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Definitions of "boyish"

  • Characteristic of or befitting a boy: boyish charm. adjective
  • Like a boy. adjective
  • Resembling a boy in a manners or opinions; belonging to a boy; childish; trifling; puerile. adjective
  • Belonging to a boy; pertaining to boyhood; in a disparaging sense, childish, trifling, puerile: as, “a boyish odd conceit,”
  • Synonyms
  • befitting or characteristic of a young boy adjective

The word "boyish" in example sentences

_not_ chew gum, but she whistled, and the teachers who reproved her most for what they called a boyish trick, always listened intently, when the clear, musical notes, now soft and low, now loud and shrill, were heard outside, or in the building.. [Tracy Park]

Snyder, by contrast, beams at us with a certain boyish glee.. [The 'Riffs Interview: 'American Vampire's' SCOTT SNYDER on vampires, Vertigo & collaborator Stephen King]

It was a record David would acknowledge in boyish, self-effacing fashion; sometimes proffering a calling card that identified him as a former chief storekeeper and a retired SEAL with the nickname. [David David]

I'm with Jane -- we can only hope that some little white power girl reads _The Bungalow Mystery_ and sees herself in boyish cousin George!. [Reading for Young Sheep]

Into his strong young fingers Ulka took a smooth, flat stone; his handsome eyes were lowered in boyish modesty, his thoughts were worshipping her.. [Legends of Vancouver]

He had always excelled in boyish sports, and as he grew to manhood, his unusual breadth of shoulder still seemed to indicate a physical vigor which the slender wrists, thin, transparent hands, and habitually lax attitude, but too plainly contradicted.. [The Poems of Henry Timrod.]

So you must try to be contented with making your name boyish, and playing brother to us girls, "said Beth, stroking the rough head with a hand that all the dish washing and dusting in the world could not make ungentle in its touch.. [Little Women]

His friends found his clarity a priceless exchange, and his warmth, expressed in a smile you could call boyish, completely trustworthy.. [Archive 2009-02-01]

I asked a Dutch woman I work with if she knew of her, and she responded, “Oh yes, I recall a boyish looking girl who danced a lot and sang catchy tunes in French…” Boyish?. [Party music from Belgium « Jahsonic]

“True,” he said, his expression endearingly boyish.. [The Pleasure Seekers]

I can recall his boyish face now (it was always a boyish face), the tears streaming down it as he sat in the schoolyard beside a bucket, in which he was drowning three white mice and a tame rat.. [The Idler Magazine, Volume III, April 1893 An Illustrated Monthly]

Nevertheless, my reflections on what I may call the boyish period of my life may have their use to some readers.. [The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 84, October, 1864]

Page 331 of that three-mile way is dear to me now, and I love to recall the boyish frolics as morning and evening we meandered along, playing tag or mad dog, or running foot races, or jumping half-hammond, or stopping at the half-way branch to wade in the water or dam it up, or catch the tadpoles, or drive the little minnows into their holes.. [Bill Arp from the uncivil war to date, 1861-1903,]

He was recalling his boyish days, when his father would lift him in his arms and throw him on the bare back of the pony that he gave him on his thirteenth birthday.. [A Son of Hagar A Romance of Our Time]

He had taken no high honours at Oxford; but the sternest officials smiled when they spoke of him, and recalled the boyish follies that were associated with his name; a sickly bedmaker had been pensioned for life by him; and the tradesmen who had served him testified to his merits as a prompt and liberal paymaster.. [Henry Dunbar A Novel]

In another Epode (Epod. ii) he recalls his boyish memories in praise of country life: the vines wedded to poplars in the early spring, after that the sheepshearing, later still the grape-gathering and honey harvest; when winter comes, the hunting of the boar by day, at night the cheery meal with wife and children upon olives, sorrel, mallows, beside the crackling log-piled hearth.. [Horace]

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@rip_pinof Year 6, I was eleven and this new girl showed up and started bullying me with that word since I was boyish.


@Eng_afternoonz: “มันก็จะ...หน่อยๆ” นอกจาก kinda...(ไคน์ด่ะ) อีกคำนึงใช้ได้(แต่ไม่ทางการเลยนะ) คือเติม -ish (อิชช) เช่น See you around…


@not_that_boyish Chantagem? Sobre quem?




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  • Pronunciations(boiˈĭsh)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation boy ish


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