Definitions and meanings of "Body"

What do we mean by body?

The entire material or physical structure of an organism, especially of a human or animal. noun

The physical aspect of a person as opposed to the spirit; the flesh. noun

A corpse or carcass. noun

The trunk or torso of a human or animal. noun

The part of a garment covering the torso. noun

A human; a person. noun

A group of individuals regarded as an entity; a corporation. noun

A number of persons, concepts, or things regarded as a group. noun

The main or central part, as. noun

The largest or principal part of an organ; corpus. noun

The nave of a church. noun

The content of a book or document exclusive of prefatory matter, codicils, indexes, or appendices. noun

The passenger- and cargo-carrying part of an aircraft, ship, or other vehicle. noun

The sound box of an instrument. noun

A mass of matter that is distinct from other masses. noun

A collection or quantity, as of material or information. noun

Consistency of substance, as in paint, textiles, or wine. noun

Physical frame.

Main section.

Coherent group.

Material entity.

The shank of a type, or the depth of the shank (by which the size is indicated).

A three-dimensional object, such as a cube or cone.

Verb. To murder someone  Urban Dictionary

A cool way of saying you murdered someone.  Urban Dictionary

The universally accepted unit of measure for the trunk of a car.  Urban Dictionary

What you find in your Grandma's basement.  Urban Dictionary

The only thing besides money that women will love you for.also see car.  Urban Dictionary

To have an overly attractive body. Males with a body usually are muscular & athletic & females with a body usually have a full chest, big butt & curves.  Urban Dictionary

That peice of shit that we are born with and (unless you can afford plastic surgery) you are stuck with for the rest of your life.  Urban Dictionary

Bodies are what are atatched to our heads and are only usfull for two kinds of people  Urban Dictionary

A physical mask used for adulthood.  Urban Dictionary

Every gut should have a nice one work owt and u should b fine  Urban Dictionary

The word "body" in example sentences

How to use body in a sentence? Example sentences with the body, a sentence example for body, and how to make body in sample sentence, how do I use the word body in a sentence? How do you spell body in a sentence?

I'm yet to discover a way to convert a top to a body outfit/part, which would address the above problem partially, despite a few token efforts at file renaming (the .bmps exported are preceded with top~ or body~) and hex editing (the .package file refers to the file names it expects to find for the .bmps). ❋ Patternjuggler (2004)

Nonverbal communication includes gestures, facial expressions, and body positions (known collectively as “body language”), as well as unspoken understandings and presuppositions, and cultural and environmental conditions that may affect any encounter between people. ❋ Unknown (2002)

Through transubstantiation, the bread and wine consumed by worshipers become the body and blood of Jesus when a priest, acting on Jesus’ behalf, speaks the words “This is my body” and “This is my blood” over them. ❋ Unknown (2002)

What an absurdity were it, if in the body natural _all were an eye_, or _hand_! for _where_ then _were the hearing, smelling_, &c.; _or if all were one member, where were the body_? ❋ Unknown (N/A)

Thus ash has two main uses in the body: (_a_) _it aids in building the body_; and (_b_) _it aids in regulating body processes_. ❋ Carlotta Cherryholmes Greer (N/A)

The real and practical alliance between the physical and the psychic -- between body and mind -- is better realized; as for instance: You may be seized with _an idea_, or a passion, and it disturbs your _health of body_; you may take indigestible food, or suffer injury or fatigue, and it disturbs your _health of mind_. ❋ Louis Dechmann (N/A)

The visible bodily sheath has had its atoms scattered to the four elements; the etheric body [263] has become separated from the physical molecules whose vital support it formed; the body of passions and desires (_astral body_) has lived for a few years in what ❋ Th. Pascal (N/A)

These texts suggest more than a mere attachment to the body: they imply _functional activity in the body_. ❋ Unknown (1913)

The second cause of absurd assertions I ascribe to the giving of names of ‘bodies’ to ‘accidents, ’ or of ‘accidents’ to ‘bodies, ’ as they do that say ‘faith is infused’ or ‘inspired, ’ when nothing can be ‘poured’ or ‘breathed’ into anything but body; and that ‘extension’ is ‘body, ’ that ‘phantasms’ are ‘spirits, ’ etc. ❋ Unknown (1909)

Hymn and prayer and reading all confidently assumed that Fifi was dead only to this mortal eye, but in another world, open to all those gathered about the grave for their seeking, she lived in some marvelously changed form -- her body being made _like unto his own glorious body_ .... ❋ Henry Sydnor Harrison (1905)

On the one hand, therefore, the union of soul with body was necessary for the realisation of the former ((Greek) _soma, body_, being as it were (Greek) _sema, expression_), even as the reality of God was not in the Odd or Eternal Unity, but in the Odd-Even, the Unity in ❋ John Marshall (1880)

But the great body of the ministers and churches regard the real presence of the _body_ and _blood_ of the Saviour, in any proper sense, which the words convey, as a misapprehension of the word of God. ❋ Unknown (1836)

That the body (which is received and eaten,) is the _proper_ and _natural body_ (der rechte natuerliche Leib) of Christ, _which hung upon the cross; _ and the blood (which is drunk) is the _proper_ and _natural blood_ (das rechte natuerliche Blut) _which flowed from the side of Christ_. ' ❋ Unknown (1836)

But though I speak of the body as inert in itself, and necessarily allied to matter, yet this declaration must not be understood as militating against the christian doctrine of the _resurrection of the body_. ❋ Joseph Cottle (1811)

If her comeliness entice you to lust for the body of a female, she has only to lift up her finger to one of the officers of her father, (who surround her at all times, though invisibly), and they will fetch you a lass in a minute, or the _body_ of a harlot newly buried, and will go into her in lieu of a _soul_, rather than you should abandon so good a design. ❋ Ellis Wynne (1702)

And that there is such a fluid body as I am arguing for, which is the _medium_, or Instrument, by which the pulse of Light is convey'd from the _lucid body_ to the enlightn'd. ❋ Robert Hooke (1669)

If you don't own your body, then you are slave. your * self* and your * body* can be considered distinct. ❋ Unknown (2010)

This means that instead of writing @subject = 'Your login information at RailsSpace. com' @body = {} # Give body access to the user information. @body [ "user"] = user @recipients = user. email @from = 'RailsSpace ❋ Midpoint (2009)

It turns out that we can also accomplish this by writing @body = { "user" = > user} or the even pithier body user In this last example, body is a Rails function that sets the @body variable. ❋ Midpoint (2009)

[My man] got [bodied] in [1996] ❋ Jolene (2005)

"...Wit a flow so sick, my hot temperature'll BODY da flu/crackheads get knocked out, right in front of the school/slap him Sheek, wake his ass up, he can't even move..." Blue Armor More Fish [Ghostface Killa] "You ain't gotta jock Jay-Z, jock [fly shit]/You ain't gotta jock me, homie jock my chick/Jock her Zanotti's, she body you wit the fit/No thats not pilates her, body's just thick" [Jockin Jay-Z] Blueprint 3 Jay-Z ❋ Deadinthemiddleoflittleitaly (2009)

Person 1: "That's a [nice car]. Lots of [trunk space]?" Person 2: "Hell yeah! This [baby's] got at least a 4-body trunk!" ❋ TheLennina (2015)

[Hmmmmmmm], I [wonder] what's in this [black bag]........ ❋ Colororangey (2004)

"Damn you [vile] woman! you've impeded my work since the day I escaped from your [wretched] [womb]." ❋ Adrian (2004)

EX.1 GIRL: Did you see baby across the street running? I'm gonna give him [my number] because baby [got body]. EX.2 GUY: Ay homie, check out baby girl across the street with the big [ass titties] & big ass. She got hella body. ❋ Thickythickgurl (2008)

exaple? [just look] at [your self]! ❋ Chuffy (2003)

i dont need my body. [bodies] are for [hookers] and [fat people] ❋ Anthony. (2006)

Girl: You [have a good] body. Guy: It's so people don't [infantilize] me. ❋ Ereck Flowers (2018)

[damn] that [boy] has a [nice] body ❋ ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (2003)

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