Definitions and meanings of "Bio"

What do we mean by bio?

A biography. noun

A biographical sketch or outline. noun

Abbreviation of biography noun

Biographical sketch noun

Abbreviation of biology noun

bioscope; cinema noun

Biographical sketch

Bioscope; cinema

Used in many MMORPG's to indicate that you will be away to go to the restroom.  Urban Dictionary

Also known as a profile, BIO is short for biography and is a term used to describe a brief description of a person.  Urban Dictionary

Biological waste  Urban Dictionary

Bio is an athletic, indepent, determinded girl. she loves to explore new things. she is beautiful and cute at the same time. as the name says, she brings life and joy everywhere she go. she's a "sister" you wish for. she is lovable. she is very funny. she tends to get cold to someone that she dont like. she hides something so well. she has a dark side of her which you can rarely see. but if you see one, make sure to stay away from her. she is a girlfriend material. if you really get to know her, you'll definitely fall in love. so guys out there, get her right away. but watch out, shes hard to get.  Urban Dictionary

When someone is that sweet and kind that you want them to be your bestie, they're a bio. they would do anything for a person, and help them through the tough times. they would do anything for you if you took the time to get to know them. they would be the most selfless person you know. they would be there for you forever.  Urban Dictionary

A polite way of saying that you're going to the bath room. Stands for Be In the "Office".  Urban Dictionary

BIO , acronym of "Bring It On" also known as the best warring kingdom in a mmorpg browser game called "Utopia".  Urban Dictionary

One of the coolest spells to ever grace the Final Fantasy series.  Urban Dictionary

Abbreviation of biodiesel.  Urban Dictionary

French yogurt  Urban Dictionary

The word "bio" in example sentences

How to use bio in a sentence? Example sentences with the bio, a sentence example for bio, and how to make bio in sample sentence, how do I use the word bio in a sentence? How do you spell bio in a sentence?

And in the case of Stork (and maybe Whitson, her bio is a bit fuzzy to me), he had no history of being a human rights activist, as such, but was a leftist commentator on Middle East affairs. ❋ Unknown (2010)

There's what I call a bio-diversity of resistance. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It's a moderately amusing column (the bio is the best part, if you ask me), lacking the rapier-like wit of Jungle King and Triple Punch, but not every at bat can be a home run, you know? ❋ Unknown (2006)

Thaemlitz (his bio is here) sent me a parody ad for a ❋ Unknown (2003)

The word "bio" in the name did not suggest some form of state licensing was behind the product, although the court ruled that the company seal, in its resemblance to an existing German eco-seal, could confuse consumers and would have to be changed. ❋ Unknown (2011)

You will put this information at the end of your article in what we call the bio box. ❋ Unknown (2008)

This brief "bio" is not meant to pat myself on the back, but to let you know that you are investing in 30-plus years of experience in government at the highest levels and three decades of contacts and knowledge of how this city works. ❋ Unknown (2006)

"There is great confusion over the term bio-identical hormones. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Here is his bio from the Coffee Party convention press release: ❋ James Taranto (2010)

Her bio is linked directly at the post you linked to. ❋ Unknown (2010)

What isn't mentioned in Kevin Marvel's bio is the best prank ever ... ❋ Nicole (2009)

The nexus of Georgia Tech, Emory, and the CDC give us an incredible base for leading in bio-technology research and development. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Dude1 "Hey dude, sorry, but I need to take a [bio break] because it feels as if I have a [turtle-head] [poking out]." Dude2 "Dude, please, just say your going bio. I don't want a picture dude." ❋ Blackadder Ll (2005)

My [Age] is on my bio [page]. ❋ Jak Dude (2005)

[brb] [gone] for bio ( a [piss]) ❋ Gitfire (2003)

"she's [so funny]" "she's [just] bio ❋ Mellisa104 (2018)

you're my bio ❋ The Person Who Makes Stuff (2020)

Guy one: "Hey man I just ate [a ton] of [Mexican food], [BIO break]." Guy two: "Dude, nasty..." ❋ Capt Anarchy (2009)

GhettoPlayer1: hey man you know [BIO]? GhettoPlayer2: OMFG OFC!1 they are teh so [l33t] they won honor [crown on] age 34 <3 [bio] ❋ Blake Gifford (2007)

[Bio] is a [poison] element spell. Fire 3:Fire::[Blizzard]:Ice::Bio:[Poison] ❋ Moggle888 (2003)

My [Benz] [runs] on bio. ❋ Jahmiller (2010)

-...en plus, Bio de [Danone] est [enrichi] en buffyduçactif -mMmMmMh!! mAiS C'eSt sUrToUt [TrEs] bOn! ❋ FrenchLascar187 (2004)

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