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Definitions of "blog"

  • A weblog. noun
  • To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog. verb-intransitive
  • A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts. Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses, etc.) Entries typically appear in reverse chronological order. noun
  • An entry in a blog. noun
  • To contribute to a blog. verb
  • To blag, to steal something; To acquire something illegally. verb
  • read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal verb
  • a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies noun

The word "blog" in example sentences

Today's question: how will a community respond to the surfacing of an alleged murderer's blog, and the blog* of his girlfriend/alleged victims' daughter which contains case-related content?. [Information, Culture, Policy, Education:]

Discovered that someone who's not supposed to have known about your blog has discovered your blog******. [bettyalready Diary Entry]

I need related website(except free blog, spam blog). [Digital Point Forums]

Ensure that user is blog owner, and create @blog. def protect_blog @blog =. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

The most novel feature in the Posts controller appears in the create action, where we use the array append operator to push a new post onto the current list of blog posts: 21 @blog. posts. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

Hey all you can add your domain for sale in EzineDomain. com blog and directory for free as new topic "search engine friendly blog+ directory" and get more Bids for your domain name. [Digital Point Forums]

Spec. new @faq = @user. faq | | = Faq. new @blog = @user. blog | | = Blog. new end The blog management page itself is simple.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

And like stated above that “joke” doesn’t seem appropiate of a place like [email protected] or newsarama in general and it’s more fit to a personal blog if it needs to be made.. [[email protected]]

15.3 Building the real blog 459 It's worth noting that the RESTful blog id is available as params [: blog_id], which we use to find @blog in the protect_blog function.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

Chuck patiently explained that "blog is short for web log - 'blog' - and it's an on-line journal.". [January 2004]

Mr. MICHAELS: People will even use the term blog band to sort of smear bands that pick up early hype and then don't live up to their reputation.. [2004: The Year Of The Music Blog]

For example, they may have heard the term blog, but don't know what it is, how to use it and definitely don't comprehend the power of it.. [Science, Education & Society: Framing Science - so you can understand]

What makes it ironic is that I was searching top edubloggers with the term blog to see if I got good hits.. [Cool Cat Teacher's Take on Cuil's New Search Engine]

The term blog comes from weblog, that is, a log on the web.. [Blogs, wikis, and the technical communicator – STC UK conference]

Next question: The term blog originally referred to an individual journal.. [YearlKos Liveblogging: On the Evolution of the Blogosphere]

Well, the Methuselah reference was a possible candidate for the telling off 'for the millionth time, stop exaggerating' - but he has been doing an online diary since the term blog came into common parlance.. [Another MP Enters the Blogosphere]

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