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Hyphenation book
Pronunciations /buːk/

Definitions and meanings of "Book"

What do we mean by book?

A set of written, printed, or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers. noun

An e-book or other electronic resource structured like a book. noun

A printed or written literary work. noun

A main division of a larger printed or written work. noun

A volume in which financial or business transactions are recorded. noun

Financial or business records considered as a group. noun

A libretto. noun

The script of a play. noun

The Bible. noun

The Koran. noun

A set of prescribed standards or rules on which decisions are based. noun

Something regarded as a source of knowledge or understanding. noun

The total amount of experience, knowledge, understanding, and skill that can be used in solving a problem or performing a task. noun

Factual information, especially of a private nature. noun

A collection of sheets of paper bound together to hinge at one edge, containing printed or written material, pictures, etc.

A long work fit for publication, typically prose, such as a novel or textbook, and typically published as such a bound collection of sheets, but now sometimes electronically as an e-book.

A major division of a long work.

A record of betting (from the use of a notebook to record what each person has bet).

A convenient collection, in a form resembling a book, of small paper items for individual use.

The script of a musical or opera.

(usually in the plural) Records of the accounts of a business.

A book award, a recognition for receiving the highest grade in a class (traditionally an actual book, but recently more likely a letter or certificate acknowledging the achievement).

(whist) Six tricks taken by one side.

Four of a kind

A document, held by the referee, of the incidents happened in the game.

(by extension) A list of all players who have been booked (received a warning) in a game.

The twenty-sixth Lenormand card.

Any source of instruction.

A book is a place to let your mind run free from reality, you are given words that you can completely make your own with just the way you think. a book is one of gods greatest gifts. and with new technolegy the number of books is going down and with that so is the number of people with imagination. to many they are just words assembled on pages but to others they are a work of art creating their own world. Urban Dictionary

1. A source of information. 2. A source of entertainment. 3. A tool barely used by todays societies, because it is not 'cool' to read a book. Urban Dictionary

The thing that make boomers have an instant orgasm just by looking at it Urban Dictionary

One of the greater objects to fill free time with. reading a book induces feelings and thoughts not attainable anywhere else. Urban Dictionary

1. An object containing information (ie: words, pictures) used for the purpose of entertainment or education. These are now available in electronic form. One that writes such a 'book' has the ability to earn money known as 'royalty'. 2. To get into trouble with an authority figure such as a teacher or a police officer. 3. To make an escape... usually from an authority figure such as the ones mentioned above. Urban Dictionary

Verb meaning to run or to leave in a hurry Urban Dictionary

To take off;get going;leave Urban Dictionary

Cool: the first option given when trying to type 'cool' in a text message using t9 Urban Dictionary

Cool. In the T9 predictive text on cell phones, the numbers 2665 spell both "book" and "cool," but "book" is the first word to display. To save time, it is left and understood to mean "cool." Urban Dictionary

An object used as a coaster, increase the hight of small children, or increase the stability of poorly built furniture. Urban Dictionary

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The word "book" in example sentences

Invented quirky "compromise sales of your own book" tactic number three by recommending somebody else's book* entirely... this, to said group of American tourists after getting caught inhaling pages of ❋ Unknown (2008)

Similarly, in the sentence, _The book THAT I WANT is that red-backed history_, the restrictive relative clause is, _that I want_, and limits the application of _book_. ❋ Thomas Wood (N/A)

Thus in the example, "John tore the leaves of Sarah's book," the distinction between _book_ which represents only one object and _leaves_ which represent two or more objects of the same kind is called _Number_; the distinction of sex between _John_, a male, and _Sarah_, a female, and ❋ Joseph Devlin (N/A)

No. At Nazareth, when he read his text in the book of Esaias, he _closed his book_, and discoursed to the people. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

My sole reason for writing this book and placing it before the public is to call the public's attention to _another book_, wherein is contained the Christ truth, the understanding of which will free you from all your troubles. ❋ William W. Walter (N/A)

The book contains all the essentials pertaining to the training and instruction of COMPANY officers, noncommissioned officers and privates, and the officer who masters its contents and who makes his COMPANY proficient in the subjects embodied herein, will be in every way qualified, _without the assistance of a single other book_, to command with credit and satisfaction, in peace and in war, a COMPANY that will be an ❋ Unknown (1906)

Now, bookmen are capable of understanding things about books which cannot be put into words; they are not like mere subscribers to circulating libraries; for them a book is not just a book -- it is a _book_. ❋ Arnold Bennett (1899)

It is striking to make the discovery that John's little book has _a distinctive message as a book_. ❋ Unknown (1897)

Mr. Lowell himself is, in his verse-books, poetical, if not a poet -- and certainly this little book we are talking of is grateful enough in some ways -- you would call it a _pretty book_ -- would you not? ❋ Robert Browning (1850)

Book written in Heaven, too good for the Earth; as a well-written book, or indeed as a _book_ at all; and not a bewildered rhapsody; ❋ Thomas Carlyle (1838)

Oh, by the vartue of this book (_snatching up a book_), and all the books that ever were shut or opened, I'll swear to the damage of five pounds, be the same more or less. ❋ Maria Edgeworth (1808)

Let's make the view specific to the book and tweak the look a bit. pdf. font "Helvetica" pdf. font.size = 13 pdf. text "Book: # {@book. title}",: size = > ❋ Unknown (2008)

_situation_ different when the book is on the table, but the _book itself_ is different as a book, from what it was when it was off the table. ❋ William James (1876)

YEAR = {}, publisher = {}, address = {}, editor = {}, organization = {} @book refers to a book as a whole. ❋ Unknown (2010)

t It is well known that the Bifliop of Cloynt wrote a book to fliew that there was no exiflence of matter, but only iht idta of it in our own minds, and oiAyfpiriif or fome« diing very like that, as far as I have heard or know of his book* ❋ Unknown (1790)

It was read, however, by Charlotte Brontë with great interest, and she wrote of it to the author in these words: "In reading _Ranthorpe_ I have read a new book -- not a reprint -- not a reflection of any other book, but _a new book_. ❋ George Willis Cooke (1885)

"If we read a book which it requires much thought and exercise of reason to understand, but which we find discloses more and more truth and reason as we proceed in the study, and contains clearly more than we can at present comprehend, then undeniably we properly say that thought and reason _exist in that book_ irrespectively of our minds, and equally so of any question as to its author or origin. ❋ George John Romanes (1871)

Comment on books #13: I've heard that the word book comes from the Old English word bok, which stands for beech, and that beech bark was used as paper. ❋ Mirtika (2005)

"why do you like books so much?" " because when i read i go into [my own] little world, so i can escape from the [horror] of [reality]" ❋ Verocica Roth (2014)

1. The dictionary 2. Neil Gaimain's 'American Gods' 3. Which is [a shame], really, because [once upon a time] (and today, in countries with little money) a book was a precious [commodity]. ❋ Alyson (2003)

kid: hey [grandpa] i found this really cool book- grandpa: aaauuughhh [yeahhh] kid: k [im gonna] go now ❋ Dudopa (2020)

some of the best books are "[the perks of being a wallflower]", "[harry potter]", and "[to kill a mockingbird]" ❋ Oh,hellojan. (2007)

Student 1: Dude! I forgot to read my book for my report for [English Class]! Student 2: Did the teacher book you? Student 1: [Na man], I [booked] before she could find out! ❋ Rag Ji (2006)

i fuckin [booked] when the [cops] [showed up] ❋ Stfu (2003)

the [cable] man is going to [my house],I [gotta] book. ❋ Dave The Conehead (2008)

[that chick] [thinks] she's book, but she's totally [hacked]. ❋ Mason (2005)

"[be there] in [20]" "book. [see ya] then." ❋ Cathinator, The. (2004)

where do you want me to put your [drink]? oh, [just leave] it [on top] of that book. ❋ Anonymous (2003)

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