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Definitions of "breeding"

  • One's line of descent; ancestry: a person of noble breeding. noun
  • Training in the proper forms of social and personal conduct. noun
  • Production of offspring or young. noun
  • The propagation of animals or plants. noun
  • The process through which propagation, growth or development occurs. noun
  • The act of insemination by natural or artificial means noun
  • The act of copulation in animals noun
  • Ejaculation inside the rectum during bareback anal sex, usually applied to gay pornography noun
  • Of, relating to or used for breeding. adjective
  • Present participle of breed. verb
  • The act or process of generating or bearing. noun
  • The raising or improving of any kind of domestic animals. noun
  • Nurture; education; formation of manners. noun
  • Deportment or behavior in the external offices and decorums of social life; manners; knowledge of, or training in, the ceremonies, or polite observances of society. noun
  • Descent; pedigree; extraction. noun
  • The act of generating or producing. noun
  • The rearing of cattle or live stock of any kind, particularly by mingling or crossing one strain of a species of variety with another, with a view to improve the breed. See cross-breeding and in-and-in. noun
  • Upbringing; nurture; education; instruction. noun
  • Deportment of behavior in social life; manners, especially good manners: as, good breeding (politeness); a man of no breeding (that is, a very ill-bred man). noun

The word "breeding" in example sentences

III. ii.31 (278,2) [complain of good breeding] I am in doubt whether the custom of the language in Shakespeare's time did not authorise this mode of speech, and make _complain of good breeding_ the same with _complain_ of the want of _good_ breeding.. [Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies]

Pumpkin breeding is done by hand, with breeders using pollen from one variety to pollinate another, he said.. [Pumpkin Farmers Profit From Odd, Ugly Varieties]

For the last, the term breeding-in, or close breeding, is generally deemed more suitable.. [Cattle and Their Diseases Embracing Their History and Breeds, Crossing and Breeding, And Feeding and Management; With the Diseases to which They are Subject, And The Remedies Best Adapted to their Cure]

For the latter, the term breeding in, or close breeding, is deemed more fitting.. [The Principles of Breeding or, Glimpses at the Physiological Laws involved in the Reproduction and Improvement of Domestic Animals]

Mr. Wen said he is concerned that corruption, in his words, poses the biggest danger to the government and called for institutional reform to eliminate what he described as the "breeding ground of corruption.". [China Focuses on Controlling Inflation, Corruption]

Females begin breeding at about 8 to 10 months old, or as young as 6 months if food is abundant.. [My family owns and opperates a small farm which has recently built up a decent wild hog population.]

Well my dear my chums “Biffy” and “Ginger” are into a bit of film making and they have lots of education between themselves, but why is beyond my the silly old rotters as just as stupid as “Biffo” Blodswort-Cumberpatch, he left school with only two CSE examinations …. something to do with having webbed feet I think, a little. .in breeding if you ask me.. [What Education And Literary Skills Are Needed In The Field Of Animation? Why Are Degrees Required In The Field « Literacy Skills « Literacy Help « Literacy News]

The mutations built up over time before being emphasized in breeding, certainly, but as usual it's a little more complicated than Dawkins likes to pretend, though he does note that it's a two-step argument -- that the mutation rate of surviving mutations is high enough and that selection is fast enough to bring them out.. [The Wonder That Is Dog, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty]

This wolf sanctuary has been instrumental in breeding wolves for eventual re-placement in to their natural habitats.. [Five People Born on March 28 | myFiveBest]

Romantic railbirds are encouraged to supply details about their family backgrounds and their hobbies and interests to a steward's committee which will then match them up using roughly the same principles used in breeding thoroughbred horses.. [Bluff The Listener]

About 3,600 lions were kept in breeding facilities in 2009, to be sold to zoos, safari farms and for hunting on game farms, said Albi Modise, spokesman for South Africa's Department of Environment.. ['White Lion' Film Highlights Trophy Hunting In South Africa (PHOTOS)]

In Holland, he met other pot refugees from the United States and other countries, and this place of exile became a center of a nascent interest in breeding new varieties.. [Boutique buds: What underground mom-and-pop growers did while we debated legalization]

There is a huge difference in breeding and over all performance.. [Can you train a German Shepherd to be a bird dog?]

I was already involved with horses and interested in breeding, so the next step was to get out to the track.. [A Conversation with Jane Smiley about her novel Good Faith]

Often times covetousness sets in breeding seeds of discontentment ... failure to count ones blessings and a general lack of patience to wait upon Gods timing .... [Contentment]

And up until recently, the student movement was one of the main breeding grounds for politicians.. [Apathy Rules Among Brazil's Youth Voters]

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