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Definitions of "breaking"

  • The change of a simple vowel to a diphthong, especially in various Germanic languages, often caused by the influence of neighboring consonants. noun
  • A form of urban dance involving styles such as rocking, popping, and b-boying, usually performed to funk. Also called break dancing. noun
  • Present participle of break. verb
  • A change of a vowel to a diphthong noun
  • A form of ornamentation in which groups of short notes are used instead of long ones noun
  • break dancing noun
  • p. pr. & vb. n. of break, v. i. adjective
  • Still happening or becoming known at the present time; -- used of news reports. adjective
  • The act of breaking something. noun
  • In worsted-manuf., the process of uniting the short slivers, as received from the comber, into one continuous rope or sliver, by doubling and running through drawing-webs. noun
  • [Imitation of German brechung.] In philology, the change of one vowel to two before certain consonants, as, in Anglo-Saxon (where the phenomenon abounds), earm for *arm, arm, eorthe for *erthe, earth, etc. noun
  • the act of breaking something noun

The word "breaking" in example sentences

He shows how frequently this principle is misunderstood by the inexperienced, who seem to think that rubato means breaking the time; whereas true rubato is the _bending_ of the time, but not _breaking_ it.. [Piano Mastery Talks with Master Pianists and Teachers]

"I believe the official description is that it broke even, but that relies on a highly creative definition of the term 'breaking even'," Maharaj said.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

Mr. Haywood may be the one to catch dropping in for a tag breaking from the rail.. [NY Daily News]

Now *that's* what I call a breaking news story . . .. [Imagine the subeditor's glee]

In the broadcast business when there is what we call a breaking story, we refer to what we do as ‘continuing coverage,’ but this is an extraordinary story that plows new ground.. [Orbit]

The interesting thing to me -- what I referred to as the breaking of a social contract in the other thread -- is the manner in which the NGE was rolled out.. [Order 66]

And I broke what we call breaking, I broke past name, rank, serial number.. [Hullabaloo]

In total, during the 90-minute debate, the Bush camp distributed 11 of what they called breaking the debate facts.. [CNN Transcript Oct 11, 2004]

If they really needed to, they could scare up more troops, but they're trying to maintain the force levels there without what they call breaking the force -- Lou.. [CNN Transcript Nov 4, 2003]

They had last seen each other on what they called their breaking-up row at the school.. [All for a Scrap of Paper A Romance of the Present War]

Hence their moral manners, so to say, improved greatly; there were no more public house orgies, no fighting in the streets, very little of what they called breaking of the Sabbath, and altogether there was a marked improvement in the look of things along a good many miles of that northern shore.. [Malcolm]

Besides being increasingly worried about and exhausted with Nik, Denise is experiencing what she calls "breaking events," times in which, as she puts is, she "can't quite negotiate the border between myself and the world around me.". [ rss feed]

The "breaking" is known by large fleecy flakes which appear to float in the liquor; and, when it appears, a bowlful of the liquor is taken out and set aside, when, if the flakes part and subside, leaving the wort clear, it is considered enough.. [The Lady's Country Companion: or, How to Enjoy a Country Life Rationally]

Is Google Search lagging in breaking news coverage?. [Web Teacher › Spreading the News]

The methods succeeded in breaking him, and the stories he told of al-Qaeda terrorism plots sent CIA officers around the globe chasing leads.. [Sunday Reading]

And we have forged a new beginning between America and the Muslim world -- one that recognizes our mutual interest in breaking a cycle of conflict, and that promises a future in which those who kill innocents are isolated by those who stand up for peace and prosperity and human dignity.. [Obama: President's Address on Afghanistan and Pakistan]

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i. kırılma. breaking point kırılma noktası. breaking and entering huk. meskene tecavüz.i. kırılma. breaking point kırılma noktası. breaking and entering huk. meskene tecavüz.

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Breaking News: ED raids 3 locations connected to Robert Vadra's close aide
Breaking News: ED raids 3 locations connected to Robert Vadra's close aide
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Breaking the Rules to Win in Business
Breaking The Meta With A Deck That Used To Be Bad
Breaking The Meta With A Deck That Used To Be Bad

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  • Pronunciations(brāˈkĭng)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation breaking break ing


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