciation, beseke translation, English dictionary definition of beseke.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Beseke

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The word "beseke" in example sentences

Ðat ich wile þat ðu wel be iwarned. {ȝ} if godd ðe ȝifð þese swete teares þat non win in ðare world nis swa swete. ⁊ alswa alswa man to michel mai drinken of ðare wine alswa mai ðe mann to michel wepen. þeih hie swete bien. ⁊ for ði þe is god  {105} þ̵ þu beseke at gode one mihte. ðe hatte _discrecio_. þat is [f. ❋ Joseph Hall (N/A)

1.4.12: And willes me that my mortall foe I doe beseke of grace: ❋ Unknown (1557)

Cross Reference for Beseke

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What does beseke mean?

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