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Brushstroke is a sculpture by Roy Lichtenstein. Delivered to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, DC, on September 16, 2003, it was dedicated on October 25, 2003..

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Definitions of "brushstroke"

  • The stroke of a brush, as in painting. noun

The word "brushstroke" in example sentences

"When reason has a force that predominates, each line and each brushstroke is calculated," he says.. [A Million Meanings: The Art Of Raul Lopez Garcia]

Though all paintings produced by this studio are attributed to Tingqua, many never received so much as a single brushstroke from the master painter.. [The Romance of China: Excursions to China in U.S. Culture: 1776-1876]

Christian Dior , they would have been swept up into a high-drama, high-heeled vision of high-style, inspired by the 20th century illustrator, René Gruau, and interpreted with chiaroscuro hand-dyed silk tulle, voluminous, multiple layers, and 'brushstroke'-hats.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

Her painting is, in fact, about what that humble little thing called a brushstroke—even when unconnected to myth or mimesis—can achieve.. [Abstracts (Subtle or Semi) And Bold Dimensions]

Ditto pan fried trout, but Tim wasn't so keen on the "brushstroke" of squid ink and surprise chicken skin "crisp" which accompanied it.. [Travel news, travel guides and reviews |]

Some of that may be rather "brushstroke" in interpretive value, as we are all individuals.. [Patient Anonymous: Just Another Head Case]

As he paints, he carefully places each individual brushstroke with the understanding of how it fits in to the entire painting.. [Daily Readings from Love Your Life]

He dreamed about you long before you were born, before a single brushstroke of your life took place.. [Daily Readings from Love Your Life]

Looking at images from the show, she singled him out for his brushstroke.. [How to Talk Back to a Chinese Master]

Many of the conversations dig even deeper and focus on the key element of all classical Chinese painting: the brushstroke.. [How to Talk Back to a Chinese Master]

“Natural wines” is such a broad brushstroke, and I really think it is much more useful to look at the various wines that you suggested as falling under this rubric within their own context, rather than trying to lump everything together.. [Natural wines, premox, chenin blanc, 07 Port and Rhone – John Gilman | Dr Vino's wine blog]

It is energizing, and exhausting, to read between the brushstrokes of a man who meant every word and every brushstroke.. [John Seed: Frank Lobdell: "Nothing Worth Anything Is Easy"]

Her brushstroke evokes ashes and dust, and the restrained use of colour imbues Ma meilleure amie with an emotional charge that goes straight to the heart.. [Book Awards]

Each brushstroke, each paragraph, each performance is like pulling another bucket of nourishing water from the well.. [Overdraft « Write Anything]

Press the brush lightly against the surface, then, as you move the brush, add just enough pressure to make the bristles fan away from the direction of your brushstroke.. [Paint A Room More Efficiently | Lifehacker Australia]

The: 60 spot brings together traditional elements fused with modern Chinese culture, including brushstroke calligraphy, images of dragons, fish, and bird, fluidic Tai Chi movement and the iconic Great Wall of China.. [CCTV: “Believe in the Power of the Brand” « Art & Business of Motion]

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This AI Can Spot Art Forgeries by Looking at One Brushstroke - MIT Technology Review -


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