Blow Off Valve

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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word blow-off-valve. Define blow-off-valve, blow-off-valve synonyms, blow-off-valve pronunciation, blow-off-valve translation, English dictionary definition of blow-off-valve.

In a car that is equipped with some sort of forced induction system ,such as a turbo or a supercharger, a blow-off valve is usually availible as an aftermarket part to release excess pressure (boost) from the turbine system. Makes a very distinct noise. Like - pssssshhhhhhhhh! Or somtimes a chirping noise depending on the blow-off valve. Usually replaces a stock part usually refered to as a by-pass valve. Urban Dictionary

The act of fucking a car thot and while she climax’s pulling out so she lets out a couple of loud, wet, queef’s Urban Dictionary

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The word "blow-off-valve" in example sentences

1. [Gil]: [Whoah], dude! Did you hear that car go by? Willy: Yeah, it sounded like it had a [blow-off valve]. ❋ Wilburt (2006)

[car thot]: I really need a good guy in my life. [Thot destroyer]: well maybe if every [guy standing] here hadn’t given you the Car girl Blow Off Valve you could find one ❋ The Car Guy Brad (2019)

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What does blow off valve mean?

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