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What do we mean by blackhead?

A skin lesion consisting of a hair follicle that is occluded with sebum and keratin, appearing black at the surface. noun

An infectious disease of turkeys and some wildfowl that is caused by a protozoan (Histomonas meleagridis) and results in lesions of the intestine and liver. noun

Any of various birds, such as the scaup, with dark head markings. noun

A popular name of the scaups or sea-ducks of the genus Aithyia: as, the greater and lesser blackheads, A. marila and A. affinis. See scaup. noun

A local name in the United States of the black-headed minnow, or fathead, Pimphales promelas. noun

In entomology, the larva of an American tortricid moth, Eudemis vacciniana, which feeds on the leaves of the cranberry. Also called fire-worm. noun

A common name for comedo. See comedo. noun

The scaup duck. noun

A comedo, a skin blemish, a type of acne vulgaris, where a pore becomes clogged with a dark, hard, cheesy keratin-filled substance forming a hard black "head" on the skin's surface. noun

A scaup: a kind of duck. noun

A black-tipped plug clogging a pore of the skin noun

A comedo, a skin blemish, a type of acne vulgaris, where a pore becomes clogged with a dark, hard, cheesy keratin-filled substance forming a hard black "head" on the skin's surface.

A form of histomoniasis in poultry, characterized by cyanotic discoloration on the bird's head.

A scaup: any of various ducks of the genus Aythya.

Dirty sebacious matter clogging a pore to the point it is visible to others. Most often found on noses, cheeks and chins, though they can develop anywhere. They are often satisfying to squeeze. They are also a sign the person does not take very good care of him- or herself. Urban Dictionary

A person with black hair Urban Dictionary

People who hate BLACKPINK unnecessarily and unprovoked are called blackheads. These people don't care about their faves and keep busy in BLINK's business to bash blackpink and throw vile shit on them. Urban Dictionary

When youre having anal sex and your partner poops while youre still inside, thus compacting a small amount of feces into your urethra. Then you pull out and squeeze the stool out on her back as if you're popping a blackhead. Urban Dictionary

A racial term for black child with a bigass forehead. Urban Dictionary

Squeezed blackheads Urban Dictionary

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The word "blackhead" in example sentences

Extractions of active acne whether it is the pustule type we call a pimple or a comedone, which we refer to as a blackhead are tricky and unnecessary and can be unsafe too. ❋ Ellen Marmur (2009)

When open, the plug is called a blackhead, closed, a whitehead. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The deeply-entrenched secretion then goes through a process of chemical change, making it appear black (what we know as "blackhead"). ❋ Unknown (2007)

And the racists in Sweden don't even go that far as to look at skin color: it is enough if your hair color is anything else than blond and you will be labeled a "blackhead" and supposed to be relegated to those functions you described as suitable for African_Americans according to the segregationist society of rural South Alabama of the 1950s. ❋ Unknown (2005)

A blackhead is a pore that’s plugged with keratin. ❋ Ellen Marmur (2009)

It is best to employ gentle methods of removal, such as blackhead removal strips and products designed to dry them up. ❋ Unknown (2008)

'blackhead', whereas the closed comedo is commonly referred to as a 'whitehead'. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Honey is extremely beneficial for the skin, aids in blackhead removal, and can be included in just about any facial mask or scrub you make. ❋ Svetlana Feller (2012)

Does he periodically examine you under a bright light or preferably in sunlight, with a thermometer in hand to gauge the level of your softness down there, checking you for any sprouting blackhead, whitehead, or pimple do these even appear down there? or, horror of horrors, imagine an extra out-of-place, unruly, curly hair. ❋ Dora Levy Mossanen (2011)

The T-zone is where the pores produce the most oil and pores tend toward blackhead formation. ❋ Riku Campo (2010)

• Seasonal changes frequently cause changes in combination skin: in the summer it becomes oilier and more prone to blackhead and whitehead formation in the T-zone, while the winter season causes it to become drier, especially in the cheek area. ❋ Riku Campo (2010)

My [ex-wife], who turned out to be a pig, let her whole nose get full of [blackheads]. Everyone thought they were [freckles]. ❋ Hooting Harry (2005)

[Oi] blackhead [get over here]! ❋ Jason Hallway (2007)

[Blackheads]: BLACKPINK did not [pave] their own way. [Blackhead]: BLACKPINK are untalented/ unpopular/ etc. ❋ Popfandom (2021)

[Ol'] [Roscoe] just gave his sister the [Alabama Blackhead]. ❋ BigJay85 (2018)

"have you met [my brother]?" "yeah he was [a nigga] [blackhead]" ❋ Nigga Blackhead (2018)

[my gf] blackheaded me [yesterday]. ❋ Cantochickk (2009)

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