Character 7
Hyphenation brows er
Pronunciations /ˈbɹaʊzə(ɹ)/

Definitions and meanings of "Browser"

What do we mean by browser?

One that browses. noun

A program that accesses and displays files and other data available on the Internet and other networks. noun

One who browses. Also spelled browzer. noun

An animal that browses. noun

A computer program that permits the user to view multiple electronic documents in a flexible sequence by the process of activating hypertext “buttons” within one document, which serves as a reference to the location of related document. The term is currently (late 1990's) used mostly for programs which allow traversing hypertext paths in documents on the internet. A typical browser will permit the user to easily reverse direction, and view again documents previously accessed. noun

A person or animal who browses. noun

A person who, while shopping, purchases nothing. noun

A web browser. noun

A viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular noun

A program used to view HTML documents noun

A person or animal who browses.

A person who examines goods for sale but purchases nothing.

A web browser.

The application/program you are currently using to go to the websites including this page. Urban Dictionary

One of the main classes of intelligent lifeforms on the internet. A program that acts as a digital embodiement of a user within the net so that he/she can navigate it from the real world. Urban Dictionary

A word used for a freind or relative who is always on the make or lookout for the next big thing. Urban Dictionary

The online version of window shopping Urban Dictionary

Bowser but written by retards Urban Dictionary

When you are searching for the right word on the top of your tongue. Urban Dictionary

An individual who cruises Urban Dictionary, browsing various words or authors and liking or disliking (usually disliking) words, either because they didn’t think of them themselves or because they were added by a particular author. They have appointed themselves as critics of the people who try to increase the content and scope of Urban Dictionary, without making any sort of contribution themselves. These people are drones; each of them nothing more than a self-absorbed waste of space as, for the same effort, they could vote on the inclusion or exclusion of new words and help keep Urban Dictionary functioning efficiently. Urban Dictionary

Something that you clear after making a mess on your monitor. Urban Dictionary

Anyone who sits behind a someone who is browsing the Internet while continuously instructing them on what to click on or what to type into the address/search bar. Most appropriately applied when the advice or commands are unsolicited and/or unwarranted. Urban Dictionary

When a website has so many pop-ups, streaming video, embedded YouTube, Flash and cookie downloads that it freezes. Similar to not being able to *log out* because your server keeps dumping spam into your inbox. Urban Dictionary

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The word "browser" in example sentences

[SeaMonkey] 5 browser / xpinstall / tests / browser_*. js fails bug 483818

For example, if we used our example thesaurus above and typed E.G., "browser ie" in the "All words" field, it would look for "+browser +ie" - it would no longer allow ❋ Enterprisesearch (2008)

$sql = ( "INSERT INTO $db_bvis SET id = '', bid = '$getid', ip = '$_SERVER [REMOTE_ADDR]', date = '$date', browser = '$browser'"); ❋ Bjice (2010)

The only thing that keeps me from making Chrome my main browser is the adds issue. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Tired it for a couple of weeks, auto login button on the browser is a bit erratic doesn't work for all websites (php, wordpress, v-bulletins) and even if you set it up for such sites it keeps on asking you for configuring it. ❋ Unknown (2009)

London Litigator, my browser is acting up, and trying to hilight your post kept taking me to the CSIS article. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I have friends who are unsure what a browser is and think copying and pasting text is hugely challenging. ❋ Unknown (2008)

If the browser is the platform and Opera widgets are cross-platform, then web standards are the glue … but there is more! ❋ Unknown (2007)

The ‘history’ function of my browser is also well-worn. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Trying to go back the text to insert the code after pasting it into the browser is a certain recipe for mistakes. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Google understands what I failed to persuade Yahoo! of a long time ago -- owning the browser is a home run. ❋ Unknown (2005)

You are using a [browser]. [Internet Explorer] is a browser. [Browser] is the only way to get access to the [web]. ❋ Siff Ess Bee (2017)

The way a browser looks is [determined] by the [user's] mental [image] of himself/herself. ❋ Jay C (2003)

[Whats up] my browser haven't seen you [round] [lately] ❋ Izzy And Mike (2006)

I was [window] browsering all day but [I didn't] [buy a] thing. ❋ AussieCliff (2009)

Guy: Hey I defeated [Browser] in (insert random Mario game) Other guy: [Are you dumb]? It's [Bowser], not [browser]. ❋ The King Of The Doritos (2020)

"Earlier [Taylor Swift] was a [browser] when she was playing [Words With Friends]." ❋ Greeny $wish (2019)

“Is there anything more [useless] than a [drone browser]?” “Yes, a [spite monkey] drone browser.” ❋ AKACroatalin (2016)

I had to clear browser history after I made all the mess. To clear browser history on [Google Chrome], use the [shortcut] : [Ctrl+Shift+Delete] ❋ Asdfefwhefhwe (2014)

Matt grew increasingly [frustrated] with Patrick, acting as a Backseat Browser, when he wouldn't stop telling Matt what [links] he should [click] on next. ❋ YoungKenC (2009)

The boss is coming and this [browser paralysis] is keeping me from being able to close this damn [porno] window. [I'm toast]! ❋ Genius-girl (2009)

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