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The word "boilingly" in example sentences

Ms. Kay is jolly and sexy as Elvira, Ms. Brazil boilingly irate as Ruth, while Ms. Meek plays Madame Arcati with the cherubic humorlessness of a recent escapee from a home for the severely deluded. ❋ Unknown (2008)

He had just felt so boilingly angry, so frustrated by what had happened to Life Guard that he seemed compelled to do something, to strike out. ❋ Brookmyre, Christopher, 1968- (1998)

That when a police captain goes on a holiday he always gets boilingly drunk. ❋ George Jean Nathan (1920)

I should get a commission. mollywood: Yay for Midwest because: it's blood-boilingly hot. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Matthew Weaver has taken to his wheels to keep us updated from the ExCel centre (is there anyone else out there who finds this spelling absolutely blood-boilingly infuriating?). ❋ Unknown (2009)

Wake The President's Postcard Records jangle filled out the small church stage (an actual reclaimed railwayman's church, which at full capacity is boilingly hot). ❋ Unknown (2009)

But just in case the reader was in any doubt, her latest article helpfully points out that she is in fact consumed with bitterness and self-pity FIVE YEARS after her divorce bunny-boilingly obsessed with a man who looks like Bob Geldof's uglier brother past her sexual sell-by-date never asked out by anyone condemned to a future of solitude and poverty convinced that all women are basically prostitutes convinced that all men are basically punters a total stranger to that elusive little concept of 'self-respect' ❋ Juliette (2008)

Yet with the pound, or dollar depending on where you’re reading this, signs jumping up and down in the eyes of those involved; a sequel is already looming large on the horizon, so there’s no escaping the Twilight phenomenon just yet, and with everyone’s least favourite Hollywood moppet Dakota Fanning on board for New Moon, the potential for it to be less blood-boilingly irritating than the first film seems like a distant dream. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I once knew a fine specimen of the boilingly passionate, desperately respectable on the Eastern principle that reverences a madman -- and this fellow, whom it was to be death to oppose, (some bloodvessel was to break) -- he, once at a dinner party at which I was present, insulted his wife (a young pretty simple believer in his awful immunities from the ordinary terms that keep men in order) -- brought the tears into her eyes and sent her from the room ... purely to 'show off' in the eyes of his guests ... (all males, law-friends &c., he being a lawyer.) ❋ Robert Browning (1850)

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