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Definitions of "better"

  • Greater in excellence or higher in quality. adjective
  • More useful, suitable, or desirable: found a better way to go; a suit with a better fit than that one. adjective
  • More highly skilled or adept: I am better at math than English. adjective
  • Greater or larger: argued for the better part of an hour. adjective
  • More advantageous or favorable; improved: a better chance of success. adjective
  • Healthier or more fit than before: The patient is better today. adjective
  • In a more excellent way. adverb
  • To a greater extent or degree: better suited to the job; likes it better without sauce. adverb
  • To greater advantage; preferably: a deed better left undone. See Usage Notes at best, have, rather. adverb
  • More: It took me better than a year to recover. adverb
  • One that is greater in excellence or higher in quality. noun
  • A superior, as in standing, competence, or intelligence. Usually used in the plural: to learn from one's betters. noun
  • To make better; improve: trying to better conditions in the prison; bettered myself by changing jobs. See Synonyms at improve. verb-transitive
  • To surpass or exceed. verb-transitive
  • To become better. verb-intransitive
  • better off In a better or more prosperous condition: would be better off taking the train instead of driving; felt better off after the rise in stock prices. idiom
  • for the better Resulting in or aiming at an improvement: Her condition took a turn for the better. idiom
  • get To outdo or outwit; defeat. idiom
  • think better of To change one's mind about (a course of action) after reconsideration: I almost bought an expensive watch, but then I thought better of it. idiom

The word "better" in example sentences

We would do better to say: _more_ is often _better_ , but _most_ is rarely _best_ , especially if we fail to measure everything together, tangible and intangible alike.. [Who Loses From Efficiency?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Popper held, that even if a theory t2 with a higher content than a rival theory t1 is subsequently falsified, it can still legitimately be regarded as a better theory than t1, and ˜better™ is here now understood to mean t2 is closer to the truth than t1.. [Karl Popper]

Most of the contemporary "political poetry" I've read remain mired in authorial biography (granted, it could be a function of my reading habit) -- they were writ primarily to make the authors feel better (by *feel better*, it includes ranting against abuse).. [POLITICS, ON THE POEM'S OWN TERMS]

People are better than their creeds, and, it should seem, sometimes _better_ than _their_ principles.. [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 56, Number 348]

Were they, after all, with all their muddy color and uncertain composition, better -- actually _better_, in the fundamentals that count, than those two glorified forms that ruled the room?. [The Genius]

The idealists planned and strove and shouted that their city should become a better, better, and better city—and what they meant, when they used the word “better, ” was “more prosperous, ” and the core of their idealism was this: “The more prosperous my beloved city, the more prosperous beloved I!. [Chapter 28]

Bright knew his Englishmen better than Lowell did, —better than England did.. [Eccentricity (1863)]

First, _Know what you want to say_; second, _Say it_; third, _Use your own language_; fourth, _Leave out all the fine passages_; fifth, _A short word is better than a long one_; sixth, _The fewer words, other things being equal, the better_; finally, _Cut it to pieces_.. [The Writer, Volume VI, April 1892. A Monthly Magazine to Interest and Help All Literary Workers]

"You were Peter Grimm," she said, "before you knew better" -- that's what _they_ call leaving _this_ world -- "_to know better_.". [The Return of Peter Grimm]

Some people are too late for everything but ruin; when a nobleman apologized to George III. for being late, and said, "better late than never," the king replied, "No, I say, _better never than late_.". [How to Succeed or, Stepping-Stones to Fame and Fortune]

Yet she knew, better than he did, —better than she liked to tell him, —that it was not the thing for her to live there alone.. [The Gold of Chickaree]

“We always suppose that which is better to take place in nature, if it be possible,” says Aristotle; and the vaguest and most heterogeneous qualities being confounded together under the notion of being _better_, there was no limit to the wildness of the inferences.. [A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive]

I said to myself, adversity and constraint are more favorable to wisdom, than liberty and prosperity; or to express it in better words -- "_sorrow is better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better_;" and for this maxim of wisdom we are indebted to a Jew.. [A Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts, 2nd ed. Late A Surgeon On Board An American Privateer, Who Was Captured At Sea By The British, In May, Eighteen Hundred And Thirteen, And Was Confined First, At Melville Island, Halifax, Then At Chatham, In England ... And Last, At Dartmoor Prison. Interspersed With Observations, Anecdotes And Remarks, Tending To Illustrate The Moral And Political Characters Of Three Nations. To Which Is Added, A Correct Engraving Of Dartmoor Prison, Representing The Massacre Of American Prisoners, Written By Himself.]

_Learning_, the better _Philosophers_, and the greater _Abilities_ they possess, the _more_, and the _better_ are they _qualified_, to. [Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2) Or A Discourse of Forest Trees]

The primary objective is not politics, it's not waiting for the Rapture, it's not organizing better politically, but rather organizing * better* ways to spread the Gospel Message.. [Latest Articles]

 it makes me feel better, necessarily, but that it makes me feel better  about you.. [TEDBUNDY]

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