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The word "blaze" in example sentences

I have piled up deer while hunting in blaze orange and jeans.. [what is the most effective camo pattern to where in november, I seem to get busted]

We will not fall, but rise in blaze of loss and call, and fly into our births and cry inferno, aye, incinerate your lie. posted by Hal Duncan | 12: 49 AM. [The Lucifer Cantos 10/13]

* When you harvest a gobbler, carry it out of the woods draped in blaze orange.. [How to Draw Down on a Turkey]

The one liberally sprinkled in blaze orange post-its. the calendar with things like Gymbucks clipped to the right month, and a pen clipped to the whole thing for easy scribbling.. [my head + kapow]

Warm days came, and the sun drew another blaze from the free-bosomed earth.. [The Golden Poppy]

The blaze is near an area where a wildfire burned almost 10 square miles and 169 homes last month.. [Boulder Fire Evacuations Lifted After Winds Calm]

President Obama -- in blaze of vision and comprehension -- put forward a new vision for our space program that would change this system.. [Rick Tumlinson: The Battle for the Frontier -- A Historic Moment]

Sitting motionless in blaze orange consistently works better than the most fashionable camo on a fellow who can't sit still.. [Sit Down, Shut Up]

Build a miniature fire ring adjacent to the main blaze, and the kids can have at it.. [Backpacking Made Easy]

A few white hairs well mixed with the chesnut on the body and a star, stripe or blaze is allowed.. [Archive 2007-06-03]

With a relatively small diameter, the blaze is close to the ground and has precise temperature control.. [Four Types of Cooking Fires and What Foods to Cook on Them]

The red blaze from the camp fires flitted and flickered across the supple figures that circled around, in and out between the three. [The Shagganappi]

Posted on Mon, Apr. 13, 2009 18 people killed in Polish blaze. [ - Latest Videos]

Its head, starting from the front, is bright red - a brilliant scarlet mask sometimes called a "blaze" - then farther back it has white cheeks and then a black crown and side-stripes.. [Christian Science Monitor | All Stories]

Volunteer firefighter Jim Fowler called the blaze the worst he has seen in 13 years.. [Massive fire spreads in west Texas]

Jan Brewer called the blaze "horrific" following an aerial tour and said it was "the likes of a fire of which I have never experienced from the air.". [Arizona Fire Forces More Evacuations]

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@Hyo_Hyo_64 あーんドロップ率がダメなのね!次のアプデ期待!


@Lattize77: I second this a million times. We want Sam and Dean to go out in a blaze of glory or drive off into the sunset holding hand…


@Pennie_wa: ถ้าลุงตู่ไม่ได้เป็น​นายกต่อ​ แจก​ #กล้องฟิล์ม​ ​Horizon​ HZ 35​ จำนวน​ 1 ตัว​ ไปเลยเอาเส่!! #ThailandElection2019 .…


Hahah namna gani huku 😂Blaze namna gani?


@covblazehockey: Alex Nikiforuk, Kevin Noble and Tim Crowder have all recorded at least one point in each of Blaze’s last four games aga…

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