Definitions of "Bitten"

P. p. of bite.

Terminating abruptly, as if bitten off; premorse. adjective

Past participle of bite verb

The word "Bitten" in example sentences

As attractive as it sounds, the risk of a major liability should something go wrong and an allergic person – guilty or not – be bitten is just too great. The Volokh Conspiracy » “If you don’t want us to see you naked, maybe we’ll just put bees down your pants.”

And, his blog, bitten is definitely worth a look - I check it out about once a week. renewbee Use Your Freezer Efficiently To Save Money (and Food) | Lifehacker Australia

Ok, putting them back half bitten is something only I thought I did. Where’s the Guide to Chocoholic-Proofing Your Marriage? | Her Bad Mother

The fashion photographer Steven Meisel and I have worked together often throughout the years, and he coined bitten lips as a term. the new beauty secrets

Well, it appears that once bitten is twice shy: Morrison’s released his follow-up effort on his Web site well in advance of the album’s release — presumably in hopes that fans, at least, will give it a listen before the tastemakers weigh in. Dodging Pitchfork

“You got her a job,” Sylvie said, each word bitten off, hard and distinct. Fly Away Home

“You got her a job,” Sylvie said, each word bitten off, hard and distinct. Fly Away Home

When we first meet him, he has already had his throat cut or bitten, which is spurting blood and yet it took him ten minutes to die. The Mental Dead (2003)

           Darrell said this with a growl, each word bitten off in anger. Wild Dreams of Reality, 7

So far, no agents have bitten, which is a shame because I have all the wealth of experience that you gain from being two years older than Katherine Schwarzenegger. Katherine Schwarzenegger's new book!

This is more likely to happen the more people are bitten, that is, the more time they spend outside in rural areas from dusk to dawn. Leishmaniasis

Kleist's word for pleading is bitten, which is etymologically related to both betteln and Bett. Reading, Begging, Paul de Man

The wooden image of justice over the door of the city marshal had had the arm that held the sword bitten off. The Princess and Curdie

There are some parts of a horse, which he cannot conveniently rub, when they itch, as about the shoulder, which he can neither bite with his teeth, nor scratch with his hind foot; when this part itches, he goes to another horse, and gently bites him in the part which he wishes to be bitten, which is immediately done by his intelligent friend. Zoonomia, Vol. I Or, the Laws of Organic Life

That which he relied upon as his strength (his wealth, power, pomp, friends, and the hardiness of his own spirit) shall fail him in the time of need, and be hunger-bitten, that is, it shall do him no more service than a famished man, pining away for hunger, would do in work or war. Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)

What does bitten mean?

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