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Hyphenation black guard ly
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Definitions and meanings of "Blackguardly"

What do we mean by blackguardly?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word blackguardly. Define blackguardly, blackguardly synonyms, blackguardly pronunciation, blackguardly translation, English dictionary definition of blackguardly.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Blackguardly

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The word "blackguardly" in example sentences

“I know what photos are,” he said, thinking of Reynolds and his blackguardly image of Joss. ❋ Gwyn Cready (2010)

He wanted to pop each of them square in the nose for their blackguardly insubordination. ❋ Gwyn Cready (2010)

For his day of work he indemnified himself by nights of roaring, blackguardly enjoyment; and when that balance had been struck, the organ that he called his conscience declared itself content. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Even matched against the blackguardly egoism of what you call genius? — ❋ Unknown (2003)

The contents of this horrible, atrocious, grotesque and blackguardly letter were as follows, word for word: ❋ Unknown (2003)

Characterizing adjectives, on the other hand, include doughy 'being like dough' and blackguardly 'being like a blackguard'. ❋ Unknown (1997)

Also the South was becoming the subject of ridicule throughout the country, and I thought most southerners would not like to see themselves thought of as being hellions and blackguardly-type persons. ❋ Unknown (1978)

“Most blackguardly thing I ever saw,” George continued. ❋ Marsh, Ngaio, 1895-1982 (1955)

The thought did occur to me, though I took great care not to hint at it, that he intended to make away with the Colonel, and looked to finding tools among his blackguardly dragoons and an opportunity when in actual conflict with the ❋ George W. Gough (N/A)

I would ask that the severest penalty allowed be inflicted on the accused for his unwarranted, unmanly, and blackguardly conduct. ❋ Seumas O'Brien (N/A)

I have just discovered a blackguardly black fellow stealing tobacco, and it appears from my storekeeper's account, he is a servant of Mr. Ferguson. ❋ Colin Munro (N/A)

Practically, for a young boy, it is better to treat the whole thing as dirty, nasty, and blackguardly. ❋ Ellice Hopkins (N/A)

I have already said that with a young boy the lower appeal never to do anything that is low and dirty and blackguardly will have far more practical weight, and will also avoid laying undue stress on the religious emotions. ❋ Ellice Hopkins (N/A)

A squadron manned by foreigners, possessing neither instruction nor discipline, is preparing to come to this Archipelago with the blackguardly intention of robbing us of all that means life, honour, and liberty. ❋ John Foreman (N/A)

For the first time since they had met Annette found herself positively liking this blackguardly floor-smiter. ❋ Unknown (1928)

Who are those blackguardly scoundrels in the fowl run? ❋ Armand [Illustrator] Both (1928)

And nobody wanted him: 'twas as though they were afraid of his strong limbs and his stubborn head -- because his glowing eyes could not entreat meekly enough -- and his blackguardly togs .... ❋ Stijn [pseud.] Streuvels (1920)

At first they would refuse to believe that he was capable of acting in so blackguardly a way; they would think it a joke, or that he was mad. ❋ Unknown (1919)

Where he got his blackguardly ways from I'm not saying, but it wasn't from my side of the house anyway, so it wasn't, and that's a moral. ❋ James Stephens (1916)

_Always on Detachment_, belongs to the progeny of A.N. Tolstoy, with the inevitable blackguardly seduction of a more or less pure girl or woman at the end. ❋ Boris Pilniak (1915)

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