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[The rise in breastfeeding is therefore coinciding with a rise in rickets.]. [Vitamin D Deficiency Problems in Teens and Adults]

If you nurse your baby, remember that breastfeeding is a highly effective method of birth control for the first six months, which might give you a bit more time to research other options.. [ProWomanProLife » A remarkably honest abortionist]

When breastfeeding is no longer considered sexual or obscene, when woman are allowed to birth wherever and with whomever they choose, when children are no longer beaten to death in the name of discipline, then we can call ourselves a developed nation.. [It’s no wonder… « WholeSelfCoach]

If doctors and midwives said hey. breastfeeding is great for this reason, but formula is a perfectly acceptable option.. [Shame And The Mom: A Boob Story | Her Bad Mother]

Formula gained its foothold not because the pharmaceutical companies were evil incarnate but because breastfeeding is difficult and stressful for a great number of women.. [Shame And The Mom: A Boob Story | Her Bad Mother]

I also live in a great community where public breastfeeding is common and supported.. [Shame And The Mom: A Boob Story | Her Bad Mother]

So you are absolutely correct - shaming bottle feeders to promote breastfeeding is not the answer.. [Shame And The Mom: A Boob Story | Her Bad Mother]

But we are not in Utopian Motherhood, we are here where breastfeeding is fraught with cultural baggage and we are not all going to agree.. [They Shoot Wet Nurses, Don’t They? | Her Bad Mother]

Like breastfeeding in general, co-breastfeeding is a personal decision.. [They Shoot Wet Nurses, Don’t They? | Her Bad Mother]

I probably should stay out of the drama, but breastfeeding is a topic I am passionate about.. [They Shoot Wet Nurses, Don’t They? | Her Bad Mother]

I recently have been reading studies that are looking at whether the rise in breastfeeding exclusively (specifically the lack of vitamin D in breast milk) has led to the rise in autism.. [Breast vs. bottle and mommy judgmentalism]

The mentality that sexualizes breastfeeding is the ultimate source of corporate personal conduct codes that pervade all social relations right into the bedroom.. [Jules Siegel: Sensual Massage Made Simple Video Renews the Healing Spirit of the '70s]

But once mothers have stopped nursing, re-establishing exclusive breastfeeding is very difficult or impossible, leaving them with few options.. [» The History of Formula]

Despite this low infection rate, it's estimated that breastfeeding is responsible for up to half of the 640,000 HIV infections in infants each year.. ["Chemicals" In Breastmilk: A Primer]

All rational vegans understand the breastfeeding is proper and important, and vegan soy formulas are readily available for those who can't breastfeed.. [You Can Raise a Healthy Vegan Child]

On the flip side, I know that drinking liquor and breastfeeding is a VERY bad idea, brushing your teeth is important, and AIDS is not a curse.. [Archive 2008-10-01]

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