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Definitions of "boxcars"

  • Plural form of boxcar. noun
  • Double six in a dice game with two dice. noun
  • (usually plural) an expression used when two dice are thrown and both come up showing six spots noun

The word "boxcars" in example sentences

They came here and lived in boxcars, raised their families here and became our early residents.. [Driving Without English]

Somebody who actually rode in boxcars to a German concentration camp?. [Think Progress » “One of the Worst Abandonments of Americans on American Soil Ever”]

By contrast, the Galactica has to drag along a ragtag fugitive fleet where most of the people live in boxcars.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

"boxcars" -- razor knives -- to inflict damage: an Asian girl, it was said, was cut up bad, and a non-skin nearly lost an eye.. [Chicago Reader]

The last time they did it, they cut away early to let Bill "boxcars" Bennett spin the debate before it was even finished and displayed banners calling it the "Democrat" party debate.. [Hullabaloo]

Appearing in April, "American Letters: 1927-1947" Polity, 252 pages, $25 , a collection of the Pollock family correspondence, bears witness to the hardscrabble reality of the artist's upbringing amid boxcars and barren homesteads—the incubator of his creative vision.. [A Painter in Her Own Right]

I worked a ta community theare that was a repurposed trainstation, the dressing rooms were repurposed passenger cars and the prop and costume closets were repurposed boxcars.. [A Gallery of Repurposed Train Cars » E-Mail]

Richard Luken/Iola Register via Associated Press SMOKE SIGNALS: Flames and smoke rose from burning boxcars containing ethylene after a Union Pacific train derailed south of Moran, Kan., Monday.. [Photos of the Day: May 23]

If your trip to the moon takes 20 hours, if San Francisco to New Delhi takes 16, don't think you have gone farther than the kid who's walked and stolen rides and bled and hidden in boxcars for 4 days to get from Albuquerque to Rapid City.. [Nancy Chuda: To Invent Fire]

Often there are wings with shapes that resemble boxcars.. [Top Architects Go Local]

D.G.D.: Most of the people in the Fleet might live in boxcars, but there's still plenty of decadent luxury for the Galactica characters who count.. [The Super Dimension Fortress Macross vs. Battlestar Galactica]

The gates going up and down like gigantic windshield wipers to let the existent boxcars pass.. [We're Pieces of God & We've Found Each Other]

Packets are how data (in this case voice data) is bundled up and sent over the Internet (maybe analogous to shipping a load of coal somewhere in many boxcars which make up a single train delivery .... a sentence).. [Internet speed]

General Labor — unloading boxcars, surveyors assistant, jobs you can get through Manpower, etc.. [Be more specific.]

We see “Nada,” played effectively – if a little excessively – by professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, navigating his way through boxcars and railroad tracks with nothing but a duffel bag hanging from his husky frame.. [Overlooked Movie Monday: They Live » Scene-Stealers]

Hmmmm. Each year, a few cubic feet or 100 trains with 50 boxcars each, all filled with toxic sludge ….. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Sucking the Life Out of the Environmental Movement]

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Organic Traffics

"Mock wars fought by little boys, swinging chains of thought in the empty boxcars of my train of thought!"…


@dal5_pam @SteveScalise start 20:00. FEMA ordered 108K shiny new boxcars and 2,500 gallons of cyanide gas.


Today in History - Mar 23, 1951: U.S. paratroopers descend from flying boxcars in a surprise attack in Korea.


@RealSaavedra @AOC and @HillaryClinton know that we normals won't get into the boxcars as long as we have the ability to resist.


FG saturday 4 MdSpWt races 45 horses that are not on AE entered the highest beyer is 71 (2 horses tied) trash bi…

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