Definitions and meanings of "Blossoming"

What do we mean by blossoming?

To have, or open into, blossoms; to bloom.

To begin to thrive or flourish.

1. To pour Diet Coke and Mentos, in that order, down a girl's vagina. This will cause the formation of a soda geyser in her uterus and vagina, which will fuck up her reproductive system and launch soda the fuck out of her vagina. (verb) 2. The Powerpuff Girl of the same name, and leader of the trio. Wears a red bow to assert dominance. (noun)  Urban Dictionary

Is a most interesting girl you will ever meet she will steal your heart away in a heartbeat she can be a bit aggressive at times but she is good in the heart you should got out with such a girl with a great brackground such as her's  Urban Dictionary

Blossom is a beautiful, kind, sweet, smart, caring, and hilarious person. she’ll do anything to make you laugh. she has a humor that can come off as offensive, but isn’t meant to be. she’s undeniably beautiful. she’s athletic, and will stick with you no matter what. she’s so lit, and so fun to hang around. anytime you’re with her, you’ll always have the greatest time of your life. she has the funniest laugh, and is great at roasting. she’s a lit dancer, and she has the most gorgeous body, like it’s seriously goals. she’s a tall and beautiful bih! okurrrrrt! you can always trust her, and she’ll always be my best friend forever. if you dare hurt her, your going to hurt me too, so that we can be hurt together! don’t mess with her, because she’s a queen, and always will be, so there’s nothing you can do about that. teehee! try again sweetie. ahahah! i love her so much it’s not even explainable!  Urban Dictionary

Blossom is the definition of perfection. With a face as gorgeous as the stars and a body as hot as the sun you can't move passed her without noticing. She's a friend you would die to have. Extremely caring to the ones that truly matter. Making her family proud is definitely her number one priority. She's God fearing,smart, open minded,funny in a weird way with a personality that stands out. She's not afraid to tell the truth and defends what she believes in firmly. She loves love and yearns to find her perfect match as she struggles with trust issues. She gives the best advice but never actually applies them to her own affairs. Lets not forget everyone envies her bomb sense of style. She would be a fashion icon in a couple of years. As a girlfriend she's the total package. Cute,smart and funny. She's not exactly romantic but tries to be when with the right person plus she's a terrific kisser. She can be extremely fun when you trigger that side of her.  Urban Dictionary

Blossom is an amazing person. She is so pretty and will always be by your side! She has the most gorgeous hair and has a stunning body. She loves animals. She is extremely caring and understanding, she’s very active and great at sports! If you know a blossom, keep her in your life. She’s worth it  Urban Dictionary

As explained by the world's foremost perversion afficianado, John Waters, in the director's commentary for "A Dirty Shame", blossoms are the result of having been anally fisted so much that your colon and other internal organs protrude from your sphincter.  Urban Dictionary

Blos·som·ing When a man puts his compressed hand into a womans vagina, then spreads open his fingers like a blossoming flower, creating instant elation and super orgasms.  Urban Dictionary

1. Leader of the Powerpuff Girls. 2. A flower. 3. A TV sitcom about the teenage redhead who has problem with her life. Lizzie McGuire stole the ideas from Blossom.  Urban Dictionary

A confident girl with sexy hair . Loves to dance and play around. Knows how to cheer people up blossom keeps all of her friends close and works hard to keep them happy. A very protective girl who would stick up for anyone. If you have a blossom keep her because you won’t regret keeping a beautiful pretty stunning sporty fit flexible girl.  Urban Dictionary

The most beautiful stunning girl to ever exist. She is the best friend you will ever have. She has long beautiful hair and loves to dance. She is so kind and nice to everyone she meets  Urban Dictionary

The word "blossoming" in example sentences

How to use blossoming in a sentence? Example sentences with the blossoming, a sentence example for blossoming, and how to make blossoming in sample sentence, how do I use the word blossoming in a sentence? How do you spell blossoming in a sentence?

"Because…" Kirk stopped, his train of thought suddenly stymied by the idea blossoming in his mind. ❋ Julia Ecklar (2000)

It is easy to understand how this would have far reaching and beneficial impact on the world in terms of perspective, policies, plans and implementation; for individual and global blossoming, which is imperative today, because; no individual nation can grow or perish in isolation, without beneficial or adverse impact on the other nations; for long period. ❋ Kbwadekar (2010)

He was struggling so badly before that now, living in a shelter, he appears to be "blossoming," she said. ❋ Petula Dvorak (2010)

Inc. in order to prevent the next occurrence, and a new "blossoming" industry. ❋ Unknown (2009)

We dislike to trample on a flower, because its form makes a kind of blossoming in our own fancy which we call beauty; but we laugh at pangs we endured in childhood and feel no tremor at the incalculable sufferings of all mankind beyond our horizon, because no imitable image is involved to start a contrite thrill in our own bosom. ❋ George Santayana (1907)

The lead article talked about the "blossoming" of neighborhood groups in New York city and across the nation doing everything from removing graffiti and renovating parks to setting up computer training for youth and a skills bank where residents can trade day care for plumbing services. ❋ Greenmac (2010)

Gavin Rossdale's relationship with his eldest daughter is "blossoming". ❋ Unknown (2010)

1. Guy 1: I gonna blossom (pours [Diet Coke and Mentos] [down girl's] vagina) Girl 1: *screams in agony* THAT HURTS WHAT THE FUCK (The soda geyser in her vagina drenches Guy 1) Guy 1: *masturbating in [Girl 1's] mouth* (Girl 1 has her period, adding blood to the geyser. She then faints) Guy 1: *takes picture of Girl 1's fucked-up vagina* 2. No example needed ❋ Yopmail User (2022)

Blossom, [you are] [awesome]!!!! ❋ 112233one Twothree (2016)

[we love] our [bestfriend] blossom!! ❋ Grandmalover96 (2018)

John: woah! [Who's that] ? Ryan: that's [blossom] man, She's [the total package]. ❋ Youknowiknow (2018)

Blossom is [my best friend], she’s so [fit] ❋ Floella112x (2019)

I really enjoyed and miss the [NBC] [sitcom] "[Blossom]". ❋ Curtii (2005)

"That guy I picked up at [bingo] last night started [blossoming] my [vayjayjay]. He kept whispering "seed to a tree, seed to a tree'. It was so hawt." ❋ Sundog_ (2014)

1. Hello. [Blossom] here! 2. The [flower] [blossoms] in spring. 3. That TV show, Blossom, was a very dumb show! Switch the channel, dawg! ❋ ChoujinkiMetalder (2005)

[Keep] Blossom [in your life] she will never [let you down] ❋ Blossomxoxo (2018)

Blossom is [a beautiful girl] who will [never] [let you down] ❋ Blossomxxx (2019)

What does blossoming mean?

What does the word blossoming mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word blossoming in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with blossoming and anagrams of blossoming. Looking for online definition of blossoming in the dictionary? Blossoming explanation free. What is blossoming? Meaning of blossoming term.

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