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A town filled with anti-social inebriates, also containing the delinquent regions of lindford, headley and headly down (where downers come from). The lack of basic facilities in the town conjugated with the low life company it contains (not all of the bordonians mind), adds up to a bad place to be, especially with a nice car. Not to be confused with nearby Whitehill, which is full of respectful citizans with meaningful lives. Urban Dictionary

The huge family that never stops growing. This family is mostly made up of boys, boys, boys, and boys. There is barely any girls so girl cousins are out of the question. Although this family is dysfunctional, they care for each other I think. They are loud and very Sicilian. It is the type of family to be very wealthy. This family will bring their whole kitchen to the beach anywhere they would go, even if it is in another country. Nonna's food is always the best, so no one can try to beat her food. They are scattered all over Sicily, and they seem to know everyone. Urban Dictionary

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The word "bordon" in example sentences

We have different varieties -- caturra, nuevo mundo, bordon. ❋ Unknown (1977)

Shame its so far away!! vm's go to bordon when they pass out of basic im starting there 2moro cant wait, hey mooony have you done selection yet? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mr A (a Whitehillian):'Where do you come from?' [Mr B]:'burdn' (Bordon pronounced by a Bordonian, but [understood] by [tolerant] Whitehillians) Mr A:'Sorry?' Mr B:'burdn' Mr A:'I just said i was sorry.' ❋ BenKenTheBest (2003)

"Oh no, it is the Bordone family."- [Manager] "Should I close down the restaurant?"- [Waiter] "Yeah because we don't want other customers to have their ears [bleed]." - Manager ❋ SabbyB (2018)

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