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What do we mean by break of day?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word break-of-day. Define break-of-day, break-of-day synonyms, break-of-day pronunciation, break-of-day translation, English dictionary definition of break-of-day.

First warm sunny day on a college campus during the spring semester (typically March) where most females first break out their tank tops and the like to flaunt their pale cleavage. First day where all the white chicks lay out on random spots on the grass trying start their base tan, but get burnt. Urban Dictionary

A day to celebrate the best show ever Breaking bad it happens every January 20 (the release date of the show) of the year Urban Dictionary

A Record Label In Vancouver, WA. Signs Christian bands who are actively living their faith and continually pursuing a deeper relationship with their Lord Jesus Christ. Urban Dictionary

National break up day is always the first Wednesday in May.....Do it to your spouse but it’s made of a joke....but if he/she takes it seriously that’s on you.....but it has to to be played out for 24 hrs Urban Dictionary

The day you break up with your girlfriend. The official date is February 13, so that you can save the cost of flowers and candy normally expected on the next day by the girlfriend. Spend the money on yourself and enjoy IBUD day. Urban Dictionary

National Break Up Day is the date in January that is far enough away from the Holidays and before one gets sucked into the vortex for Valentines Day. Usually it is the Sunday before Martin Luther King Day. Urban Dictionary

June 10th is declared national break up day. hug that guy, go on a walk with someone in the forest, get broken up with. break up with your girl on june 10th. Urban Dictionary

November 28 is the day to break a law day Urban Dictionary

April 11th is international break the law day. On this day you are supposed to post a picture of you breaking the law on Social Media or post a photo of an illegal item in your possession. Urban Dictionary

November 9th is the day that if Is acceptable to break Celeste’s toe. Urban Dictionary

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The word "break-of-day" in example sentences

Our "friends" rarely missed making a noise, and, to secure proper rest, this break-of-day _penchant_ sent people early to bed. ❋ T. Phelan (N/A)

Meantime we can make out in our break-of-day scoutings up the river that bodies of men are approaching from the east. ❋ L. March Phillipps (N/A)

The one excogitated in spring-time, when Nature was taking her break-of-day drowse, previous to getting up and going about business; the other suggestive of Nature indulging in a half-light reverie in a sort of crimson and scarlet dressing-gown, previous to putting on her night-cap and going to bed, after a hard summer's work. ❋ Arthur Bartlett Maurice (1909)

We deny not that there is something sprightly and vigorous, at the outset especially, in these break-of-day excursions. ❋ Various (1885)

“The brig!” exclaimed the mate, recollecting the vessels he had seen at the break-of-day, for the first time in hours. ❋ Unknown (1848)

"The brig!" exclaimed the mate, recollecting the vessels he had seen at the break-of-day, for the first time in hours. ❋ James Fenimore Cooper (1820)

The break-of-day meditation "Bells of Harlem" concludes the 41-minute A Friend of a Friend with unaffected, lithesome chords that are delicately accentuated via Tench's Wurlitzer and Haskell's lovely strings. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Dude, I bet all these [chickens] get sunburned on break-out day this [afternoon]. I love break-out day... check out all these [fun bags]! ❋ DirtyWaterbury (2016)

Guy 1: [Hey man] its [breaking bad day] Guy 2: [You're Goddamn right] ❋ AsianGangster69 (2022)

Music can be an effective [ministry] to reach into the lives of this generation. Today’s [secular] music sends a very negative message and promotes a lifestyle that is destructive and hopeless. Break of Day Records produces music that will [uplift] and inspire youth to a higher calling and a life of hope. We desire to continually reflect Jesus throughout every aspect of our ministry. This is what God has called us to do. ❋ Break Of Day Records (2009)

Boyfriend: I’m breaking up with you Girlfriend: how could you [I loved you] so much 24 hrs later Boyfriend: baby it was a joke I could never leave you Girlfriend: Awww I love you to [baby don]’t do that again though Boyfriend: what it’s [national break up day] Girlfriend: ...... ❋ David Feldabeldum (2019)

"[International break up day]" will free up some money this year. On Valentine's day, I will reward myself with a Bass Boat, Harley, or Hooker. [I deserve it] because I am a financial genius. Long live [IBUD day]! ❋ Spiritual-Master (2021)

"He waited until the National Break Up Day to break up with her, bro. It's not cool to break up during [the holidays] or [too close] to [valentine's day]." ❋ Le Reddit Army (2014)

[hey bro] when is national [break up] day? [june 10th] man okay i’ll break up with my girl then ❋ Jone Abdula (2021)

Today a lot of people [broke] a [law] for [national break a law day] ❋ November 28 (2019)

“It’s [international break the law day]! Everyone post pictures of your [illegal] [guns]!” ❋ LobsterMaster (2021)

[National Break Celeste’s Toe Day]: In physics class, Jack decided he would trip [Celeste] and [break her] toe. ❋ JACKHEBERTBREAKSTOES (2021)

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