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Definitions and meanings of "Bronze"

What do we mean by bronze?

Any of various alloys of copper and tin in various proportions, sometimes with traces of other metals. noun

Any of various alloys of copper, with or without tin, and antimony, phosphorus, or other components. noun

A work of art made of one of these alloys. noun

A medal made of bronze awarded to one placing third in a competition, as in the Olympics. noun

A moderate yellowish to olive brown. noun

A pigment of this color. noun

Made of or consisting of bronze. adjective

Of a moderate yellowish to olive brown. adjective

To give the color or appearance of bronze to. transitive verb

To make (a person or a person's skin) darker by exposure to the sun; tan. transitive verb

To make brown or of the color of bronze, as by exposure to the sun.

To give the color or appearance of bronze to, as by applying copper-dust or -leaf to the surface, etc.

To harden or make like bronze; hence, figuratively, to make hard or unfeeling.

An alloy of which copper forms the predominating portion, and into the composition of which tin almost always enters: but the name is also given to alloys containing no tin. noun

A work of art, as a statuette, bust, or model, composed of bronze, whether cast or wrought. noun

A brown pigment or coloring substance resembling bronze; bronze-powder. noun

Boldness; impudence; brass. noun

Made of or resembling bronze: as, a bronze statue.

A naturally occurring or man-made alloy of copper, usually in combination with tin, but also with one or more other metals.

A reddish-brown colour, the colour of bronze.

A work of art made of bronze, especially a sculpture.

A bronze medal.

Boldness; impudence; brass.

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The word "bronze" in example sentences

"Forever memorialized and captured in bronze is that one 500th of a second when flight was first achieved," said US Coast Guard Chaplain Rob Heckathorne during the ceremony. ❋ Unknown (2005)

The part two of the exhibition at the Tibet House is a series of twelve very large tantric sculptures in bronze, and twenty-four smaller ones, all collected by the tantric order in America, which you could almost say was a cult, though I don't generally like the word. ❋ Mike Ragogna (2010)

In Belle Glade, one of the farm towns on the edge of the lake, a sculpture on the lawn of the public library freezes in bronze a frightened woman running with a child cradled in one arm, a man and a boy fleeing with her. ❋ Joseph B. Treaster (2010)

Richard Hunt is a Chicago-based artist and his new exhibition will display his works on paper and sculptures in bronze steel. ❋ Aixa Velez (2010)

The 2 Bore Blackpowder Shell with about 500 grains of powder and 3600 grain bronze lathed shell should be up there: P. +2 Good Comment? ❋ Unknown (2009)

“Hughes” is now written in bronze in order to prevent future vandalism. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The book works as a quiet meditation on the ephemerality of beauty (Mizzy resembles the "Rodin bronze") and the trials of what Mr. Cunningham calls a "cordial but unfulfilling marriage." ❋ Steven Kurutz (2010)

Japan's Mao Asada hit her big, early jumps for silver, and Canada's Joannie Rochette skated through grief to win bronze Thursday in the finale of Olympic women's figure skating. ❋ Unknown (2010)

VANCOUVER (AP) Karoliina Rantamaki scored 2: 33 into overtime, and Finland beat Sweden 3-2 Thursday to win bronze medals in Olympic women's hockey. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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