Character 5
Hyphenation blade
Pronunciations /bleɪd/

Definitions and meanings of "Blade"

What do we mean by blade?

The flat cutting part of a sharpened weapon or tool. noun

A sword. noun

A swordsman. noun

A slender, sharp-edged flake that is at least twice as long as it is wide. noun

A dashing youth. noun

A flat thin part or section, especially one that makes contact to perform a desired action. noun

An arm of a rotating mechanism. noun

A long, thin, often curved piece, as of metal or rubber, used for plowing, clearing, or wiping. noun

The metal runner of an ice skate. noun

A wide flat bone or bony part. noun

The flat upper surface of the tongue just behind the tip. noun

The expanded part of a leaf or petal. noun

The leaf of grasses or similar plants. noun

To skate on in-line skates. intransitive verb

The leaf of a plant, particularly (now perhaps exclusively) of gramineous plants; also, the young stalk or spire of gramineous plants. noun

Tn botany, the lamina or broad part of a leaf, petal, sepal, etc., as distinguished from the petiole or footstalk. See cut under leaf. noun

Anything resembling a blade. noun

The sharp cutting edge of a knife, chisel, or other tool, a razor blade/sword.

The flat functional end of a propeller, oar, hockey stick, screwdriver, skate, etc.

The narrow leaf of a grass or cereal.

The thin, flat part of a plant leaf, attached to a stem (petiole). The lamina.

A flat bone, especially the shoulder blade.

A cut of beef from near the shoulder blade (part of the chuck).

The part of the tongue just behind the tip, used to make laminal consonants.

A sword or knife.

A piece of prepared, sharp-edged stone, often flint, at least twice as long as it is wide; a long flake of ground-edge stone or knapped vitreous stone.

(ultimate frisbee) A throw characterized by a tight parabolic trajectory due to a steep lateral attitude.

The rudder, daggerboard, or centerboard of a vessel.

A bulldozer or surface-grading machine with mechanically adjustable blade that is nominally perpendicular to the forward motion of the vehicle.

A dashing young man.

A homosexual, usually male.

Thin plate, foil.

One of a series of small plates that make up the aperture or the shutter of a camera.

(in the plural) The principal rafters of a roof.

The four large shell plates on the sides, and the five large ones of the middle, of the carapace of the sea turtle, which yield the best tortoise shell.

Airfoil in windmills and windturbines.

A blade server.

An exterior product of vectors. (The product may have more than two factors. Also, a scalar counts as a 0-blade, a vector as a 1-blade; an exterior product of k vectors may be called a k-blade.)

The part of a key that is inserted into the lock.

The location where prostitutes and pimps hustle. Also known as the ho stroll or the track Urban Dictionary

A black vampire who has a thing for killing people with a silver sword. Urban Dictionary

1. a kick ass movie starring welsey snipes as a vampire that goes around slicin' n dicin' evryone vampire in his path, his only goal in life is to kill all vampires... he was born half human half vampire w/ all of vampire strengths and none of their weaknesses except the thirst for human blood he is also known as a daywalker 2.a sword Urban Dictionary

Homosexual, short for gayblade Urban Dictionary

Rims for a car as in the song "wanna be a baller" Urban Dictionary

A young girl, used in the north-west of Ireland. Urban Dictionary

UK's most respected Hiphop Artist. Urban Dictionary

Absolutely handsome and massive cock, great sex and very romantic!!!! Urban Dictionary

1. A slicing tool or weapon 2. The sharp edge of a slicing tool or weapon. 3. A dashing young man. 4. A penis. Urban Dictionary

A motorcycle and a shortened form of 'fireblade'. The Honda Fireblade was introduced in the early 90s and dominated sports biking for almost a decade, only to be overtaken in 1998/99 by Yamaha's R1. Both machines are capable of going very fast. Urban Dictionary

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The word "blade" in example sentences

Another stomp from Kennata and the ring of my sword blade from the earth — it took only a moment. ❋ Unknown (2009)

With the name “STAR” ” – – which stands for “Sweep Twist Adaptive Rotor” ” – – the blade is the first of its kind ever built. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I opened it and looked at that brilliant and terrible tongue which we call a blade; and I thought that perhaps it was the symbol of the oldest of the needs of man. ❋ Unknown (1905)

And for enterprises, Check Point creates what it calls blade architecture, with each software blade independently protecting particular services or applications and also serving as a building block for larger integrated solutions. ❋ Unknown (2012)

Another answers questions while a knife blade is jammed under his nose and occasionally dragged across his face and neck. ❋ The Huffington Post News Team (2010)

The Rage 2 blade is my favorite broadhead, wouldn't use anything else. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Yes | No | Report from 270WSM wrote 29 weeks 4 days ago combat knives. yellow hanndle12inches in overall length. blade is a whopp ` in 7 inches. ❋ Unknown (2009)

He pulled the sword from its scabbard, that tissue-thin blade as stiff and heavy as a big hammer. ❋ Unknown (2009)

 “Your quiver holds only so many arrows …  my blade is lethal so long as I live.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

The balloteer asks why a blade is hovering over the “No” vote. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Having spent a few winter weeks in a part of Japan that gets a lot of small snow falls, but few huge ones (Kamioka area), I was impressed with the performance of the push-frame shovels they have around there: an ordinary (ish) snow shovel blade is fixed to the bottom of a frame with pushbars and waist and foot height. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The blade is blunt, not sharp, and is used for spreading frosting onto a cake or pushing batter into an even layer in a cake pan. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For “plowing” heavy snow, a shovel with a heavy blade is better. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A dull, improperly tuned, or flimsy fixed blade is no good nor is the same with an expandible. ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you're making that much smoke your blade is probably quite dull. ❋ Mrissa (2010)

[Imma] [put that] ho [on the blade] tonight. ❋ Ozonethegreat (2008)

Oh, [god], it's [Blade]! Protect your [nuts]! ❋ Terminatrix (2005)

if i ever met blade in my life i would [run like hell] so he wouldn't kick my ass and [suck my blood] i just got a blade in my [medulla] oblongota ❋ Reppindabayouttacali (2007)

Get your [hand] out of my [pocket], blade! ❋ Clancy (2004)

wanna be a baller, [shot caller] [20 inch blades] on the [impala] ❋ W01f (2005)

There's that wee blade young McGeady [shifted] [in the barn] other nite there. That wee [blade's] some shelf on her. ❋ Thebdogg (2006)

[Blade] [has been] here since [dot]. ❋ MissStress (2005)

Had a [great time] with blade last night, [downstairs] [hurts] so bad ❋ Wigga (2016)

"Somebody’s creeping in the kitchen There’s a reputation to be made Whose nerves are always on a knife’s edge Who’s up late [polishing] [the blade]" -Elvis [Costello] ❋ Ominousmuffin (2006)

I've just popped a [virtuous] [wheelie] on my 'blade', but [soiled] myself in the process. ❋ The Duke Of Bedford (2006)

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