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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word bruyere. Define bruyere, bruyere synonyms, bruyere pronunciation, bruyere translation, English dictionary definition of bruyere.

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The word "bruyere" in example sentences

Surrey and Hants (the same species as those of Scotland), larger and richer southern heaths cover the grey sands; and notably the delicate upright spires of the bruyere, or Erica scoparia, which grows full six feet high, and furnishes from its roots those 'bruyere' pipes, which British shopkeepers have rechristened 'briar-roots.' ❋ Charles Kingsley (1847)

"Ah, it is coming soon, that fight of ours, little coq de bruyere!" he chuckled gloatingly. ❋ James Oliver Curwood (1903)

Orange-bell, and lovely they are to see; and growing among them is a tall heath six feet high, which they call there _bruyere_, or Broomheath, because they make brooms of it: and out of its roots the "briar-root" pipes are made. ❋ Charles Kingsley (1847)

The PURISME Pipe is carved out of grain bruyere wood with hitech carbon material that gives an astounding look as well as toxic experience to the users. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Lc francolin brun tachete « 7f lit coq de bruyere a longuc queue 1 1 7 ❋ Unknown (1770)

10 September 2010 5: 32PM sexual performance anxiety or emotional disconnection with women? bruyere ❋ Nichi Hodgson (2010)

"Diantre, m'sieu coq de bruyere may keep ze beeg word in hees mout '! ❋ James Oliver Curwood (1903)

JLc coq de bruyere a frai& • - 34S Le coq de brui) rcre aoir e (nnrquetc 1 1 1 ❋ Unknown (1770)

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