Character 5
Hyphenation bilge
Pronunciations /bɪldʒ/

Definitions and meanings of "Bilge"

What do we mean by bilge?

The rounded portion of a ship's hull, forming a transition between the bottom and the sides. noun

The lowest inner part of a ship's hull. noun

Bilge water. noun

Stupid talk or writing; nonsense. noun

The bulging part of a barrel or cask. noun

To spring a leak in the bilge. intransitive verb

To bulge or swell. intransitive verb

To break open the bilge of. intransitive verb

Nautical, to suffer a fracture in the bilge; spring a leak by a fracture in the bilge.

To bulge or swell out.

To break or stave in (the bilge or bottom of a ship).

The wider part or belly of a cask, which is usually in the middle. noun

The breadth of a ship's bottom, or that part of her floor which approaches a horizontal direction, and on which she would rest if aground. noun

The protuberant part of a cask, which is usually in the middle. noun

That part of a ship's hull or bottom which is broadest and most nearly flat, and on which she would rest if aground. noun

Bilge water. noun

Stowed in such a way that the bilge is clear of everything; -- said of a cask. noun

A pump to draw the bilge water from the gold of a ship. noun

Water which collects in the bilge or bottom of a ship or other vessel. It is often allowed to remain till it becomes very offensive. noun

The rounded portion of a ship's hull, forming a transition between the bottom and the sides.

The lowest inner part of a ship's hull, where water accumulates.

The water accumulated in the bilge, the bilge water.

Stupid talk or writing; nonsense.

The bulging part of a barrel or cask.

A bong. Term used by stoners, lads and surfies alike. Predominantley used by lads. Urban Dictionary

Excess fat hanging from a part of an obese person. Most commonly seen as the 'second belly' you see on a fat persons crotch area. Urban Dictionary

It is a lovely, turkish name for a really clever girl! Bilge is also a name for a sporty person, who loves to do sports Urban Dictionary

A crack head teen Urban Dictionary

Can be used to replace almost any swearword in almost any context. Can also describe anything that is bad or rubbish. Note: this CAN be found in standard dictionaries. Urban Dictionary

The part of a boat inside the hull but below the floor-boards Urban Dictionary

Bilge is smart, swag and the gayest person in the world. If you're loved by Bilge, you're very lucky. Bilge will give you all of her love for free and unconditionally. She is loyal and loving. The best girlfriend you can ever get. Of course, she has some bad habits too. She thinks too much sometimes. And sometimes "love" confuses her. But she's always trying her best to make her loved ones happy. Urban Dictionary

1. Any slimy, disgusting substance, that no-one in their right mind would want to go near. Often contains streaks of green and brown. See also gunge 2. A load of rubbish someone says to fill in time or fill paper. See also waffle 3. A sentinmental speech, often on a TV or movie. See also clap trap Urban Dictionary

The type of guy that always wants to dominate effeminate men but at the same time wants to be dominated by older women. Urban Dictionary

Bilge:- Verb. To Bilge is to screw ones face whilst skanking to anysort of music. Mainly found in Dubstep and Drum and Bass events, Bilging has become extremely popular with the rise of these two genres of music. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Bilge

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The word "bilge" in example sentences

"I did not say salt water, lad, I said bilge -- a fathom o '_bilge_ water," interrupted the captain, who, although secretly rejoiced at the fact of his son having fallen over head and ears in love with the pretty little Cocos-Keeling islander, deemed it his duty, nevertheless, as a sternly upright parent, to make quite sure that the love was mutual as well as deep before giving his consent to anything like courtship. ❋ Unknown (1859)

Im sure you used all your mental capacity to dig up such bilge from the depths of your feeble education. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Bilge rat – The bilge is the lowest level of the ship. ❋ Zenmomma (2008)

They still seem to believe that anti-immigrant nativist bilge is a big vote winner for them: ❋ Unknown (2008)

Perhaps one of the reasons why rich men like Soros are able to get away with such bilge is that they are surrounded by sycophants and gold-diggers, who either will not, or fear to, tell them that they are wrong. ❋ Richard (2006)

Now go read the bilge from the Democratic Underground, or this thread, titled “Hussein Challenges Bush to Debate – which facist speaks better english …” ❋ Unknown (2003)

Instead, USS USA was pirated because Congress was down in bilge giving blowjobs to big campaign donors. ❋ Unknown (2009)

To bilge = to be stove in, or suffer serious injury in the bilge, which is the bottom part of a ship's hull. ❋ Richard Walter (N/A)

In the "Dimbula" there were four stringers on each side -- one far down by the bottom of the hold, called the bilge stringer; one a little higher up, called the side stringer; one on the floor of the lower deck; and the upper-deck stringers that have been heard from already. ❋ Various (N/A)

It is principally to be ascribed to the putrescent hepatic gas, generated by the mixture of the vegetable juices Avith the vitriolic neutral salts contained in sea water, forming what is called bilge water. ❋ Dundonald, Archibald Cochrane, Earl Of, 1749?-1831 (1795)

'bilge' - we can assume he didn't like the question then? ❋ Anna Raccoon (2010)

What has happened to democrats that they will support this kind of bilge? ❋ Unknown (2008)

Greg, i'm impressed that you can read this kind of bilge all the way through! as an example of the power-loving nature of today's mainstream media, this article belongs in a time capsule for sure. apparently, there really is nothing that the bush white house can do that isn't a hallmark of genius. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Oh, come on, Greg. 90+% of this "bilge" is coming from Clinton. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And yet, even after Jon Stewart did a brilliant slam on CNBC (one of GE's propaganda divisions) -- NBC continued to public the kind of bilge that only the desperate would publish. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I don't think some of this "bilge" has been part of any king or queen's language for since the colonies got uppity and started giving away their red coats to the Salvation Militia. ❋ Unknown (2007)

It's fun to type in a word and see what comes up -- for instance, I typed in "bilge". ❋ Unknown (2004)

"Pass the bilge bro." "Oh shit the [coppers] [bruz], [dump] the bilge lets go bro." ❋ Boydos (2006)

look at the bilge on her [arm]! [ahh man] that [blokes] got proper bilge! ❋ Mikepk4life (2008)

I wish I could be [Bilge]. This is so [bilge] #beautyful #[clever] #sweet #[sporty] #kind #lovely ❋ Bondipaul (2017)

the bilg [sits] on [the road] side and hold a [medz] ❋ Hang Back (2010)

1. [Look at that snake] with two heads... what the [bilge]? 2. What are you on about? You're talking bilge. 3. Oh bilge, I wrote some complete bilge in that [exam]. 4. What are you bilging doing!? You're such a bilgemonger. ❋ Orlandooo (2008)

her, [Cap'n], the [bilge] is [filling up] with water......FAST ! ❋ Jake (2004)

[Umm], [don't get me wrong] but... Is Bilge [gay]? ❋ Reitto (2021)

"I [opened up] the drain cover, and there was loads of [bilge] everywhere. [Urgh]!" ❋ Jamie McGarry (2004)

Guy 1: "[How come] you let that girl boss you around all the time? Usually you're more dominant that that." Guy 2: "Yeah, but only with [girly] dudes." Guy 1: "Man, you're such a [bilge]." ❋ NotSpook (2021)

Man 1:- This tune is [Filth].. im gonna [Bilge]! Man 2:- SAAAME! Put 2 hands [on the head] and [BILGE]! ❋ The Rivla (2010)

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