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Hyphenation blath er skite
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Blatherskite"

What do we mean by blatherskite?

A babbling, foolish person. noun

Blather. noun

One who talks nonsense in a blustering way; a blusterer. noun

Hence A good-for-nothing fellow; a “beat.” noun

A blustering, talkative fellow. noun

A voluble purveyor of nonsense. noun

Nonsense or blather. noun

Foolish gibberish noun

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word blatherskite. Define blatherskite, blatherskite synonyms, blatherskite pronunciation, blatherskite translation, English dictionary definition of blatherskite.

A babbling, foolish person nonsense blather blthrskt (without vowels) author blthrskt Staten Island, NY Urban Dictionary

A persn who is prone to speaking bullshit Urban Dictionary

Someone who talks rubbish, mainly tall stories etc. Literally 'blather shite', but the H became a K somehow. Urban Dictionary

Typically used as a exclamation of annoyance. Urban Dictionary

Blatherskite, is, in fact, as for say, to be sure, this, absolutely, great, and, extravagant, word, or, so that, makes you think, if, you, by far, should, be able to, or even need, to be concise. Noting, that in fact, you may not be, concise. It is an adjective that, in fact, measures, that quality of word choice. This text, is in fact, a great, and excellent way, of explaining this topic, for it is not great in terms of Blatherskitness. Urban Dictionary

From the cartoon series 'Ducktales'. Fenton P Crackshells key phrase needed to turn into Gizmo Duck. Urban Dictionary

A slur that means unsuccessful, inferior, or unfit. Usually used in the context of school. Urban Dictionary

Payton and teagan Urban Dictionary

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The word "blatherskite" in example sentences

And then there are the funny ones such as ning nong, doofus, blatherskite. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The Tyler Telegram humbly apologizes for having called that wide-lipped blatherskite, T. DeWitt Talmadge, "a religious faker." ❋ David (2007)

Perot, whose preferred rhetorical mode is the murky expostulation, is what used to be called a blatherskite. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I think the word you are looking for is blatherskite. ❋ Unknown (2006)

In contrast, you are a blatherskite living on other human beings and giving them nothing as empty words in return, i.e. the lifestyle of a social parasite. ❋ Serf (2006)

Finally, several years later, to complete the circle of poisoned feelings, Mark Twain broke with Edward House: “Reid had labeled him correctly; he was a blatherskite.” ❋ Ron Powers (2005)

"It's a thundering lie, you miserable old blatherskite!" ❋ Unknown (1955)

"They are to elect honest men, with whom one can do business -- instead of the peasant saloon keepers and blatherskite labor leaders whom they choose at present." ❋ Upton Sinclair (1923)

A scandal-mongering, yellow blatherskite, on its last legs financially. ❋ Samuel Hopkins Adams (1914)

"Quit your blatting, you infernal blatherskite," he was calling. ❋ Stephen Leacock (1906)

Tommie Watson is perhaps the most intolerant and narrow-brained little blatherskite. ❋ Unknown (1905)

It is seldom indeed that the Mother-Church permits a small-bore bigot or brainless blatherskite to rise to the dignity of an archbishop, but one such has evidently escaped her watchful eye. ❋ Unknown (1905)

When the people learn to distinguish between a hawk and a heron-saw they will drive this putrid-mouth little blatherskite from the pulpit. ❋ Unknown (1905)

It will use your patriotic blatherskite and balderdash to get parliamentary powers over you as cynically as it would bait a mousetrap with toasted cheese. ❋ George Bernard Shaw (1903)

In particular we may guess that the blatherskite Jew, Spiegelberg, with his swaggering self-conceit and his bestial vulgarity, was copied to some extent from life, though nothing definite is known of his original. ❋ Thomas, Calvin, 1854-1919 (1901)

"I'll make you smart for this, you young blatherskite," he roared at Jock, who stood before him frozen with horror. ❋ Lucy Fitch Perkins (1901)

"Elizabeth is such a little blatherskite," she reflected, good - naturedly, "the boy doesn't get a chance to talk to me!" ❋ Margaret Wade Campbell Deland (1901)

That Agathemer's presumption should have spoiled the interview with Vedia which she and Nemestronia had manifestly arranged for us, that it should have exposed Vedia in her undignified disguise to recognition by the greatest ass and blatherskite in the senate, this infuriated me till I felt internally like Aetna or ❋ Edward Lucas White (1900)

[Blathering Blatherskite] From Ducktales, Fenton Crackshell accountant to Scrooge McDuck...always said this... then Gyro invented a robot, Gizmo Duck, and used a secret password to get the Gizmo Duck robot suit on the person who said the word "[Blatherskite]"...and in turn Fenton Crackshell became Gizmo Duck...whenever he said [the secret password]..."Blatherskite"... ❋ Blthrskt (2009)

He has some great insights, but he is such a 'blatherskite' that you never [understand] them, or know if he is [just talking] [sheep dip]. ❋ Talk2me-JCH2 (2022)

Don't [listen] to old [Tom] in the [pub], he's just a blatherskite. ❋ David From Kingsbury (2003)

Person: *[drops] [vase] on [foot]* “Blatherskite!” ❋ Linkcrofty (2022)

[Guy 1]: Have you searched Blatherskite in [the Urban Dictionary]? Guy 2: Yeah, that was Blatherskite. Guy 1: He needs [Grammarly]. ❋ WeirdoIng (2020)

When [Fenton] Crackshell said "Blatherin' blatherskite!", he turned into [Gizmo] [Duck]. ❋ Stinkoman (2004)

You blathering blatherskite! you will [never] [amount] to [anything]! ❋ CreepX1_ (2021)

“[payton] and [teagan] are blatherskites” ❋ Blatherskite (2020)

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