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What does the word briefly mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word briefly in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with briefly and anagrams of briefly.

Definitions of "briefly"

  • In a brief manner, summarily. adverb
  • For a brief period. adverb
  • To be brief, in short. adverb
  • Concisely; in few words. adverb
  • In a brief manner; concisely; in few words.
  • With little length; shortly: as, in entom., briefly pilose, hairy, or spinous.
  • in a concise manner; in a few words adverb
  • for a short time adverb

The word "briefly" in example sentences

Dr. Walters examined her expression briefly and then made his diagnosis.. [Under a Maui Moon]

BLITZER: Let's make the term briefly to the CIA leak.. [CNN Transcript Oct 19, 2005]

It was then that his name briefly surfaced in connection with the Montreal Expo's official Canadian pavilion, which he designed in collaboration with Toronto colleagues Dick Williams and Colin Vaughan.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

The title briefly stopped its publication berween April and June 2009, due to losses.. [New Statesman]

He showed her the title briefly, and then put the book back down.. [The Overton Window]

I want to return again briefly to how the traditional distinction of liquidity and insolvency in a crisis applies to sovereign states such as Greece.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » More Musing on Liquidity and Solvency Distinctions in Sovereign Debt Crises]

This, briefly, is what we have been saying to each other.. [The Kempton-Wace Letters]

We are provided here with an opportunity to perhaps again briefly consider the ciborium in relation the history of the Christian altar.. [An Irish Ciborium and the Ciborium Generally]

We also need more of the aforementioned papayas, bananas, melons and pineapples, and perhaps some other fruity surprise that has arrived because it delightfully, and briefly, is in season.. [Good morning, Melaque: one day in a small Mexico beach town]

What was revealed in the 2001 recession briefly is now being revealed on a terrific scale and scope.. [Matthew Yglesias » The New Regime]

The gasoline engine will kick in briefly if you floor the accelerator or if you need extra power for merging or passing, and to its credit, it does so very subtly.. [Behind the wheel: Toyota Prius Plug-in - A viable green technology that doesn't save money for now]

As I explain briefly in the video above, the iPad is a multipurpose device that's also a pretty decent e-book reader that excels at multimedia content, such as the e-versions of magazines.. [New Ratings: E-book readers are better, cheaper than ever]

I also believe Franklin briefly mentioned them in his recent re-appearance post.. [Jean's Knitting]

CONAN: Julie Rovner is NPR's health policy correspondent, filling in briefly as NPR's equestrian correspondent.. [The World Equestrian Games: Olympics For Horses]

Explain briefly: how is it that about a quarter of Africa's nations gained independence in the same year, 1960?. [Africa's Independence, 50 Years Later]

Don't assume the professor will read your mind — if you cite to a case explain briefly why that case supports or does not support the position you are taking.. [ Good Advice for Law Exam Takers]

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@Maryamhasnaa: Soul mates come in so many forms. They can be a child, parent, best friend, a person you experience instant recognition w…


@Maryamhasnaa: Soul mates come in so many forms. They can be a child, parent, best friend, a person you experience instant recognition w…


@RobbyMRG: I also appreciate that the Duchess doesn’t just plop the flowers & gifts in Amy’s hands. She even dud this ore-marriage. Like…

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  • PronunciationsB R IY1 F L IY0
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation brief ly




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