Definitions and meanings of "Blasting"

What do we mean by blasting?

To make an impression on, by making a loud blast or din.

To make a loud noise.

To shatter, as if by an explosion.

To open up a hole in, usually by means of a sudden and imprecise method (such as an explosion).

To curse; to damn.

(sci-fi) To shoot, especially with an energy weapon (as opposed to one which fires projectiles).

To shoot; kick the ball in hope of scoring a goal.

To criticize or reprimand severely; to verbally discipline or punish.

To blight or wither.

To be blighted or withered.

To blow, for example on a trumpet.

Really really really boring work, causing mind numbness. requires absolutely no brain power, just eyes and arms.  Urban Dictionary

Shouting, broadcasting loudly, spreading gossip to everyone  Urban Dictionary

When someone gets extremely emotional & overreactive, & spams lots of emotionally-fuelled messages, usually featuring manipulative tactics such as self-pitying & guilt tripping, as a panic response. Sometimes, these messages will feature stabbing . Girlfriends usually do this when their boyfriend needs space & they do not understand this.  Urban Dictionary

Verb, meaning to shoot laser guns of the type that appear in the Star Wars movies  Urban Dictionary

Going fast on a moped without really actually going that fast.  Urban Dictionary

The act of Text messaging. (Usually multiple texts in a short period.)  Urban Dictionary

Verb - context: to put one on blast; to embarrass someone or put them in an akward position by revealing compromising information  Urban Dictionary

When you totally stoned out of your mind.  Urban Dictionary

To put somebodys business out or shame them badily in front of a group of three or more people.  Urban Dictionary

PLaying loud music so every one else can here while ear buds are still in ears and no one else wants to here  Urban Dictionary

The word "blasting" in example sentences

How to use blasting in a sentence? Example sentences with the blasting, a sentence example for blasting, and how to make blasting in sample sentence, how do I use the word blasting in a sentence? How do you spell blasting in a sentence?

All night fiestas with music blasting is not something I "tolerate," rather, to me it is the sound of freedom. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Whereas I was under the impression that the festival's disparate films and bands and wrestling riots -- leaping across styles and categories and burning more than a few brains along the way -- were nitroglycerin blasting cohesion to smithereens, my next shot of Sailor Rum steered me to the ship of truth. ❋ Stewart Nusbaumer (2010)

The Section somehow got hold of a city tram and off we were -- about thirty of us -- in the tram, riding around downtown Prague, in the heart of communist-controlled Central Europe, for some two hours, with jazz music blasting from a tape recorder, drinking Soviet (if I remember its provenance correctly) champagne. ❋ John Brown (2010)

Take note, however: all of these movies are to be viewed only in high definition, with sound blasting from a decent stereo system. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"greg, can you stop [indexing] and [blast] some [files] please" ❋ Scotch Egg (2005)

"Don't be blasting my [business] [everywhere]" ❋ Dawnelle (2007)

Bébé: just... calm down [Moi]: Do you even love me? Do you even care??? What is wrong with you??? I try so hard, you know What do you do in this relationship? Do you even [recognise] my efforts???? God you're so selfish Bébé: can you please stop [being dramatic] & stop blasting me ❋ Killossal (2017)

Luke was blasting 6 storm troopers. Oh no! [The storm] troopers are blasting through the door! [Leia] screamed as Han accidentally began blasting an [ewok] who had grabbed onto his leg. ❋ FunkyAntoinette (2009)

Me: Dude i was blasting cars last night. You: How [fast] were [you going]? Me: Like [45]! ❋ Rod Ney (2011)

"[Kim] is blasting her friends about [the party] [tonight]" ❋ Scintilla (2008)

Why you [puttin] me on blast [like that]? (Why are you trying to [embarrass] me?) ❋ Alex (2005)

i was blasted [last night] [dawg]. ❋ Rotten Ralph (2004)

"I heard [Lamar's] ex put him [on blast] at [the mall]" ❋ MaMii Chuuula (2005)

[Spencer] stop [blasting] your [manson] ❋ Jack Dusich (2009)

What does blasting mean?

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