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Definitions of "boys"

  • Plural form of boy. noun
  • The testicles. noun

The word "boys" in example sentences

VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Several boys die copying Saddam hanging'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'The boys\' deaths - scattered in the United States, in Yemen, in Turkey and elsewhere in seemingly isolated horror - had one thing in common: They hanged themselves after watching televised images of Saddam Hussein\'s execution. '. [OpEdNews - Quicklink: Several boys die copying Saddam hanging]

The boys who built the dam said they were going to make the best _boys'_ dam in all that country around, and they did.. ["Say Fellows—" Fifty Practical Talks with Boys on Life's Big Issues]

Am I to send my boys off to work alone, or will they have a _kind person_ to say, "_Come boys_," and _relieve me from the heavy task of bringing up my boys_ with nothing to _do it with?. [Brook Farm]

Until now boys and girls have sat together in class, but hereafter they are separated, the boy going to a boys’ school and the girl to a girls’.. [Chapter 4. American and English Today. 2. Differences in Usage]

Following up the boys, who escaped from them in disgust—if indeed they were not barred out; the street swarmed with children for whom there was not room—I saw them herded at the prison to which Protestant truants were sent, with burglars, vagrants, thieves, and “bad boys” of every kind.. [I try to go to the War for the Third and Last Time]

In a confused sort of way -- as if I had dreamed it -- I remember that Nora came flying down the stairs in her dressing-gown and bare feet, and nurse hurrying behind her, both crying out in a frightened way, -- something like, "Oh, _lawkes_! what _have_ them boys been doin '?" and, "Oh, boys, _boys_! what _is_ the matter?". [We Ten Or, The Story of the Roses]

"I hate boys," she exploded, "they're the worry of our lives, Car'line and mine, -- they get into our garden, and steal all our fruit, and they hang on behind our chaise when we ride out, and keep me a-lookin 'round an' slashin 'the whip at 'em the whole livelong time; O my -- _boys! _". [Five Little Peppers Abroad]

Robert Jones 6013 5 tony palm The Adjudicator says: This grand final could forever ruin the use of the phrase "boys against men" as a negative association.. [ | Top Stories]

In an interview with the Observer to mark a year in her role as the 79th Commons chaplain, Hudson-Wilkin admits to a "secret prayer" that an outbreak of civility will one day transform Wednesday lunchtimes and end what she calls the "boys' games of yelling and shouting, the noise and all of that.". [Commons chaplain Rose Hudson-Wilkin warns rowdy MPs]

One of your boys is a quitter and you haven't said squat!. [Specter takes part in Sotomayor hearing from other side of table]

That said, this is a title boys will definitely gravitate towards.. [Archive 2006-08-01]

The vital power in you or in me or in our boys is the power that has something behind it; it has the emotional nature behind it, that battery power of life.. [National and Ethical Value of Cadet Training]

The discipline we putt into the boys is a different kind from the mere veneer of military discipline, where a young fellow obeys his officer while on parade but forgets his discipline immediately he is off parade.. [The Boy Scout Movement]

"Is that what you call the boys who bring up the powder?". [Adrift in a Boat]

Casteel's main problem was with the school and district's handling of the incident, which he characterized as "boys will be boys.". [ABC News: Top Stories]

Since March, Mazzarelli has knitted or crocheted 527 scarves and hats for what she calls her boys and girls in the war.. [NPR Topics: News]

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