Character 8
Hyphenation bold ness
Pronunciations /ˈbəʊldnəs/

Definitions and meanings of "Boldness"

What do we mean by boldness?

The state of being bold; courage.


The relative weight of a font; the thickness of its strokes.

As an adjective, is a person who is very brave and audacious. Urban Dictionary

To describe one who has revealed one's self to multiple enemies with a friendly greeting. Urban Dictionary

What you need to be to get a boyfriend Urban Dictionary

Something that is truly excellent or praiseworthy. Urban Dictionary

Freaky asf Urban Dictionary

What Filipino Kids Call Porn Urban Dictionary

Used specifically in Ireland by a parents or teachers to denote when a child has behaved or is behaving badly. Urban Dictionary

USI ROTC Urban Dictionary

An American conservative, short for "Defender of Bolde Freedome." The extra e's are added on to make it look more stately; think "Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe." Urban Dictionary

In Tagalog, it means "naked" or it can just mean porn. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Boldness

The word "boldness" in example sentences

It does take a certain boldness to name your book series after what's often taken as a symptom of schizophrenic psychosis. ❋ Unknown (2009)

We gained insight into how this sort of boldness translates into business success when one of the speakers clarified: Employees are afraid to make mistakes, and CEOs have made them. ❋ Unknown (2009)

In her book If You Want To Write, she offers a favorite exercise for “getting people to write well, so they know how gifted they are and consequently grow in boldness and freedom.” ❋ Unknown (2007)

Indeed, Iran's boldness is possible because in many parts of the world deep distrust and even hatred of Jews is entirely acceptable. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Henry believes boldness is what drives his management team, even when it comes to spending. ❋ Unknown (2006)

As for the Drei Zinnen, they surpass in boldness and weirdness all the Dolomites of the Ampezzo. ❋ Unknown (1873)

Whatever fantastic forms that rock may assume elsewhere, they are here surpassed in boldness and strangeness. ❋ Unknown (1873)

Then the past aorist participle, "they that used the office of deacon well," implies that the present verb, "are acquiring to themselves boldness," is the result of the completed action of using the diaconate well. ❋ Unknown (1871)

God (1Ti 1: 11-13). we faint not -- in boldness of speech and action, and patience in suffering (2Co 4: 2, 8-16, &c.). ❋ Unknown (1871)

In all that He said and did after that, though ever increasing in boldness, they could find nothing. ❋ Unknown (1871)

By a figure whose boldness is only allowable to an inspired writer, ❋ Unknown (1871)

The gentleman, who was not deficient in boldness either in war or in love, began hotly to press the suit he had often before addressed to her. ❋ Unknown (1855)

The riverside view is characterized by a boldness in the composition and a vigor in the brushwork that make Caillebotte stand apart in the Impressionist movement. ❋ By SOUREN MELIKIAN (2011)

With more than the force of many of her masculine competitors, she never ceases to be strictly feminine in the whole current of her thought and feeling, nor approaches by any chance, the verge of that free and intrepid course of speculation, of which the boldness is more conspicuous than the wisdom, but into which some of the most remarkable among the female literati of our times have freely and fearlessly plunged. ❋ Unknown (1819)

You have described to me operations which I have constantly been assured had been attended with success, and had inflicted heavy loss upon the enemy, while there could be no doubt that the troops had fought with their accustomed gallantry; but at the same time I was quite unable to discover that any ground had really been gained, while it was obvious that the enemy, far from being discouraged by their supposed defeats, were from month to month increasing in boldness and determination; and the lists of casualties but too clearly proved that the loss they had inflicted was at least as certain, and bore no small proportion to that which they were believed to have sustained. ❋ Unknown (1903)

I must acknowledge myself unable to form any satisfactory theory as to the connection of these poems with the history of the time, or the period, from which they may date their origin; notwithstanding the laborious investigations and critical sagacity of the Schlegels, the Grimms, of P.E. Muller and Lachman, and a whole host of German critics and antiquaries; not to omit our own countryman, Mr. Herbert, whose theory concerning Attila is certainly neither deficient in boldness nor originality. ❋ Unknown (1206)

"for his inspired writings which, while growing in boldness and penetration, exemplify the classical humanitarian ideals and high qualities of style" ❋ Unknown (1946)

Their boldness was the boldness of public self-abuse. ❋ Howard Jacobson (2006)

Her boldness is the everyday style of millions of ghetto girls worldwide who wear attitude like battle armor. ❋ Sister Souljah (1999)

[My friends] [think] [I am] a bold person. ❋ Ana (2005)

[You're a] [bold] one, [General Kenobi] ❋ Representative Binks (2018)

Me: I need some [tips] so im not alone my whole life [Reagan]: be [BOLD] ❋ I Like Avocados (2019)

That is one bold [shirt] you are [wearing] [Seth]. ❋ Slartibartfast (2004)

I’d [highkey] smash is sum [yu] would say if [you was] bold ❋ Apaaaw (2020)

Person 1:[Send] Bold Person 2:[No Bitch] [Fuck you] ❋ 74M3NUMB3RS (2019)

Some chap in my class found an empty birds [egg on] the beach so carried it home carefully in the car, brought it into school and put it on display. Upon noticing it on display I took the initiative to strength test it and [crushed it] in my hand. He was very upset upon returning to the display to see it crushed and started crying. When the teacher found out I was denounced as a “bold, [bold boy],” to my entire class. In Ireland if something is fun, it's probably bold. ❋ Joost911 (2012)

"Bold is the feeling [in your pants] after watching a 3 minute One [Rope] [Bridge]." ❋ BFalconTanker (2011)

9 out of 10 Boldes think of [Ann Coulter's] body when they [make love] to their [wife]. ❋ Johnny Slick (2005)

I was looking at this bold [star's] [pics] and [jacked off] too much that my dick and hand hurt. ❋ Viperion (2007)

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