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I think that also...non parental and no internet/blogging people don't understand that amazingly enough..blogging or emailing someone is a hell of a lot easier if you have small kids around than a phone conversation is OR going for coffee.. [Around The Corner, I Had A Friend]

I started "blogging" before the term blogging was coined I've been keeping an online written journal of some sort since 1993.. [Discussion Forum - TuDiabetes - A Community for People Touched by Diabetes]

One of the reasons I believe in blogging is that it can reform business, giving power to the users, where we were powerless before.. [Scripting News for 4/18/2008 « Scripting News Annex]

The latest selection of the best in blogging is put together by A Very British Dude.. [Archive 2008-07-01]

I often think that the explosion of popularityin blogging is a response to a stressful world.. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » Writing, Stress, and You]

I think immediacy in blogging is both its grace and its downfall.. [Scrotumgate]

The slow-down in blogging is not just down to lack of opportunity, though.. [Retired Hurt « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog]

I feel the key ingredients for reaching that level of success in blogging is passion.. [Gatekeeper conspiracy…front row seats with hot buttered popcorn! — Meandering Passage]

Knowing your purpose in blogging is fine, but I want to know why this particular point caught your attention and how it supports your purpose for blogging.. [Do You Ever Think About What You Write About? « Lorelle on WordPress]

One assumption in blogging is that your are putting out your ideas to the public, not to anyone specifically.. [A principle: I have a right to know when I am read « BuzzMachine]

The key to blogging is to genuinely want to say something, I think.. [2009 Round-Up « Tales from the Reading Room]

A theme I will often return to in my blogging is the observation that horror is very much a product of the social conditions and scientific learnings of its time.. [William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land « Skulls in the Stars]

Email from me provokes a response from Krugman via DeLong via Mankiw... that's what I call a blogging trick shot!. [Blogging Billiards: A Fiscal Policy Trick Shot?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

Your blogging is aggressive, but it should be against some of these. [Bloggers Conference]

John Markhoff: "To my mind, it's not clear yet whether blogging is anything more than CB radio." via Halley, who proclaims these to be wise words.. [2003-10-12]

Maybe it's time to break from the turn of the century idea that "blogging" is a genre, or that there is something fundamental that can be seen as being a common trait across most blogs.. [Gawker Reckoning - Anil Dash]

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@keeps3 Decline of taxonomic expertise and funding, and collections maintenance by staff with natural history knowl…


Don just start blogging - start prepared. And don't fall for the most common traps


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