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Definitions of "breakages"

  • Plural form of breakage. noun

The word "breakages" in example sentences

If the maxim at the head of this paragraph were strictly and impartially enforced, such exacting employers would have to pay pretty smartly for certain "breakages" which occur in the carrying on of a business in which they consider _they_ have no concern -- breakages, to wit, of the girls 'health, spirits, and, often, hearts!. [Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 101, September 12, 1891]

These latter numbers look horrific, and seem hard to believe, but we are currently set on a path (especially now with the "breakages" in the banking system - today there is growing and informed specultion here in Catalonia that Caixa Penedes, and Caixa Catalunya may be the next to go) where it is hard to see how we won't get to that horrible place if no one does anything.. [A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros]

"breakages," -- but were not marked by the invasion of any warmer feeling, or a desire for confidences.. [Openings in the Old Trail]

This can result in more bone breakages and fractures.. [Bad British diet is putting bones at risk of osteoporosis due to lack of vitamin D]

It seems that certain connoisseurs were not averse to engineering breakages so that precious vessels could be mended in this way, and beyond the sinuous lines — some exquisitely fine, occasionally spidery and nervous, others unctuous, broad, plump, and fluid — the volatile elements of chance and happenstance, in other words the randomness of these sudden breakages, lends to this art its clever brinkmanship with the big twin concepts of time and impermanence.. [Broken China]

The first "bout" of season three kicks off with tactics and tattoos − and, most likely, bruises and breakages − abounding on the track, as point-scoring jammers attempt to barge their way through a rotating pack of pivots and blockers.. [This week's new events]

In Part II of this report, our just-released Guide to Navigating the Coming Crisis, we analyze how the same systemic breakages in Egypt will likely manifest in the United States and other countries.. [Chris Martenson, Ph.D.: Egypt's Warning: Are You Listening?]

The doctors found that her legs could no longer support her weight -- she was a big woman -- and had suffered severe stress fractures and breakages that must have been there for months.. [Johann Hari: This Was My Grandmother. The Way She Was Treated in the Last Ten Years of Her Life Should Be A Scandal]

That led him to the discovery that the breakages were not the result of careless looting.. [Broken idols of Keros: British archaeologists explain Greek mystery]

This is narrative in its healing function, rehearsing options, choices, patterns, that might make life more amenable to the reader once he or she has put the book down and is forced to deal with breakages in real life.. [What’s The Fuss About Episodic Fiction? « Tales from the Reading Room]

In case of breakages or missing items, we had all documented information for the reams of paperwork needed to get reimbursed by TMO.. [School is OUT for Summer (Active Duty WIVES RULE!) - SpouseBUZZ]

And though Anna insists she's accepted there will be breakages, toddlers drinking from delicate glassware isn't ideal – surely some retro Tupperware or sturdy old tin mugs would fit in, but also be less of a risk?. [Caravans just got cooler]

 I watched Mikhail whack at the box's sides, sending it heavily lumping around the lawn a few inches at a time, the box wheezing each time with new breakages, hidden bolts moaning inside the hard casing.. [The Nielsens (part two)]

“This would work out to two machine guns per battalion with none left for training at home,” he wrote, with palpable anger, and “no margin for losses or breakages.”. [The Gun]

I asked him if there were any reports yet from Vietnam indicating the occurrence, in fact, of the excessive malfunctions that one would expect to be occurring in the field as a result of breakages and malfunctions induced by excessive cyclic rate and the malfunctions induced by fouling, complicated by difficult cleaning conditions in jungle war and normal poor distribution of cleaning equipment.. [The Gun]

Extensive branch breakages will occur, and access to forests will be severely impeded.. [Volcanic Ash—Effects on Agriculture and Mitigation Strategies]

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