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Definitions of "bilateral"

  • Having or formed of two sides; two-sided. adjective
  • Affecting or undertaken by two sides equally; binding on both parties: a bilateral agreement; bilateral negotiations. adjective
  • Relating to the right and left sides of the body or of a body structure. adjective
  • Having or marked by bilateral symmetry. adjective
  • having two sides adjective
  • involving both sides equally adjective
  • binding on both parties to an agreement adjective
  • having bilateral symmetry adjective
  • involving descent or ascent regardless of sex and side of the family adjective
  • Having two sides; arranged upon two sides; affecting two sides or two parties. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the two sides of a central area or organ, or of a central axis. adjective
  • Having two sides; of or pertaining to two sides; two-sided.
  • In botany, having the sides different.
  • In biology, having the sides symmetrical.
  • having two sides or parts adjective
  • affecting or undertaken by two parties adjective
  • having identical parts on each side of an axis adjective

The word "bilateral" in example sentences

The term "bilateral investment treaty" was brought up, but that's not exactly it.. [Forging a Stronger U.S.-China Relationship: More Carrot Than Stick]

But this supposition is not true, unless we use the term bilateral contract in its widest sense; but this would be a question about the meaning of words, and would not touch the point at issue.. [The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 4: Clandestinity-Diocesan Chancery]

The United States, however, has shown no enthusiasm for getting involved in what it calls a bilateral issue for Pakistan and India.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

The EU has so far preferred to stay out of the deepening row between Moscow and Kiev, saying it does not want to be an arbiter of what it calls a bilateral and commercial dispute.. [News on]

Current EU attempts to solve the sovereign debt problems in peripheral Europe involve a combination of fiscal austerity and short-term bilateral and multilateral loans to address perceived liquidity issues.. [What Europe Can Learn From Latin America]

Compared to anemic economic ties during the 1950s and 1960s, today the United States is India's top trading partner with over $61 billion in bilateral trade.. [Aparna Pande: Obama's Upcoming India Trip]

Have you heard of failures in bilateral monopoly situations?. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Would the Public Support “Cap and Refund”?]

Power being what it is, the weaker party can only get hosed in bilateral negotiations.. [Matthew Yglesias » Cycle of Excuses]

Schwartz: Continue to press the Canadian government in bilateral negotiations.. [Archive 2009-10-01]

The United States could engage in bilateral discussions with the Cuban government.. [Matthew Yglesias » Senator Richard Lugar Calls for New Approach to Cuba]

The HOXD13 homozygous variant A60A is more common in bilateral UDT and an abnormal adult sperm concentration.. [Urology Division Research]

The government considered canceling but decided not to because of the importance of long-term bilateral relations, a foreign-ministry spokesman said.. [Islamabad Calls In Envoy After British Comments]

Engaging China on pressing issues like Iran's nuclear program and North Korea's sinking of a South Korean navy ship earlier this year ought not come at the expense of long-term bilateral priorities.. [Daniel Michaeli: Don't Let Iran Hijack the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue]

In occupied Afghanistan the pace of currency transformations was rapid and fluctuations in bilateral currency exchange rates such as in Qandahar occurred elsewhere in the country.. [Connecting Histories in Afghanistan: Market Relations and State Formation on a Colonial Frontier]

US and Iraqi officials began talks last month on a strategic framework agreement that defines long-term bilateral ties and a separate 'status of forces' deal outlining rules and protections governing US military activity in Iraq.. [OpEdNews - Quicklink: Iraq to seek parliamentary approval for long-term U.S. pact]

We would expect another fundamental change of mission in the first few months of 2009 as we make the transition to a long-term bilateral relationship with Iraq.. [Archive 2008-07-01]

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@SteveBakerHW: “Italy explores its own bilateral Brexit deal with Britain as its economic crisis nears danger level” …


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Bilateral Word Data

  • Pronunciations(bī-lătˈər-əl)
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation bi lat er al




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