Character 6
Hyphenation bil low
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Billow"

What do we mean by billow?

A large wave or swell of water. noun

A great swell, surge, or undulating mass, as of smoke or sound. noun

To surge or roll in billows. intransitive verb

To swell out or bulge. intransitive verb

To cause to billow. intransitive verb

To swell; rise and roll in large waves or surges.

To raise in waves or billows.

A great wave or surge of the sea, occasioned usually by a violent wind: much used in figurative applications, and often, especially in the plural, as merely equivalent to wave: as, the billows of sorrow rolled over him. noun

Synonyms See wave. noun

A great wave or surge of the sea or other water, caused usually by violent wind. noun

A great wave or flood of anything. noun

To surge; to rise and roll in waves or surges; to undulate. intransitive verb

A large wave, swell, surge, or undulating mass of something, such as water, smoke, fabric or sound noun

To surge or roll in billows verb

To swell out or bulge verb

A large sea wave noun

Become inflated verb

Move with great difficulty verb

Rise and move, as in waves or billows verb

Rise up as if in waves verb

A large wave, swell, surge, or undulating mass of something, such as water, smoke, fabric or sound

When a woman farts whilst having anal sex. Urban Dictionary

The quality of having or being billowy, cloud-like, fluffy, or otherwise over-flowing. Often used to refer to ladies with big, squishy natural breasts that you wanna sink your face into Urban Dictionary

Play on the words "butt" and "pillow". Urban Dictionary

Boobs that can be used as pillows Urban Dictionary

A large gust that places an extraordinary amount of cocaine up your nostrils. Urban Dictionary

Someone that constantlly talks a lot of shit, but doesn't know what their saying. Urban Dictionary

To smoke marijuana just before going to bed. The opposite of a wake and bake. A true Billow and Pillow involves smoking, while in bed, and then going right to sleep, without leaving your bed. Urban Dictionary

The act of farting directly into a vagina during sex, also known as fuckfarts or a Dutch Pantry. Urban Dictionary

Like a pillow fight, except instead of whacking each other with pillows, the combatants are blowing huge clouds of smoke on each other. The bigger the cloud, the better. Bonus points for making them cough or struggle to see. Urban Dictionary

Australian word! to smoke marijuana,pot,dope,weed,buds,boodwah thru a home made bong,billy (billow) Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Billow

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The word "billow" in example sentences

If ever it comes into my life again (a friend or family with breast cancer) a billow is the ideal gift. ❋ Anne-Marie (2007)

Made from 100% old-vine Roussanne, it's rich and weighty but not ponderous — and its exotic aromas of flowers, fruits and spice simply billow from the glass. ❋ Lettie Teague (2010)

All the glories of Byzantium seemed to billow from the folds of her long silk stole, which, when she was presenting the Poetry prize to John Haynes, fell from her shoulders like a stream of molten gold. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Minutes after white smoke began to billow from the Sistine Chapel, bells began to toll. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Choking: Smoke continues to billow from the Icelandic volcano today as it was revealed British airspace will reopen tomorrow ❋ Unknown (2010)

_Sleeping_ is a participial adjective, a word added to a noun to express its quality -- it cannot, with propriety, be compared --- it belongs to the noun "billow," agreeably to ❋ Samuel Kirkham (N/A)

Currently, only a Perlin noise generator is offered, with options to also output the noise through a 'billow' xor ridged-multifractal noise function. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"If you watch them over a few hours, they kind of billow upwards the same way thunderheads do on Earth." ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you watch them over a few hours, they kind of billow upwards the same way thunderheads do on Earth, "Turtle told Space. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Smoke continues to billow from the nuclear plants. ❋ Janet Langhart Cohen (2011)

Phil, on the other hand, is letting his hair billow out behind him on the cover. steph ❋ Unknown (2010)

As both the temperatures and sap rise, you see the web of sap lines descending from the woods to galvanized vats beside the roads, as dense clouds of wood smoke billow from sugar houses, large and small. ❋ Kenneth C. Davis (2011)

Oh shit, bitch! Did you just billow? Now my [one eyed] [viper's] got [pink eye]. ❋ Matt McDouche (2008)

Im always on the [search for] [billows] that way i can rest my head without bringing around a bunch of [pillows] ❋ Trixxy B Damned (2006)

"[Aw man] this [seat] is uncomfortable. Can i have a [billow]? ❋ ILikePieSalad (2013)

I was [tired] after the party so I [ended] up on her [billows] ❋ Pugy (2016)

[Josh] just [billowed] the whole [mound]! ❋ Dotticus (2017)

Tom-I have a [kia] that is a 24 [cylinder]. Bill- No you billow buffer thats a 24 [valve]. ❋ The Corn Squeezer (2010)

yo, I'm gonna [billow and pillow] [when I] get [home]. ❋ Kraj Majales (2009)

[Aaron] [gave] [Josie] a Musty Billows. ❋ Saxy_Bastard (2010)

"[BILLOW FIGHT]!" *blows monster [cloud] of smoke [in your face]* ❋ Big Ernest (2023)

pass me the [billow] so we can start [chaffin] man! lets have a [chaff] before work! change the water in that billow dude! ❋ Tim Shephard (2005)

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