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The word "bss" in example sentences

If she was not willing to listen to professional economists what makes him think that she is going to listen to him? bss. [McGovern to Clinton: Time to go]

The fact that "the bss" doesn't want to go union is often enough to tamp down organizing drives.. [Another example of why unions are obsolete?]

How do I find out the size of the bss, text segment and data segment for each object or binary file under Linux operating systems?. [nixCraft Linux Sys Admin Blog]

Linux allows to share this data. data - All initialized variables (declarations) declared in a program (e.g., float salary = 123.45;). bss - The BSS consists of uninitialized data such as arrays that you have not set any values to or null pointers.. [nixCraft Linux Sys Admin Blog]

SECTION. data SECTION. bss char: resb 1 SECTION. text global _start _start:; mov byte. [Ubuntu Forums]

There is also a chance for our timid Attorney General to make amends for his appaling response to the rogue AFP bss.. [Crikey » Canberra Calling]

* In order to benchmark BT implementation, you may want to use time command: time. / bss - m 12 00: 12: EE: XX: XX: XX. []

This will also exist once it's verified the device has crashed.. / bss - x - q - o - M 0 - m 13 - s 10 DE: AD: BE: EF: 00: 00. []

This will generate a test case .c file for everyone it suspects. / bss - o - M 0 - m 13 - s 10 CA: FE: BE: EF: 00: 00. []

Some other sections are. data which is initialized data;. bss which is uninitialized data and. text which is your program code ... []

An example:. / bss - M 0 - m 13 - s 10 EF: F0: 00: 00: 00: 00. []

PmcTools Pro fi ling Pro fi ling of Shared Objects 0 0xFFFFFFFF text data bss heap mmap stack Kernel unmapped rtld command line arguments data data data text text Each executable object in the system gets its own gmon. out fi le: kernel kernel modules executables shared libraries run time loader Joseph Koshy (FreeBSD Developer) FreeBSD / PmcTools 18 April 2009 31 / 48. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

Other example of use (short random L2CAP packets):. / bss - s 50 - m 12 00: 12: EE: XX: XX: XX. []

Available Opcodes: bsf bsfm bsr bss datacompression drvbuffer eof eom erase fsf fsfm fsr fss load lock mkpart nop offline ras1 ras2 ras3 reset retension rewind rewoffline seek setblk setdensity setpart tell unload unlock weof wset mv [OPTION] .... [Netvouz - new bookmarks]

Usage:. / bss [- s size] [- m mode] [- p pad_byte for modes 1-11] [- M maxcrash]. []

[Linux-am33-list] [PATCH 1 / 6] Add new macros for page-aligned data and bss sections.. []

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  • PronunciationsB S P R OW0 N AH1 N S IY0 EY1 SH AH0 N S Y UW1 S K AH0 N AA1 N AH0 K AH0 L AA1 L S
  • Character3
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