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A brother is a male sibling. Although the term typically refers to the consanguineal relationship, it is sometimes used endearingly to refer to non-consanguineal relationships..

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Definitions of "brother"

  • A male having the same parents as another or one parent in common with another. noun
  • One who shares a common ancestry, allegiance, character, or purpose with another or others, especially: noun
  • A kinsman. noun
  • A fellow man. noun
  • A fellow member, as of a fraternity, trade union, or panel of judges on a court. noun
  • A close male friend; a comrade. noun
  • A fellow African-American man or boy. noun
  • Something, such as a corporation or institution, that is regarded as a member of a class: "A station that ... relies on corporate contributions or advertising to survive runs the risk of becoming virtually indistinguishable from its commercial brethren” ( W. John Moore). noun
  • A member of a men's religious order who is not in holy orders but engages in the work of the order. noun
  • A lay member of a religious order of men. noun
  • A fellow member of the Christian church. noun
  • Son of the same parents as another person. noun
  • A male child descended from the same parents. noun
  • A male having at least one parent in common with another (see half-brother, stepbrother). noun
  • A male fellow member of a religious community, church, trades union etc. noun
  • A black male. noun
  • Someone who is a peer, whether male or female. noun
  • To treat as a brother. verb
  • A male person who has the same father and mother with another person, or who has one of them only. In the latter case he is more definitely called a half brother, or brother of the half blood. noun

The word "brother" in example sentences

Scripture frequently inculcates: e.g. a brother is to be admonished privately, publicly, &c., not for the gaining of our private interests, advantages, &c., but for _the gaining of our brother_, that his soul and conscience may be gained to God and to his duty, and he be reformed,. [The Divine Right of Church Government by Sundry Ministers Of Christ Within The City Of London]

"Her _brother_!" said Benjamin Wright; "Sam, my boy, he isn't her brother.". [The Awakening of Helena Richie]

It will be seen that John Snoggs can say to Joseph Bloggs, "You are my _father's brother-in-law_, because my father married your sister Kate; you are my _brother's father-in-law_, because my brother Alfred married your daughter Mary; and you are my _father-in-law's brother_, because my wife Jane was your brother Henry's daughter.". [Amusements in Mathematics]

This man that Sally had spoken of so unconsciously was _her brother_ -- at least, he was brother enough to her by blood to make that thought a blade to penetrate the core of her mother's soul.. [Somehow Good]

Khusrû was treated with great kindness by his father, after he had been barbarously deprived of sight; [17] but when his brother, Shâh Jahân, was appointed to the government of Southern India, he pretended great solicitude about the comforts of his _poor blind brother_, which he thought would not be attended to at court, and took him with him to his government in the. [Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official]

Jaron's twin brother, is averaging a team-high 9.3 rpg.. [NCAA Men's Basketball - Stanford vs. Arizona State]

[532] The term brother's brother-in-law is abusive in the same sense as brother-in-law (_sala_) said by a man.. [The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II]

But count the tent-maker as well as thy brother, as him that is borne upon a chariot and hath innumerable servants and struts in the market-place: nay, rather the former than the latter; since the term brother would more naturally be used where there is the greater resemblance.. [NPNF1-12. Saint Chrysostom: Homilies on the Epistles of Paul to the Corinthians]

And speaking on MSNBC today, political analyst and strategist Karen Finney remarked that she was slightly bothered by Perry's use of the term "brother" to refer to Cain.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

Just b/c NTU didn't mention them specifically, they fall under the "everything marriage" umbrella ... gak - hut brother is short for saying Obama has a brother that lives in a hut.. []

Anyone tell you that you look like Skeletor's huskier older brother on a horse, on his way to the Golden Corral buffet, where you will try to get a free meal because your brother is a celebrity, but they reject you?. [Happy International Raistlin Majere Day!]

Even though Fabricio Correa has been emphatic that the contracts were won legally through a competitive bidding process, many do not believe these claims and believe that it has more to do with the fact that his brother is the country's leader causing the government to look bad in the process.. [Global Voices in English » Ecuador: State Contracts With President’s Brother Raise Concerns]

After public debate, President Correa has announced that the government will unilaterally cancel the contracts [es] made with companies in which his brother is a participating member.. [Global Voices in English » Ecuador: State Contracts With President’s Brother Raise Concerns]

Note that a person can be on more than one list, so that if your brother is also your Vampire Wars clannie, you can have him on your 'family' list and on your 'Vampire Wars' list.. [How to Build Up a 'Vampire Wars' Clan]

I hunt because even though he lives far away, my brother is always with me.. [Why do you hunt?]

Hall: In spite of Deb's suspicion [of Dexter in Rita's murder], her desire for kinship with her brother is as strong.. [Dexter's Michael C. Hall: Can Anything Quench Dexter's Appetite for Vengeance?]

Brother Translates

TurkishBrother English to Turkish Translate
i. erkek kardeş, birader; aynı cemiyette üye. brotherhood i. kardeşlik, birlik, beraberlik; bir kuruluş veya kuruma üye olanlar. brotherin-law i enişte; kayınbirader: bacanak. brotherliness i. kardeşçe oluş. brotherly s. erkek kardeşe özgü, ağabeyce.i. erkek kardeş, birader; aynı cemiyette üye. brotherhood i. kardeşlik, birlik, beraberlik; bir kuruluş veya kuruma üye olanlar. brotherin-law i enişte; kayınbirader: bacanak. brotherliness i. kardeşçe oluş. brotherly s. erkek kardeşe özgü, ağabeyce.

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  • Pronunciations(brŭþˈər)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation broth er




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