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Definitions of "bliss"

  • Extreme happiness; ecstasy. noun
  • The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy. noun
  • bliss out Slang To go into a state of ecstasy. phrasal-verb
  • perfect happiness noun
  • Orig., blithesomeness; gladness; now, the highest degree of happiness; blessedness; exalted felicity; heavenly joy. noun
  • Blitheness; gladness; lightness of heart. noun
  • The highest degree of happiness, especially spiritual joy; perfect felicity; supreme delight; blessedness: often, specifically, the joy of heaven. noun
  • Synonyms Felicity, Blessedness, etc. (see happiness), transport, rapture, ecstasy, blissfulness. noun
  • a state of extreme happiness noun

The word "bliss" in example sentences

Our bliss, as far as the term bliss applies to a slave's situation, was now complete in this respect, for a season; for never had we been so pleasantly situated before; but, reader, behold its cruel termination.. [Narrative of Henry Box Brown, Who Escaped from Slavery Enclosed in a Box 3 Feet Long and 2 Wide. Written from a Statement of Facts Made by Himself. With Remarks Upon the Remedy for Slavery. By Charles Stearns]

If this propaganda bliss is anything like their last one:. [Think Progress » LEAKED MEMO: Coal Industry Coordinating Propaganda Blitz Attacking Global Warming Science]

Instead, when my heartis burdened by tragedy or in bliss reaching new milestones my penflows in flurries, in agile verse, in melodic turns and phrases.. [Embracing The Changing Moments With Poetry » Blog Archive » Writer's Round-About - The Craft and Business of Fiction and Freelance Writing]

I was in bliss until the wife and kids won over about 8 years ago.. [Television vs. the Outdoors]

What do you do when following your bliss is financially scary?. [Tew's Day!]

Only the personal world of domestic bliss is real.. [How ‘Lost’ Teaches Us to Grieve It « Gerry Canavan]

Every time I visited, I purchased a little paper cone of goodies — Kätzchen and other varieties, some süß, some salzig — and wandered and munched in bliss for hours.. [Süß und salzig]

I know so many people who are only in bliss when they are miserable.. [The Self-Made Man Behind the Marvel]

I want to experience every elation, every sadness, every quixotic moment in bliss because it is what life is made of.. [The earth, and the milky way too. «]

He had his arm draped over her and an expression of bliss, winning the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, and on Monday night dining with the Queen of England at the White House.. [Spoken from the Heart]

I went home, slept, cooked Sunday in bliss and then on Monday morning a man came to my door from FEDEX (unusual!) and handed me a small box.. [Cellularosity]

One moment they were floating in bliss and in the next, time ceased to flow around them.. [To Call Our Own (9/36)]

Even if permanent bliss is not in Hilda's cards, let's at least hope she gets to have a little fun.. [Critic's Corner Thursday]

Blog bliss is being able to get where you want when you want.. [Using Blogs: Where the hell am I?]

There is a certain bliss about coming home from a late shift to my little flat, heating up some leftover pasta bake in my microwave, opening a bottle of Peroni from my fridge with my bottle opener, and settling down at my dining table to watch a tv programme or a bit of a film or something.. [The One With The Contentment]

On a wedding night, or on a night long into the marriage when such an act was needed to melt a hardening heart and return it to true love, or on a night shortly before the engagement when such an act was needed to dissolve all doubts in bliss and release a love repressed?. [Archive 2007-04-01]

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Happy Tuesday 😊🌞 Waterfalls are a masterpiece of nature and healing for the soul, it is the sparkle of bliss🌞😊💚…


@FC_actu @franceculture Chaque main compte. Et la conscience.


@sunnychuks: @louisaagunbiade @KingAbsoIute Have you tried roasting the mix in the oven before blending? Pure bliss. …


@illestThug_: It's nice when someone remembers small details about you, it low key means that they care and also pay attention to you.


@heartshapdrbox Homem lúcido

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