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Hyphenation boost
Pronunciations /buːst/

Definitions and meanings of "Boost"

What do we mean by boost?

To raise or lift by pushing up from below. synonym: lift. intransitive verb

To increase; raise. intransitive verb

To assist in further development or progress. intransitive verb

To stir up enthusiasm for; promote vigorously. intransitive verb

To increase the voltage of (a circuit). intransitive verb

To steal or rob, especially by shoplifting or pickpocketing. intransitive verb

To engage in stealing, especially shoplifting or pickpocketing. intransitive verb

A push upward or ahead. noun

An encouraging act or comment. noun

An increase. noun

Same as buist.

An upward shove or push; the act of boosting; the result of boosting; a lift, either literally or figuratively: as, to give one a boost. noun

Same as boist. noun

To lift or raise by pushing from behind, as a person climbing a tree; push up: often used figuratively: as, to boost a person over a fence, or into power.

A Middle English form of boast. noun

To lift or push from behind (one who is endeavoring to climb); to push up; hence, to assist in overcoming obstacles, or in making advancement. transitive verb

A push from behind, as to one who is endeavoring to climb; help. noun

A push from behind, as to one who is endeavoring to climb; help. noun

A positive intake manifold pressure in cars with turbochargers or superchargers. noun

A push from behind, as to one who is endeavoring to climb.

Something that helps, or adds power or effectiveness; assistance.

(automotive engineering) A positive intake manifold pressure in cars with turbochargers or superchargers.

To steal Urban Dictionary

To steal Urban Dictionary

When something is untrue. Urban Dictionary

Any Beverage that makes your day easier- ie alcohol-mylanta-coffee etc Urban Dictionary

1) Term for turbocharging a car. 2) Adjective for how much PSI a turbo is utilizing Urban Dictionary

1. term used to describe how much air a cars turbocharger is compressing (psi) into the engine. Urban Dictionary

Term used to describe an overexaggeration. Urban Dictionary

Boost in the Kanye song is a high calorie drink. Similar to Ensure. Urban Dictionary

The best drink which you can only get in and around riverside,nj Urban Dictionary

To get a bunch of dudes together to system link play any one of the Halo games. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Boost

The word "boost" in example sentences

A title boost can be a nice carrot for senior associates who might otherwise be disappointed with their year-end pay. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Governments can give a short term boost to growth by increasing borrowing but there is a longer term cost, just as we are all today paying for the mistakes by Brown and Balls after 2003. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The retail industry may have been saved in the nick of time from a disastrous Christmas, and can now be more confident Santa is coming to town and trade will be enjoying at least a short term boost over the festive season. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Despite the short term boost to its stock price as market participants anticipate a possible settlement, Cross Research's Shannon Cross, cited by the ❋ Agustino Fontevecchia (2011)

The Daily Express says that Van Persie, who started training again with Dutch amateur side AFC Amsterdam last month, has 'shocked players and officials with his fitness, which he maintained in the gym and pool, and is desperate to give his club a title boost'. ❋ Unknown (2010)

MUMBAI (AFP) - Indian energy giant Reliance Industries said Thursday it had begun producing gas from the deep-sea Krishna Godavari Basin off India's east coast in what it called a boost for national energy security. ❋ Unknown (2009)

These pancakes get a little flavor boost from the addition of brown sugar. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mahindra's profit in the year-earlier quarter had received a boost from a post-tax profit of 690 million rupees from the sale of shares in Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. as part of the unit's initial public offering. ❋ Anirban Chowdhury (2010)

Big psychological boost is that I've cracked the halfway mark and now, fingers crossed, I'll be able to barrel on through to the end of the first draft without any more disruptions. ❋ Karenmiller (2009)

This week's Lady Gaga promotion probably gave Amazon a short-term boost, people in the music industry said. ❋ Stu Woo (2011)

Earnings included a $0.13 per share boost from the sale of HotJobs, although earnings were still ahead of analyst expectations without the benefit. ❋ (2010)

Economists warned that the recent pick up in hiring in Spain was largely the result of a short-term boost from the country's large tourism industry ahead of the summer months. ❋ Santiago Perez (2011)

New Delhi's focus in the coming months is on vote-winning social-welfare schemes and handouts that provide a short-term boost to consumption, but at the expense of fueling inflation and straining the budget deficit, already forecast to exceed the target of 4.6% of GDP. ❋ Harsh Joshi (2011)

Home-buyer tax credits worth up to $8,000 in 2009 and 2010 gave a short-term boost to home sales, but demand plunged after they expired. ❋ Nick Timiraos (2011)

Over the weekend, Mr. Harper flew to Paris, where he committed Canadian fighter jets, a warship and military personnel to the coalition now conducting aerial strikes against Libya, giving a short-term boost to his international standing. ❋ Chip Cummins (2011)

Barclays Capital analyst Tony Butler said a 40% market share for branded Lipitor would be higher than Wall Street expectations, and would provide a short-term boost to Pfizer's cash flow. ❋ Peter Loftus (2011)

I looked out my [window] the other day and saw [this dude] trying to boost my ride, so I shot him [in the face]. ❋ OnE LoVe (2003)

Yo! [Somone] [boosted] my [pager]! ❋ Chemical Death (2002)

1. bob: yo, I just boned that chick last night. earl: yo, dawg thats [a boost]. 2. sam: at home I have like [10 X] boxes il give u one for 5 bones. fred: why r u [boosting] ❋ Smagmar (2009)

Eric-oh shit brah i had a rough night Rory-no problem Breh, i got all the [fixins] for bloody [marys] Eric-ahh thanks for [the boost] bro ❋ Drwu (2011)

1) Yeah, I was thinking of going boost for my [GSR] instead of all-motor. 2) That [RX-7] is probably boosting around 18 [PSI] with that turbo timer. ❋ M (2005)

that [mr2] is running only 9pounds of boost stock but with the help of a electric/[manuel] boost controller he can [push up] to 15pounds of boost without changing any engine internals. ❋ Jumpa (2005)

[You are] so [full of it], that was [such a] boost! ❋ Kaina (2004)

I drink [a Boost] for breakfast and [Ensure] for [dizzert]. ❋ Peter Bakke (2004)

If i [dont] have my boost today [i will] [kill] someone. ❋ Frost (2004)

[Krazy] Ham [HXC]: "Boost tonight?" DFree: "Does Mel Gibson hate Jews?" Krazy Ham HXC: "[Get on the horn], gather the bros." ❋ MilliganMan (2008)

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