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Definitions and meanings of "Branching"

What do we mean by branching?

To arise from the trunk or a larger branch of a tree.

To produce branches.

To (cause to) divide into separate parts or subdivisions.

To jump to a different location in a program, especially as the result of a conditional statement.

To discipline (a union member) at a branch meeting.

Branching- The act of cutting random tree branches from random houses and placing them on people’s doorsteps. Optional: Add a fake love letter with cheesy tree branch joke Urban Dictionary

A friend or homie. Used similar to the word bro or brah. Urban Dictionary

- NOUN; - 1. Part of tree growing from trunk. 2. Botany part of plant stem or root: 3. Something that resembles a branch of a tree in structure, but is NOT a part of a tree. 4. F.e. a store, bank, or other organization that is part of a larger group and is located in a different part of a geographic area from the parent organization. 5. Distinct part of large organization: a subdivision of a large organization, usually with a specialized mission 6. A part of a large area of study. 7. A line of a family that is descended from a common ancestor. 8. Geography tributary stream: a river or stream flowing into another river. 9. Geography creek (mostly used by people from the Southern of the U.S.): a small stream or a creek. 10. Southern U.S. beverages drinking water: drinking water, especially from a clean spring or stream, and used particularly for mixing with bourbon. 11. Comput alternative instruction sequence: a sequence of computer program instructions in a set of alternative sequences that are activated according to specific conditions. 12. MATHAMATICAL part of curve: A distinctive part of a curve that is separated from the rest of the curve, e.g. by discontinuities or extreme points. - VERB; - 1. To divide somthing into smaller parts, or cause something to do this. 2. To grow branches. 3. To become involved in something new, especially as a way of extending or expanding personal interests or business activities. 4. Tto execute an alternative sequence of computer program instructions as a result of the detection of a specific condition. Urban Dictionary

To take a shit, dump, poop, etc. Urban Dictionary

To call someone extremely ugly. disgusting raunchy ugly nails horrifying unattractive horrid Urban Dictionary

In terms of family, branches are either future generations of a family, or second plus cousins of an existing family. Urban Dictionary

When your smashed out of your mind Urban Dictionary

To be high, or the act of getting high off of marijuanna. Urban Dictionary

Could be coworkers, friends, neighbors, the guy who delivers your pizza, anybody that knows you. Mostly thought of as family, offspring, ancestors from past generations. Urban Dictionary

Slang for male genitilia. Urban Dictionary

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The word "branching" in example sentences

But now I'm excited to see the label branching out a bit with a new summer collection. ❋ Unknown (2010)

It turns out that this kind of branching is pretty easy to do. ❋ Unknown (2007)

CBS is committed to the CSI/NCIS style procedurals or sitcoms and reality shows and just does not have much interest in branching out. ❋ Unknown (2009)

First, I think that people need to realize that a Blu-Ray with both cuts on the same disk with branching is almost certainly impossible and suboptimal. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Bradford: If the branching is wrong the theory needs adjusting. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Another article that caught my eye recently predicts that flowering bushes are evolutionarily prohibited from having certain branching patterns; see "Evolution and Development of Infloresence Architectures," Science, 316: 1452-56. ❋ Unknown (2008)

If the branching is wrong the theory needs adjusting. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Cultivation: The candleabra cactus grows in arid conditions to a height of almost 40 feet, branching from a single trunk. ❋ Unknown (2008)

In a phylogenetic analysis of skeletal, integumentary and soft-tissue characters, Livezey (1996) concluded that the members of Aythyini fell into four major groups, which in branching order are: the stem or narrow-billed pochards, the redheads, the white-eyes, and the scaup. ❋ Darren Naish (2006)

So it is in branching out into international banking and making use of the other currencies but sterling that they see the greatest possible developments in the future. ❋ Unknown (1971)

Edric knew they were now under the fosse, their way was plain before them, and their hopes were renewed in the belief, that the light and the people they had seen, had taken a different direction, Edric knowing there were various passages branching from the main avenue which led to different openings in the rock. ❋ Unknown (1789)

With Heavy Rain, the studio took this control mechanic to a completely different level by removing the win/fail result and instead turned it into what can best be described as a branching narrative. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Diagrams called branching trees illustrate relationships among organisms. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I like the idea of branching it out, but you bring up a great point in that the current branding would then be lost and something new would have to be cultivated. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mr. Ferguson says he was intrigued by the idea of branching out into less crowded investments, but that he felt Mr. Ritchie should have told investors earlier and given them more information about what he was up to. ❋ Susan Pulliam (2008)

Or when, after describing one type of early simulation model called branching stories, I asked: Which of the following is true for you? ❋ Clark Aldrich (2005)

The best producer of the types of simulations I would call branching stories, WILL Interactive, created an experience about sexually transmitted diseases. ❋ Clark Aldrich (2005)

[Kelsey]: Hey i'm bored [Amir]: I saw a [big tree] earlier... wanna go branching? Kelsey: Yeah! I'll bring the truck! ❋ Aymurrr (2011)

[What is] up, [branch]? ❋ Branchsquad (2020)

- NOUN; - 1. A woody branch (small limb) of a tree that grows out from a larger limb or from the trunk. 2. A subdivision of the stem, root, or flower cluster of a plant. 3. The branches of the [stag's] antlers. 4. The account is held at [the bank's] [Elm Street] branch. 5. Each branch of the military has a distinctive history and reputation. 6. Ethics is a branch of philosophy. 7. F.e. the Peruvian branch of the family. 8. A branch of the Colorado River. 9. A branch runs through our lower pasture. 10. I'd like a branch. 11. A branch of numbers 12. To calculate a branch. - VERB: - 1. Part of the path branches off toward the river. 2. Branching. 3. The company has branched into the multimedia market. 4. Branching a sequence. ❋ Jafje (2007)

'Be right back. I'm [gonna] take a [large] [branch].' ❋ Gym Student (2007)

[That bitch] is so branches; she [needa] go get her face [done]. ❋ Shmanzerville (2008)

The girl was Henry [XXX's] ninth cousin fifteen times removed, that makes them [branches] of the same [family tree]. ❋ Solid Mantis (2018)

[man] i was [soo] branched [last weekend] ❋ Vayia (2005)

[Hey], you [wanna be] branched [today]? ❋ Abstrak8 (2005)

Even the [serial killer] had a network of [branches], before [hacking] them all off. ❋ Solid Mantis (2018)

[girl #1] "he's as tall as a [tree]" girl #2 "yes and all I'm [interested] in is his branch!" ❋ Readmymind (2007)

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